Edited/Short version of Adishtanam/Orikkai video from deeksha dhinam event

Thanks to Vignesh studio to send me the edited condensed version of h-quality video of abishekam in both these places from Friday event.

For those who have not seen Shri Kumar, he is the one who is distributing Periyava photos to devotees in Orikkai manimandapam at the end of the video and it is the same person who is doing anga-pradikshanam around the adishtanam!! I have heard from Shivaraman that Kumar does anga-pradakshanam very effortlessly for his built!!!

These videos are for good for our storage – whenever we want to do abishekam to Periyava in these two places, all we need to do is replay these!!!! This is what virtual temple is all about!

Let us pray Him for uninterrupted success in this monthly moola nakshatra event.

P.S – There is someone talking nearer to the camera in the adhistanam – it is more like a small discourse – talking about Mahaperiyava Mahatmiyam and importance of Moola naksthatram – it is a nice 2 mts upanyasam!

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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  1. I think tennampakkam mama is delivering the short upanyasam on mahaperiyava.

  2. Thanks

  3. Thanks to every devotee for bringing this holy event to the virtual temple.

    Sri Maha Periyava Thiruvadegaley Saranam Saranam!

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