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One of the disadvantages of being a reader in this blog is that you cannot escape from reading my travelogue! So, here is my 2015 trip – part 1. So, prepare yourselves for Part 2!!!

First stop at Avudayar Kovil – Yogambal sametha Athmanathar – shivalingam with no lingam – just avudayar – maha kshetram built by holy saint Sri Manickavasagar. Until I went there I did not know that visiting this kshetram on a Thursday is a most auspicious one – we went there on a Thursday! Why? Lord Shiva gave mantra upadesam to Manickavasagar at this kshetram! This place is as important as Alangudi. There is an amazing thevara pathigam that is sung as thirupalliyezhurchi for Parameswaran (போற்றியென் வாழ் முதலாகிய பொருளே…)…This temple has amazing architectural beauty and known for its unique roof on the temple…


Next stop was at Thirupunavaasal – near Mimisal. This kshetram requires a separate post by itself. There is so much to write. In short, only those who have moksha praapthi can visit this temple. When Mahaperiyava visited this temple, He took off the padhukas even before He approached the boundary of this village due to the sthala puranam. This kshetram dates back to 4 yugas!!! Beautiful village – right near the ocean – this temple is managed by a yound and very passionate gurukkal who is extremely courteous and accompanied by his brother who has an outstanding voice and sang a thevara pathigam for us in front of the swami. Please stay tuned for a detailed post on this.

I tried my best to go to my family deity – Kumaramalai, near Pudukottai – a day before Panguni Uthiram – intentionally to avoid the crowd at the temple, It seems Lord Subrahmanya wanted me to come only on Panguni Uthram and had a beautiful abishekam and darshan!

Thiruvayaru – Lord Ayyarappan darshan was outstanding on Panguni Uthiram day…..Besides Lord Ayyarappan temple, visited our Ummachi thatha temple in Thiruvayaru. A devotee from Mumbai had purchased a house and built a small temple for Mahaperiyava and nithya puja is going on here! Never heard about this before…It was a scorching heat outside but inside this house, it was absolutely cool – thanks to tall ceiling – didn’t feel like leaving that place!

Headed to Eachangudi – Periyava’s birthplace – visited the holy gruham where Periyava as an avatar of Lord Parameswaran came down to earth to bless us all. . Warmly welcomed by Sri Ambi and took me to the house and spent some time with me. With some courage I took a close-up of Periyava. Even in the photo, I couldn’t see His eyes – it was penetrating!!! The padhukas you see in the photo was the one Periyava wore on the day He attained siddhi to be installed at Eachangudi! Although I write about the avatar etc now, at that time when I was there at most hottest day, the only thing I remembered enjoying was the best quality “more” made at ganapadigal’s house from the ghosala!! 🙂 Oh boy – I drank nearly half a gallon of it! My bakthi got easily distracted by “more” 🙂

Next day was at the feet of akilanda kodi brahmanda nayagi Akilandeswari ambal sametha Jambukeswarar. Best darshan…Thanks to Sri Atirudram Ravi for making arrangements for me.

Million thanks to Shivaraman for accompanying me for most part despite his health and Smt Mahalakshmi mami for making arrangements for darshans, food in most of the places. Only when you go to these temples, you know who mami is!!! Everyone knows mami – period!!!

I have to mention here about Sri Ramanan, who was continuously pouring me with series of incidents from his experience with Mahaperiyava. Although, his atma bodha lecture, slokas and meaning  were little too much for my pea-brain at 2 PM on a hot day (pun intended!!), if I look back, I was probably the luckiest one to hear such an excellent topics and wonderful experiences from a great devotee like Sri Ramanan. I hope I remember most of the incidents and will share with you all here…

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  1. please note that we need , archagar contact phone number/address of sri Baladhandayuthapani swamy temple, kumaramalai, pudukottai. – n.ravi Bangalore

  2. i would like contact sri baladhandayuthapani temple, kumaramalai, pudukottai, tamil nadu. . n.ravi, Bangalore

  3. Yen Kan kanda theyvam…maha periyava. When I was leaving Chennai once and for all in 1993,I went seek his blessings.Peiyva ennai vilithu oru pazhutha mam pazham kuduthaar. Athu oru nalla sugunamaga en vazh naal muzhuvathum thodargirathu…Periya va kaladi saranam

  4. Dear Mahesh,
    Thanks for sharing details about your kshetradanam !. We feel blessed reading about the temples and seeing those pictures ! Many blessings to you !

