Amazing 30-minutes rare video darshan of Mahaperiyava

Thanks to for this video – they released this part of Jayanthi special. I dont recall, seeing this video in the past. Felt like I traveled with Periyava for 30 mts..Amazing to see few people are being blessed and couples are probably celebrating sasthiabthapoorthi (starting from 14:00 mts). Wonderful to see HH Balaperiyava with Him. Background audio is not old – already released one, however the quality is very good…

I see Sri Ekambaram mama, Sri Simpson Vaitha mama (I guess) and of course Sri Balu mama. Periyavas are visiting a very very small temple in a middle of a field and praying. Can anyone tell which place is this?

As usual, Periyava ends the pravachanam by saying “If one day, Eswaran gives me some power to give you anugraham to you all, I will bless you all”!!

Blessed to watch and hear this wonderful video!!!

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  1. At first, let me say that this is the video I regularly play when ever I sit for Japam during Bramha Muhurtham 4.00 am (around). About 20 minutes my japam lasts and this is the perfect video to pull and keep my attention and thoughts towards Mahaperiva during this period. I can’t forget to thank Mr. Mahesh who made/makes it reachable handy to my daily Japam. Thanks to all who were instrumental in making it easily available to Devotees. Apaara Karuna Sindhum Sri Mahaperiva Charanam

  2. i feel blessed that i have watched is nice to hear the PARAMATMA(MAHAPERIVA) VOICE.Tears rolled down cheeks when HE says “neenga vera naan vera illai.neenga than naan”.thankS for sharing this rare video.MAHAPERIVA TIRUVADIGALE CHARANAM.

  3. Such divine beauty I have never seen before. Truly blessed by Sri Maha Periyava.

  4. Simply superb

  5. Thanks for sharing this rare video. Blessed.

  6. beautiful and rare video. blessed to have watched this.

  7. Great Gift Prasadams of Perivaa!
    Ramamoorthy Retd Commr HRCE Pondicherry.

  8. Great Gift to all of Us. Actually this is a Prasadam.

  9. I had the same feeling too, when Periyava said ‘Ellam serndhuthan naa’. HH is the whole GOD. No words to express. We have not, still, learnt anything from his sayings.

  10. superb video great gift no words on watching and listening to voice of divine.
    jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  11. Thanks

  12. Thank you from the heart for sharing this video.Am blessed to watch live movements of mahaperiyvaa.would like to know which temple was shown in middle of field.All those blessed by periyvaa are the luckiest ones .Our pranams to mahaperiyva and balperiyvaa.

  13. To watch this, one should be blessed.! Periyava’s own voice la “Neenga Vera Naan vera illa., Ellam sernthuthan Naan” ( 28.57)nu solratha kettathum, sthambichchu (is the right word) ppoitten. (Deivathhin Kural e than). Thanks a ton for sharing this.

    • Great observation Madam. When I had listened to the Periyava Kural CD I had the same emotion. He indicates its indeed HIM (Ellam sernthuthan Naan) the all pervasive that is giving upanyasam.

      Anantha Koti Pradakshana Namasagarangal to MahaPeriyava.

  14. This video (talk) was referred by Prof. Dr. Mani Dravid Sastrigal during his talk on June 2, 2015 ( Mahaperiva Jayanthi day) at Narada Ghana Sabha

  15. It is indeed a Blessing to watch this video and hear Maha Periyava’s Voice! I think that it dates back to 1959-1960, when Maha Periyava responded to Thanksgiving by devotees of Madras, now Chennai.Great gift to Maha Periyava Devotees from on the occasion of Maha Periyava Jayanthi on 2nd June 2015. For people who were never physically there at that time, it is a great boon watching this video. Maha Periyava takes the blame for our shortcomings, sins and ills and says that He is praying to God to make Him better! Can KaruNai from this Mahaan exceed this? What have we done to deserve such KaruNai? It is a Solace to see Maha Periyava Smiling at the end of the video and Blessing us! Outstanding video! Gets posted at every Maha Periyava site or blog. Thanks to and Mahesh! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  16. Simply mesmerizing watching this video. What a blessing to watch this.

  17. A wonderful blessings from my Maha Periyava on this Guruvaram day. Thank you.

  18. A great gift. Is the transcript of Maha Periyava’s this anugraha bashanam available with anybody? If yes, please post. Thanks.


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