Dai, you got that bhagyam!

Thanks to Sri Shivaraman for the article. Hope Shivaraman will remember to post Brahmasri Chandramouli Srouthigal’s 5 mts video clipping on Periyava as “Thapas Kamakshi” experience soon! I’ve been reminding him for the past 2 years 🙂

It is beyond words how difficult is to walk in hot sun in Tamilnadu without slippers in gravel road, kovil praharams etc. Recently, I experienced this during my India trip – that too when the summer was not even at its peak Imagine Periyava walking without padhukas in peak summer – Smt Padma Subramaniam also talked about a similar experience – these are not humanly possibly things. Only mahans can do this. We (excluding me!!!) are blessed to have witnessed a mahan in our lifetime itself.


Sri Mouli Mama came rushing to Periyava… Mouli mama was in tears. How to bear it? Just how to bear it?

Even after 30+ years, he is still in tears while recollecting it. Ho Periyava!

Why did it even happen? How do we perceive such happenings ?

For that, we must recollect what happened in Thindivanam during the first decade of 1900. Sri Krishnamurthy Iyer , after analyzing a young boy named Swaminathan’s ‘Jadagam’, understood that this ‘அவதார முர்த்தி’ (‘Avatar’) descended to ‘regularize’ the world. He touched the foot of that young kid, washed it, wiped it and looked at it very closely and said “Very soon, even the king of the kings cannot touch HIS FEET ! He saw so many Chakras in the young boy’s feet and said, HE is going to be a ‘JagadGuru’…

It was during Udayarpalayam camp. Periyava was a young sanyasi. While HE does HIS ‘anushtanam’, the Raja of Udayarpalayam was having ‘darshan’. He was a learned man. He was keenly observing what Periyava was doing. Raja expressed with surprise, “You are God – Svaroopa… You have Chakras in Your Feet”…

Ever since then, the palanquin bearers for the Sri Matam were from Udayarpalayam Zameen only. They were all paid by the Zameen.

“In line with what Sri Krishnamurthy Iyer said, Raja saw the Chakras in Periyava’s Feet, but couldn’t touch them!”, says Sri Kannan Mama.

It was the year 1974… Around April 14th or 15th… Periyava started His Yatra from Thenambakkam. Interestingly, it was not only that nobody knew where/when the Yatra will end… Nobody even knew that it was a ‘Yatra’!. Periyava (at the age of 80) was walking along with just three Sevaka(s). Sri (‘Kulla’) Chandramouli Mama, Sri Vedapuri Mama and Sri Srikantan Mama were serving. By early morning 3.45 am, they reached Theosophical Society at the outskirts of Chittoor. Gates were open. Nobody was there. Periyava sat under a mango tree for the Pooja.

Sri Mouli Mama and Sri Srikantan Mama went to the Agraharam about 2-3 kms away for collecting Biksha for the Sevaka(s). After sometime, perhaps by 11 am, when they came back, they couldn’t even enter that place. There was such a huge crowd of people… People in large number approached and surrounded Periyava and even started to touch Periyava’s feet! No one knew who this ‘Sanyasi’ was, but how does it even matter?

The two Sevaka(s) left behind couldn’t control the crowd. Periyava quickly began to walk away from the Theosophical society and went to the highway in that hottest summer without even wearing His Paduka! That was it! Both the Sevaka(s) rushed with Periyava. Sri Mouli Mama and Sri Srikantan Mama who came to the spot in the last minute had to just dump what they had collected as ‘Biksha’. They quickly took the Rickshaw , put sundry materials they possessed and rushed to Periyava. But by then….

It was the month of ‘Chithirai’ (hottest season) and they were entering into Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh (hottest region). Periyava was walking without His ‘Paduka’ during the middle of the hot summer day !!!

That ‘Padma-Paadham’ of a young boy, which the Lawyer-Josiyar Sri Krishnaswamy Iyer predicted that nobody could touch thereafter…

That ‘Kazhal-AdigaL’ that even the Kings and Queens of the world were able to ‘only see’…

That ‘Unreachable but the ultimate – Guru-Padham’ that even Yogis can only meditate…

That Paadham (Holy Feet) were roasted in that Asphalt Road and Periyava’s feet had boils all over!

