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  1. Great efforts indeed its every chennaite’s pleasure and duty to see that every possible support and strength is given in full swing an co operation Because Mahaperiava preferred to choose Mylapore as and when he touches Chennai especially post independence Days.
    Give a very big hand and participate with full strength and make the celebration more colourful.
    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya SANKARA.

  2. One doubt which I have for a long time now.
    Sri Mahaperiyavaa’s Jayanthi is being celebrated on Anusham Nakshatram day every year, ie., on HIS birth star. But for Sri Adi Shankara, the Shankara Jayanthi is celebrated every year only by referring to Panchami, the Thithi, and Nakshatram is not considered at all.
    I have also noted that in other Smartha Mutts, only Thithi is considered even for Jayanthi like is done for Sri Adi Shankara.
    Why is this difference while celebrating Jayanthi for Sri Maha Periyavaa?
    I request clarification from respected members

    • Based on what I “heard”, for sanyasis, poorvashrama birth star is not relevant anymore – celebrating by thithi is the right way to go. Out of our affection to sanyasis as individuals we celebrate their stars is my guess.

      As I heard from some reliable sources, Mahaperiyava approved Anusham celebration not because it is His star. I believe that He gave two reasons (1) it is His guru’s/parama guru’s nakshatram and we all know His guru bakthi. That is the reason, why He mounam on Moola nakshatram and on certain thithi – I forgot the thithi details..(2) He said some greatness about Anuradha star in general – I dont have those details..I will try to confirm these two soon.

      Hope this helps…

      • I give below my comments in the post Adi Shankara Jayanthi Special along with that of Shir Ethiswaran.

        April 29, 2015 • 3:26 am
        Why we do MahaPeriyava in Birth Star instead of Thithi — That is how Smartha do — Somehow MahaPeriyava Jayanthi is being celebrated on the Birth Star — Can some one explain on this? Even Krishna Jayathi is we celebrate on Ashtamai thithi instead of brith star Rohini?

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        April 29, 2015 • 5:34 pm
        The point raised by Shri ethiswaran is dealt with in detail by Shri Ganapathi Anna (Shri Raa Ganapathy) in Chapter 2 (Avathara dhinam) of his Book “KANCHI MUNIVAR NINAIVU KADHAMBAM” published by Divya Vidya Trust, 106/1, Habibullah Road, T’Nagar, Chennai-600017.

  3. To contact Mr. Kumar of Vignesh studio u can visit the following mail address
    Email id: vigneshstudio@gmail.com

  4. Thankyou for this cascade & we have an opportunity to participate in this Mahaperiyava Jayanthi. Does Kumar has any email Id? Just want to mail him with money transfer details.

  5. Though you have mentioned that donations need to come particularly from the devotees of Mylapore, I feel that this is a wonderful opportunity for devotees all over the world to get involved in such a sacred act. The least that devotees such as me who are abroad can do is to support this monetarily. Especially when you have mentioned that Kumar ji has so far not reached out for financial help, I feel we need to lend a helping hand when he needs it. So, I wish that devotees anywhere in the world help this noble cause so that everyone can receive the anugraham of Mahaperiyava.

  6. Sri mahaperiyava
    Sri periyava and
    Sribalaperiyava anugraham annaivarukum kidaika prarthanai seikindren

  7. My first Darshan with Mahaperiyava which still stays strong in my memory is 1967 if I am right @ kalhasthi AP when I was at class 7th at Nellore. Along with my parents for a couple of days.Bathing without any fear innocent moving along and around attending puja Deeparadhana and tirtham with abig silver Utharini direct from periyava. Evening Brungi natanam chant loudly accompanied by conch and Mukaveena a typical small Nadaswaram with large deepams tearing the darkness and the evenings Chandramouleeswara puja was a Heavenly Divine experience. Next day we have plans to leave for Nellore.During quee for tirtha Prasad He has put some questions then asked me to chant something I knew *I chanted Maha mritunjaya Mantra*with a smile 😊 you can chant it later#and said he would give a new one asked me to repeat to repeat# Drusa Drageeyasya I repeated after first word I have told that I knew it and repeated the sloka frm Soundarya lahari. Then one of the most favourite slokas of Sivanandalahari. Angolam Nijabeeja santatirayaskanto phalan suchika# I humbly said that I knew that sloka# Now you treat these two slokas are taught by me? Never forget to chant these TWO.

    Hara Hara SankaraJaya Jaya Sankara.

    I would like to share a few more occasions.

  8. Satyam sivam Sundaram
    Mahaperiavalin karunai mazai ellorukkum kidaikattum

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