Kumbabishekam Invitation from Indianapolis Hindu Temple – June 7, 2015

Hindu Temple of Central Indiana Committee cordially invites you all for the grand kumbabishekam of their new temple on Jun 7, 2015. Indianapolis is blessed to be a nice small self-sustained community, which is nothing but a single large family….Together they are building their new temple – extraordinarily well-planned, well-managed and with dedication. I had a pleasure of visiting Indianapolis few months back to do Mahaperiyava Padhuka Abishekam. Both the Chandrasekhars in the town are great devotees of Mahaperiyava and followers of the blog, who hosted us and took us around the new temple where the construction was going on. There are sthapathis and other workers from India – many are from Tamilnadu doing wonderful job. One interesting feature I noticed is that each murthi is going to have different gopuram as per their tradition. The whole city is now ready for the kumbabishekam. They created this wonderful video sometime back but this tells the tale of how this temple is going to unite all Indians and keep them united forever. It is great to see how the next generation is also involved in this project.

Our veda teacher from Chicago, Sivasri Chandrasekhara Gurukkal is the pradhana gurukkal for this kumbabishekam. We, devotees from Chicago are ready to drive to attend this event with our gurukkal.

They have put together lots of activities as part of the kumbabishekam. All devotees in and around Indianapolis are cordially invited to attend this kumbabishekam and receive the blessings.

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