They reached Chitoor town. Periyava walked into a factory. They stayed there for some period.

That night, Periyava, “Vedapuri, Call Kulla Mouli…”.

Sri Mouli Mama came rushing with the nicely crushed paste of ‘Kadukkai’ for those ‘Unreachable Padma Paadham’… “Periyava was sitting with His feet stretched open… And, HE said, Apply Kadukkai On My Feet … ” – Sri Mama couldn’t even complete his sentence, and is in tears even today.

BrahmaSri Vedapuri Mama said, “dai, You got that Bhagyam… You Got it…” . Sri (‘Kulla’) Chandramouli Mama recollects, “It is all because of my father’s Punyam, I got that Bhagyam!”.

Not sure what these Divine-Sevaka are made up of?

By offering one ‘pushpam’ (flower) to Periyava, we have a big wishlist for Periyava to bless us… But here, these Sevaka(s) think it is their blessings and ‘Punyam’ to serve Periyava!

Anantha-Koti-Koti-Namaskarams to those Sevakas!
Anga-pradikshina Namaskaram to those Sevakas!
Oh Periyava, Bless us with a fraction of such Bhakthi!!!

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  1. Baghyam panniyerukka vendum

  2. Today I got the Bhagyam of getting Blessings from Sri Vedhapuri mama in his home. Can anyone pls reply with address of Sri Chandramouli mama as well

  3. Baghavan baghavathas sevakan. Similarly we all should serve Chandramouli mama. Unfortunately we have not got that bagyam.

  4. என்ன தவம் செய்தீர்கள் சந்த்ரமௌளி மாமா ? எங்களுக்கு அந்த அருள் இருந்திருந்தால் எவ்வளவு பாக்யம்!! பக்கத்தில் சில நிமிஷங்கள் உட்கார்ந்ததே பெரும் பாக்யம் என நான் கருதுகிறேன் அதுவும் அவர் பத்ம பாதங்களின் அருகில் அவரே அமரச் சொல்லி ! தங்கள் அனுபவங்கள் எங்களுக்குக் கிடைக்க பல நூறாயிரம் வருஷம் தபஸ் இருந்திருக்க வேண்டும் நாங்கள்! சங்கரா ஐயனே சரணம்.

  5. Maha Periyava ThoNdartham Perumai Sollavum Arithe! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  6. In search of words….

    When I read this article, I am forced to remember one devottee in Trichy who doesn’t wear slippers. He walks on bare foot all the time. Have heard that he performs shiva pooja almost every day. I don’t know his name, which doesn’t matter. Today, I understand his source of inspiration must have been mahaperiyavaa.

  7. ……… ……… ……….. ………………. (no words only tears)


  9. Namaskarams to all.

    Which “SriPadam ” Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma could not fathom and see, Sri Mouli mama was able to touch and do kaingaryam. Can we mortals quantify the punyam that Mouli mama has done to qualify himself for this ? Even a genius mathematical brain will grope in the dark to find an answer to qusntify.

    Out of immense jealousy( yes, indeed) I pray to Mouli Mama…

    Enna thavam seithanai …………… ?

    Jaya Jaya Sankara………..
    Sri GuruPadhukabyam Namo Namah……..

  10. He could live on a handful of beaten rice. We cannot even walk barefoot inside the house. We have synchronised our body to all these comforts. He had synchronised to all hardships. That is why he is known as Periyava and we are ordinary human

  11. He just flies and we run. I always ask Him to show his paadam and He gives me paada darsanam. I still wonder how it is that those paadams are fi e dirtless and red always even though mostly he never bothered about paduka.. Oh what agyanee I am I wonder about certain leelas ofGod Himself for me to learn and my karma overtook inn nnot learning. Shankaraaaaaaaaaaa I cry every time

  12. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!!

    Ekambaram Mama too had a similar Blessings of applying ‘Kagukkai Paste’ in the Divine Feet during the Viswaroopa Yathra at the age of 80+ of Sri Sri Maha Periyava’s yatra – Ref ‘Maha Periyavalum – Ekambaramahiya Nanum’

    Blessed Athmas who were Blessed to Touch the Creator of the Pancha Bootham

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayah

  13. All mercifull Sri Maha Periyava Thiruvadigaley Saranam Saranam

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