Periyava Camp in Nanganallur from May 13th to 17th

All devotees should take advantage of this camp and receive blessings from our acharyas!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. Since you have sincerely wanted to speak to His holiness he himself arrange for the same Pranams

  2. Sorry for the Typos. I need info like which part of the day we will have a chance to speak to his holinesss. I know they will be super busy all day in blessing us and praying for the good of the world.

  3. Anyone please help me when and how i can have a dialogue with Periyava. Though i had dharsan of periyava few items , i am not getting courage to speak out. I really need some clarifications on few important things. Please let me know in which part of the we will have a chance to speak to periyava.

    Ram Ram

  4. Great to see the 3 PERIYAVAS along with the MOOLA ADI SHANKARA who should never be forgotten

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