Natarajar – Kunjithapadham Periyava

Another brilliant painting by Sri Umesh. Perfect timing for Chidambaram Mahakumbabishekam on May 1st. Chose this to be our site’s header image till kumbabishekam is over. I am sure everyone knows the story behind the kunjithapadham on Periyava’s head. If not, read this article.

Thanks Umesh.

Om Nama Shivaya!!!!

Mahaperiyava with Lord Nataraja

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  1. I had the rare blessing from HH Pudu Periyava in the year 2006 when I had darshan on Dakshinayana punyakalam when the Kunchitapadam offered by Dikshitars were given by HH after keeping it in his head which is with with me till date

  2. My name is Kunchitapatham.

  3. I heard an interesting event from Mr. T Prakash (he is running a Veda Padasalai in the name of Shri Thiyagasastha Trust at Periyavaa Illam, Chennai). Shri Maha periyavaa was asking few ladies and other devotees whether they can contribute ‘diamond stones’ for preparing a diamond kavacham to the kunchita-paadam, (the foot which is lifted up in Chidambaram Shri Nataraja). He strictly told not to buy any new diamond but it can be contributed from the ornaments or loose diamond which are available with the devotees. Shri Prakash collected some diamonds from some ladies and gave it for this purpose.

  4. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Om Nama Shivaaya!

  5. we are blessed

  6. excellent , looks like a real picture

  7. Excellently done Umesh !

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