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    Experience of Smt. Sunitha Mahadevan

    During the summer vacation of 1983, I, along with my two daughters, had gone to my aunt (Athai) Malathi Subramaniam’s house in Hyderabad. The primary reason for my visit was that MahaPeriyava was camping in Mahagaon, which was after Raichur. There was talk that He would travel to Kashi and stay there; both my daughters had not taken his Darshan till then. HIS 90th Jayanthi was approaching and I felt that my daughters should take His Darshan before He could leave for Kashi. So I traveled to Hyderabad during the summer vacation along with my daughters and my colleague at my college – Smt AruNa. My husband did not get leave. The four of us traveled by a bus to Raichur (it was more of a metal box!). We reached an arid vegetation area. The conductor offloaded us and said, ‘Your Swamiji is somewhere in this area. The bus can’t go further here. You can find your way”; he climbed onto the bus and went away.

    It was noon time and very, very hot. There was not a tree in sight for shade. There was not a soul in sight to ask for directions. We were definitely not prepared for this. We stood there not knowing what to do, a little scared.

    Presently, we could hear the noise of an approaching vehicle. When we observed keenly, we could make out an approaching tractor. It came and stopped in front of us. There was just one man with a turban in the tractor. He asked us something in his language. Neither could we understand what he was saying and nor could he understand our response. Without knowing what to do, I folded my hands in salutation and touched my eyes to indicate we had come to see the ‘Swamiji’. He seemed to understand and using a mix of speech and sign language indicated that the Swamiji is moving to another place shortly and that he would drop us at where He was stationed.

    Since there was no other option, we climbed on to his tractor. After some time, it stopped in front of a blue building. As we were entering the building, a few people there told us that the Swami was not there then and that He was resting in the cow shed that was opposite that building. They also told us that since He had fasted for Rama Navami the previous day, we could not see Him then since He was recuperating. Further they told us that He had issued orders that all devotees who came there that day should be fed. They said that since they were moving away from that place that day, they had to wash the vessels and pack them; it will be helpful for them if we could come quickly and have lunch. Moreover, they said that it was the same tractor on which they had to load all their items !

    We turned and looked at the cowshed. We could see Periyava’s Holy Feet clearly. Those Feet, which had travelled several thousand miles ! We were extremely glad on having got Darshan of His Feet. We were not feeling tired anymore ! Periyava had kindly taken care of our lunch too ! After lunch, we also got the good fortune of cleaning up the dining hall. By that time Periyava had woken up and was engaged in ‘Atma Pujai’. Chanting mantras, He was placing ‘Saligramams’ into a box. After that, a small group of people went near Periyava and was speaking with Him. They invited us over and said we could talk to Periyava if we had anything in mind. But we were speechless in the happiness of just having got His Darshan. I said, “AruNa and Sunitha – we have come from Chennai”. Smilingly, He asked, “Who is AruNa and who is Sunitha?” We answered him and after that no speech came.

    His attendants who were nearby said that this was a very rare opportunity and that there would be a big crowd soon. They asked us to at least sing a song. Since it was a Saturday, my elder daughter sang the song ‘Venkatachala Nilayam’, set to the Raagam HindoLam. HE listened to that song but He had a mischievous smile playing on His lips. I understood the meaning of that smile only 10 years later. In November 1993, when the groom’s family came to our house for the ‘girl-seeing’ ceremony, she sang the same song. Just then, the meaning of Periyava’s smile hit me. The groom’s name was Venkatachalam. We were fully satisfied with Periyava’s Darshan. But how to go back to Hyderabad ? It was past four in the afternoon. It would take a minimum of 3 hours to reach home. When we were wondering how to go, a lorry stopped in front of us and a voice from inside said “Eleven rupees to Hyderabad”. Just as I was asking AruNa “How can we trust this driver and cleaner and get in with the kids (‘PasangaL’)”, two elderly gentlemen approached us and one of them said to our surprise, “Are you from North Arcot?” We replied, “Why are you asking?” He said, “It is customary for people in Tanjore area to use the word ‘PasangaL’. He said, “Let us all travel by this lorry. We will not get any bus here. We are coming from CLRI in Chennai. We had come to attend the convocation in Hyderabad and are returning after taking Periyava’s Darshan”. This assuaged our fears. Thus, we arrived in a tractor and returned in a lorry ! That gentleman dropped me right till my aunt’s doorstep. How kind was Periyava ! We had started out to take Periyava’s Darshan and He had taken complete responsibility to bring us back safely.

    Having got Periyava’s Darshan, when we returned to Chennai, we got a good news at my college. My principal summoned me and said, “We are going on a pilgrimage to Badri and Kedar. My uncle runs a travel agency in Delhi. He has already conducted 52 pilgrimages. This time, I’m going and you are also coming with me.” I took my brother, uncle and son along and went on a good trip in June 1983.

    It did not stop there. Due to influence of Periyava’s Darshan, we got a chance to visit Mumbai in 1988. My uncle in Mumbai arranged for me and his wife to go to Nasik, Trayambakeshwar and Shirdi. After all this, the wedding of my two daughters happened and they are living happily now. All this is only due to Periyava’s infinite grace.

  2. அவன் அருளாலே அவன் தாள் வணங்கி என்பதற்கு இதனைவிட சான்று என்ன இருக்கிறது? வெங்கடாசல நிலையம் பாடியதும் நமுட்டுச் சிரிப்பு! பெண்ணின் கணவன் வெங்கடாசலம் என்று அப்போதே தன் ஞான த்ருஷ்டியால் உணர்ந்ததால்!! சங்கரா என்னே உன் க்ருபா கடாக்ஷம்!

  3. to day is ANUSHUM Maha periyavaa Kripa Dayalu Maha PEriyavaa Thiruvadigale Charanam

  4. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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