The glory of Rudhraksham is boundless. Elders say that Rudhraksham is the uniqueness of Shiva. They are the eyes of Rudhra. It is called ‘Thirukanmani’ in tamil. Rudhraksham has a special feature which is not found in other seeds. By nature, Rudhraksham is the only seed which has a hole in it. In India Rudhraksham can be found in Nepal.

– Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Mahaswamiji

I am a rudraksha buff. f there is one thing that I can’t resist is spending time on “Rudraksha” :-). One thing that surprises me is Chennai for its size don’t seem to have a rudraksha speciality stores – I don’t consider Giri trader as a specialty store in this regard. They have lot of things and rudraksha is one of 1000 things they sell…However there are lots of such shops in Bombay it seems…

It says that every saivite should do three things at all times (1) have viboothi on the forehead (2) wear rudraksha (3) chant panchaksharam.

Om Nama Shivaya!

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  1. Kindly clarify if men can wear only Single RudrAksham or whether it is fine to wear a RudrAksha MAla. Some say that MAla should be worn only during japam times (or when doing SandhyA vandanam) but single RudrAksham can be worn at all times. Very kindly requesting authentic clarifications only, preferably Sri Kanchi Periyava’s clarifications on this, which will be unquestionable. Comments can be mailed to

  2. One of the devotee has written to me for getting Rudraksha or Rudrakshamala…. ‘CHETTIYAR KADAI’ at VARANASI, ships Rudraksha or Rudrakshamala, Madi Vastram or Narpattu and other pooja articles.

    One can purcahse it ONLINE through

    Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara

  3. Namaste

    In Devi Bhagavatham, 11th skandam 4th,5th,6th,7th chapters talk about the importance of Rudraksham
    pno 1062 in the book for which the pdf link is given above
    ஸ்ரீ மஹா பெரியவா ஶரணம்
    ஹர ஹர ஶங்கர ஜய ஜய ஶங்கர

  4. If it helps, my grandfather, a Vedic scholar and a sishya of Sri Polagam Sundaresa sastrigal, whom Periyava held in high esteem, would wear the mala only during puja

  5. Dear Sri Mahesh,

    Your input on rules for wearing mala is valuable…

    I was practising wearing both Rudraksh & Spatik Malas from morning poojas till going to sleep in the night.

    Thank You

  6. Rudraksh Tree is in Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple at Sri Raja Rajeswari Nagar, Bengaluru and Sri Trichy Swamigal Ashram gives every devotee along with ambal and Sri Swamigal’s picture one rudraksh for every one who purchase even a small CD for Rs 40/- for wearing in ‘Kantam’. Getting the rudraksh from a place grown at the divine place and from divine location is blessings.

    In India, Rudraksh grown at Nepal and getting them at Badri or Kedar or Mukthinath during one’s travel atleast in a life time as Mala is great. In Varanasi, Chettiar kadai is famous.

    Sizes of 0 and 1 (small rudraksh) are mostly imported from Indoneshia.

    I learnt from Sri Viswanthan mama (Sri Karyam Agent at Sri Kamakshi Temple Sri Kanchi) brother, that a good Rudraksham can be tested by putting it in water and it should drown and not float. Either it is mala or single.

    Generally I purchase at Sri Matam and have them Blessed with Sri Priyava’s Adhishtanam…

    One can get the Rudraksh at Sri Matam Camps too.

    Even if there is a dosham in Jatahgam is gone when Sri Guru’s looks at them, that is the purpose of joing both boys and Girl’s Jathgam to Periyava, so the Rudraksha mala or single adorned at His ‘Abhay Hastam’in Brindavan and wear it… no need to check for anything else… HE WILL TAKE CARE!!

    Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara

    • Dear All

      Today many people started exploiting by selling 1 faced at a Huge price. They call them as Ranta & so on.
      These people get it at a cheaper price from Nepal. Many people put exhibitions on Rudraksha and take people for ride. THESE SELLERS have agents in Nepal and Indonesia. Through them they get it.. Astrology is linked to it.
      I do wear Rudraksha. I only request this Kanci mahaperiava forum to educate people on Exploitation of Certain Astrologers in North and South asking people to wear Various combination of Rudraksha at a Cost of Rs not less than Rs 25,000 to 2,00000 Lacs.

  7. one of my friend said there is a rudraksha tree in ooty as well. he got his rudraksham from there.

  8. Thank you for sharing the benefits of Rudaraksha. We consider rudarkshas as blessings. At home, we do daily archana with 108 Rudarkshas to Sri MahaPeriyava and On Anusham days with 1008 Rudarkshas. For 1008 – we chant Sri Lalitha Sahasra namavali. Very blissful experience.

  9. Sri Siva Mahapurana says it is thanks to prayers done in millions of births does one acquire the desire to sport Rudraksha. I have been sporting a single R ever since my Upanayanam. For the past 10 years or so I have been sporting a Rudraksha Maalaa (RM) around my neck. Many [out of their love for me] have discouraged me in wearing RM all the time. I tell them, “look, when the end comes [which is a beginning elsewhere] I would like to have RM on me. I have no idea when it would come a-calling. With RM on my person, and Sri Gayatri in my heart and Sri Mahaperiyavaa before my eyes, I would like to leave with a smile on my face.

    Ultimately it is what your inner self tells you that matters. Sri Krishna says in G that He is there in our respective heart of the size of our thumb. In moments of dilemma such as this listen to Him.

  10. Dear Mahesh

    I completely agree with you. I have been wearing a six-faced rudraksha for the last ten years and it is a wonderful feeling. Given the knowledgeable people that come here, I was wondering if someone could also educate us on the do’s and don’t s of rudraksha. That is when can we wear it and when should be remove it etc. Jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara.


    • Yes want to know real fact of rudraksha when to wear when dont should not misuse it wearing always purity of rudraksha

      • Yes want to know real fact of rudraksha when to wear when dont should not misuse it wearing always purity of rudraksha

      • A single rudraksha can be worn at “all” times as long as it stays up to the kantam. I wear one like that. All other malas should be worn only for puja/chanting etc and remove it after puja is over. With the mala on, you can’t use restrooms/toilets, sleep etc. Also I read somewhere that the mala can’t be too long that goes all the way down to your stomach etc. IT has to stop at the chest level……Like Sri Raju Aiyer said, it is also believed that one who leaves this world with the rudraksha on him reaches sivaloka.

        I bought some rudrakshas from a place in Mumbai called “Rudraksha-ratna” – google it and you will find them…They have quite some free articles/books online on these details of the rudraksha.


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