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  1. Dear Sudarshan Sir,

    please, add my name too for the upanyasam.
    my email id : chelvanst@yahoo.in


  2. Namaskram , all – celebrating Periyaval;s Jayanthi can send us their Program DVD copy to us, we will air on SWASTHIKTV.COM with proper promotions.

    for any clarification, email : swasthiktv.com@gmail.com / Contact – Ms.Sangeetha – 99402 92777

  3. Dear Sudarshan Sir,

    pls note my email id: bmkramesh@gmail.com

    Tons of Thanks and my humble Namaskarams in advance. I have been searching this Upanyasam ever since the invitation was posted in this blog. I had the fortune to hear his upanyasam live at Palakkad( my home town) and recorded version of Soundaryalahiri.
    Pls upload it Sir.

    Hara Hara Sankara

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  5. Ramesh, please provide your mail ID to enable sharing of the upanyasam

  6. Namaskaram to all.

    Brahmasri Sundarkumar made a discourse on MahaPeriyavaa mahimai at Bangalore last year for five days( I remember so). Does any devotee possess that treasure in mp3 format?. Can they upload it with permission?

    Praying at the Holy feet of MahaPeriyavaa for its upload……….

  7. Sri Sunderkumar ‘s on Periyava Jayanthiday must bring tears to many!Nadamadum Deivam!

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