Experience of Smt Saraswathi Thyagarajan with Mahaperiyava

Smt Saraswathi mami is a very popular person in the facebook world among Kanchi Matam devotees for quite some years. Mami comes from a very orthodox, vaidheeka family – extremely conversant with acharam, anushtanam and great knowledge in Sanskrit. At 70+ mami has been writing articles on periyava, posting slokas, meanings, telling greatness about Srividya upasanai, guiding youngsters etc. Great energy level for her age! I talk to mami whenever possible – she gave me some advices on devi worship etc. Not just me – so many folks talk to her daily 🙂 She has kindness to the core – she treats all of us as her sons! Isn’t it the sign of true Devi Upasaki and Periyava devotee?!

I have been trying to get her experience captured in an interview format. It took so long to get it done. Mami has been in Dallas for the past few months and leaving for Chennai in few days. Thanks to mami and the team that did this interview…

Mami, known to her devi worship etc, in this interview talks not only about Mahaperiyava but also about devi related experiences etc.

Here are some of the ebooks mami has written/compiled. Among these, I am particularly interested in “Sinthanaikku Sila”, a phenomenal collection that talks about practices that we used to to 100 years back by our elders that is almost forgotten in today’s world. It is a great book for men and women to read and see the significance and follow wherever possible. Our elders had reasons for doing few things – we simply can’t understand. Although mami is proficient enough in English, she still chooses Tamil as she finds it more comfortable with it. So non-tamil users, please excuse.

1. Sinthanaikku Sila – Click here to download

2. Sri Devi Chandi Puja – Click here to download – Do not start this without consulting a guru.

3. Sri Devi Manasa Puja – Click here to download

Mami – our namaskarams to you, Thanks for the interview…


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  1. Namaskaram Mahesh, Million thanks for this interview with Saraswati Mami. Lot of gosoebumps moments while hearing her story.

    The downloads are not working anymore. Can you help please?

  2. You can get this Durga Sapthasloki in this link. Here they have give along with the meaning,


  4. The divine experience of Srimathi Saraswathi is incredible and as she has said that the family is blessed by her great grand parents in Vaduvur (famous for the Sri Rama temple). In all occasions she was identified by Mahaa periyavaa. Sri Bala has in this column has remarked we have to yet receive the full grace of His Holiness. Jaya jaya Sankara.

  5. Deiyvam matrum deiveekathin iyyakathai muhandarathudan unartha, unarum mami belongs to a different generation of souls – Authority Sivan sir
    Mamiyin dikkiruku namaskaram.
    N Subramanian

  6. Amazing interveiw. I would like to know where to download the durga shloka she was talking about in the interview.
    durga sthuti?

  7. Amazing interview.
    Was glued to the screen the entire time. Her devotion to Mother and Maha Periyava is remarkable.
    She is a blessed soul and we are all indebted to Mahesh for bringing her into our lives.
    Thanks to both Mahesh and Mami for agreeing to be interviewed and talking about all her experiences with such clarity and openness

  8. மாமியின் interviewகேட்டவுடன். புல்லரித்தது. இன்னும் மாமி மாதிரி. அம்பாளிடமும் பெரியவாளிடமும் பக்தியாக இருக்க ஆசையாக உள்ளது. இதற்கு மாமி ஆசிர்வாதம் வேண்டும்

  9. i have read almost all her comments and write ups in fb. very nice to see her interview also. amazing incidents. namsakarams to mami

  10. Smt. Saraswathi Thiagarajan is my elder sister. We are all from Chidambaram. She studied in Annamalai University. She is very hard working in domestic chores, studies and above all Bhakthi Anushtanams. God has blessed me with a sister like her.

  11. I had the oppurtunity to interact with mamee for some months here in Dallas area. Thanks to Mahesh for introducing me to mamee.

    Mamee bhakthi to Periyava and Ambal is like Ahailya’s bhakthi to Rama. Humility is what I learned from mamee.

