Sloka for peaceful end!

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காஞ்சி மகாபெரியவா ,ஒரு பக்தருக்கு நற்கதியடைய தினமும் பராயணம் பண்ணச் சொன்ன ஸ்லோகம் இது.

இந்த ஸ்லோகத்தை தினமும் எல்ல பாராயணமும் முடிந்ததும் சொல்லிப் பிரார்த்தித்தால் நற்கதி அடையலாம் என்ற நம்பிக்கையில் இந்த ஸ்லோகத்தை சொல்லலாம் .

அநாயாசேன மரணம்
விநா தைன்யேன ஜீவனம்
தேஹிமே க்ருபையா சம்போ
த்வயி பக்திம் அசஞ்சலாம்

அர்த்தம் :

உன்னையே எப்போதும் ஸ்மரணம் செய்துக் கொண்டிருக்கும் உன் பக்தனுக்குசர்வசாதாரணமான , வறுமை, கஷ்டம் இல்லாமல் மரணம் அமைய உன்னுடைய கிருபையைக் கொடுத்து அருளவும் சம்போ மகாதேவா !

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  1. Kindly let me know how to pronounce the word “Sayujyam” ??

  2. It should read as Sayujyam and not as Maranam. Kindly note that as per Sanskrit prosody rules, it is composed in Anushtub meter. That has eight syllables per each quarter and the sixth n seventh syllables should be dheergam or guru (guru means big)in
    first and third quarters. As per this, it is correct to read as sayujyam. Reading as Maranam does not adhere to this meter.
    Sri Mahaperiyava has given a beautiful
    explanation to this meter in Deivathin Kural. In any case, when we pray Lord we pray for sayujyam (attaining his feet). Let us pray for that.

    • Hi please tell is their any sloka for family to reunite my mother is not talking to daughters my brother is creating issue it’s 1 year we hv not seen I have 25dats old new born she didn’t even come n see my daughter I am worried .
      N I lended money to person it’s 5 yrs he’s cheating us we r badly in need of money to pay fees n tc of new born please suggest sloka or what I must pray

  3. mahaperiyava is great

  4. Please translate the slokas in telugu or english as wedo not know tamil language

  5. Mukthi slogam from Kanchi mahaperiyava is very useful to attain anupoothi along with mahaperiyava blessings

  6. I chant this sloka daily

  7. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.Namaskarams to the Great Saint.

  8. Thanks a trillion for posting this. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  9. Any english version please

      To have a painless cessation to this mortality,
      Life without misery and pity,
      O SHIVA -SHAMBHO -protect me,grant me unwavering devotion to YOU!!!!!

      रक्ष रक्ष महेश्वरा:

  10. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara
    Antha slokathil small matram seyyalam enru Senkalipuram Damora Deekshidar chonnathaga gnabhagam
    ANAYASENA SAYUJJYAM enru prarthikkam
    Sankara Yegnanarayanan.
    West mambalam Goh Shala Volunteer

  11. I read in one of the episodes of Devotee’s experiences. In that Mahaperiyava suggested to use the word ‘Sayujyam’ instead of ‘Maranam’. So I have been reciting the slokam as given by Periyava.

  12. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Maha Periyava Blesses and Protects us all!

  13. Can any one give the correct Sanskrit version so that there is no mistake
    in the pronunciation.

    • अनायासेन मरणम्,
      विना दैन्येन जीवनम्,
      देहिमे कृपया शम्भो,
      रक्ष रक्ष महेश्वर: / ( त्वयी भक्ति अचन्चलम् )
      May my Bhakthi in you O SIVA be constant and unwavering!


      In many shlokams the there are certain words replaced by words that have the same meaning.This is due to the richness and depth of the greatest of languages-and that is why Samskritham is called देवभाषा,देववाणी !!!!!

      This is what I heard from my Mother who used to quote my grandfather.
      My grandfather was well-versed in Samskritham,Malayalam,Tamizh as well as English.
      So too was my grandmother and my parents.
      I come nowhere near them as I lack knowledge of Tamizh and Malayalam.Can only speak Tamizh.Can read and write Hindi and to some extent Samskritam.


  14. ம்ருத்யுஞ்ஜயாய ருத்ராய நீலகன்டாய சம்பவெ |
    அம்ருதேசாய ஸர்வாய மஹா தேவாய நமஹ ||
    பஜனம் பவபீஜானாம் அர்ஜுனம் ஸுக சம்பதாம்
    தர்ஜனம் மயதூதானாம் ராம ராமேதி கர்ஜனம் |
    அனாயாஸேன மரணம் வினாதைன்யேன ஜீவனம்
    தேஹி மே க்ருபயா சம்போ த்வயி பக்திம் அஸஞ்சலாம் ||

    is this not the complete

    • These are 3 different slokas. The first one is from Maha Mrutyunjaya mantra, the second is the 36th sloka from RamaRaksha stotra and the third one is attributed to Mahabharatam, and is supposedly uttered by either Vidhura or Drona!

      BTW, the slokas you had put here have several typos.
      The correct version will be:

      ம்ருத்யுஞ்ஜயாய ருத்ராய நீலகண்டாய சம்பவே |

      அம்ருதேசாய ஸர்வாய மஹா தேவாயதே நமஹ ||

      [B]பர்ஜனம் [B]பவ[B]பீஜானாம் அர்ஜ‌னம் ஸுக சம்பதாம்

      [T]தர்ஜனம் ய‌மதூதானாம் ராம ராமேதி [G]கர்ஜனம் ||

      அனாயாஸேன மரணம் வினாதைன்யேன ஜீவனம்

      தேஹி மே க்ருபயா சம்போ த்வயி பக்திம் அஸஞ்சலாம் ||

  15. Thanks Mr. Mahesh. Better late than never. My father used to utter this and he had peaceful end in sleep.I will try to follow Mahaperiava’s advice..

  16. I think it was anayecehna sayujyam…That is how I heard from my mother…

    • Yes that s the correct version.The word maranan should be avoided , bcoz Maranam is being born again and again after death and having many Jenmas.
      Our Ultimate aim in this birth is Mukthi!!

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