    Hari Ramasubbu

  12. mami thanks

  13. Mahesh It is my pleasure to interact with you …Periyava bhaktas ! I am blessed to be here in Periyava sathsangam. அவன் அருளாலேதான் எல்லாமே நடக்கிறது!! இதில் என் பங்கு சிறிதும் இல்லை. நாம் அவர் ஆட்டுவிக்கும் ஒரு கருவி ! அவ்வளவே! சிலந்திவலை கட்டுவது போல் நம் யாவரையும் ஓர் இடத்தில் சங்கமிக்கவைத்து லீலை புரிகிறார்! சங்கரா சரணம்.

  14. My Email Id is as followas:—saras_t_rajan@yahoo.co.in. Whoever want to contact me please get in touch with me through mail.Mahesh is also busy with his own work load in this blog as well as in office too. I dont want to bother him that is why. Shankara.

  15. More than interview, the notes given are well coined and presented. Smt. Saraswathi Thyagarajan’s talk is free flowing with excellent cohesiveness and nice relevance too. Thanks for organizing interview posting more relevant books as well.

  16. I am really moved by your comments! I am not that a great person as you think. I am an ordinary person like any of you here in Periyava Sathsangam. It is His grace on me that made my life so involved in His and Devi’s prabhavam! I can share my contact details in India not in public as it may be a problem for me, so whoever wants my contact details ask Mahesh Krishnamoorthi . Please bear with the inconvenience. Shankara.

  17. Mamis simplicity is so touching. Even during difficult times she faced them with absolute faith in ambal and mahaperiyava. Mami kalil vizhundu namaskaram pananum pola eruku.

  18. Watched this video non-stop and really moved. Very very blessed person. Would like to meet her and get her blessings whenever she is in Chennai. Thanks a lot Sri Mahesh for sharing this with all the devotees.
    Hara Hara Sankara .. Jaya Jaya Sankara..

  19. Dear Mahesh,

    Thank you very much. As for myself it is one of the best interview for the continuous more than one and half hours like “Ganga Pravaham”. Mami is seems to be purely innocent without having any other but only great bakthi towards Ambal and Mahaperiyava. There is no wonder Ambal is residing within this Sudha Athma.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

    V.Ramasubramanian, Kuwait

  20. Many thanks for uploading the interview. Blessed lady.Incase she happens to be in CHennai sometime, we can have her blessings.Any contact numbers?
    Hara hara sankara Jaya jaya sankara

  21. Thanks for sharing these books. I wish I knew how to read Tamil. Can you post the English Versions of the EBooks?

  22. Mahesh Garu

    Thank you for such a wonderful experience sharing video with HH Maha Periva by Saraswati Mami. We are indeed indebted to your service to us. Thank you very much once again!

  23. Hare Krishna! It is indeed a great privilege for someone to be associated with the great Acharya without knowing the significance! Much as I wish, I am not able to listen to the recording (due partly to deafness) and I wonder whether it would be possible for someone to put them in a book format. Hare Krishna.

  24. Reblogged this on kahanam.

    • Can someone give the rough translation of the videos in English. It would be great because there are many people who can’t understand the language like me.A ton of thanks in advance.

  25. Very inspiring and honest Experiences! Smt. Saraswathi Thyagarajan Maami is very sincere in her description of Maha Periyava Experiences! Thanks for sharing. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  26. Watched the full video of Mami’s interview. Very inspiring video.

  27. Dear Mahesh,
    We are all truly blessed to have such a noble service rendered by you and your family. May Maha Periyava continue his pratyaksha anugraham!!

    Shri Gurubhyo Namaha!

  28. I listened to this interview at one go. Mami is simply phenominal I do not have words to express my thoughts. Let a little of Mami’s great Bakthi rub off on us also.

  29. Dear Sri Mahesh

    Thank you for the devoted Service… God Bless you and family in abundance

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayh

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