  5. Dear Sri Maheshji

    Namaskarams… It is a great experience to read places around my home town from a holy and Blessed person like you.

    I am sure you might have visited Sankara Matam in Pudukottai and Oriental School too, where all our Sri Periyavas camped for long.

    Ilayathangudi is one of the holiest place for all our acharyas… One of our Guru Prampara’s Brindavanam is here. Sri Sundaresan Sir (a PG Mathematics Teachers, many Brilliant brains were produced by him) and Smt Meenkashi Madam (who was Tahsildhar at Pudukottai ) are maintaing the Adhistanam here.

    Sri Nothyakalyani Ambal here is a Vara Prasdhi at Ilaythangudi, one of the Koils for Chettiyars (For Brahmins, how we are identified by our Gothras, Chettiars or Nagarthars are identified by their Koils… How we avoid marriage in Sagothram – due to sister brother relationship, they also avoid marriage in people belong to same temple)…

    People of this belt walk to Palani from Pudukottai around during Panguni Uthiram as a Kannikkai during Peak Summer…

    Some of the people have written about Gokarneswarar Temple at Pudukottai. There is a Sunnai (Water Spring), it is said if you drop a lemon there we can get it at Palani Sunai…

    Lots to tell about richness of Divinity in Pudukottai and places around…

  6. Great. I am happy to read these great experiences and have Dharshan through Sri. Mahesh’s courtesy. All places I have never visited previously except Thiruvanaikovil. Maha Periyava Dharshan is so elevating on this Anusham Day! Thank you! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  7. i feel that i am really seeing these places when i read and see the temples are really great to take us to these temples now at our old age…thanks a lot…

  8. Eagerly awaiting to see your future postings with such devine experiences. We all feel the vibration in Periyava:s kadaksham. Thanks a lot.

  9. Mahesh- You are fortunate to visit these places. Unless you are blessed you cannot go to these places.

  10. Mahesh,

    For all the service you are doing, you are indeed blessed by Mahaperiyava. He has many plans for you.
    What devotion you must be having to visit India so often.
    Though in chennai, I am unable to go around TN even if wish to.
    write more about the temples and add photos where possible.
    God bless.

    thamizh chelvan

  11. Very homely description and was as if moved with you to those places. Thanq Mahesh. – Narayanan

  12. Mahesh ji you are one of the luckiest human beings on earth—– may MAHA PERYAVA ALWAYS BLESS YOU AND FAMILY

  13. thanks. Will visit the temple when visiting thiruvaiyaru

  14. Really amazing Periava Thiruvadi Saranam

  15. I expected more details on Avudayar Kovil…..relating to Manicka Vachagar.
    I was in Pudukottai on 25 and 26 and could not go to Kumara malai due to heat.
    Instead I visited Trikokarnam Royal temple worshipped by the Maharaja.
    The Ambikai Arul mighu Brahadambal is known also as ‘ARAI KASU AMMAN’
    If you lose any valuables pray to this Amman, keeping aside a jaggary piece and a coin….you are sure to get it back. We also went to Sadasiva Brahmendral shrine and Bhuvaneswari temple.
    We are eager to know about Tirupunna vasal..
    What we missed most was ….on 22 March evening we were told Mahesh ji
    was in Chennai attending felicitation to HH Sri Pudhu Periyava on His 60th
    Peetarohanam day. 2 meorable anugraha bhashanams by both the Acharyas.
    We heard the Bhashans but missed seeing Maheshji in the audience.

    vedanarayanan. and Kamala.

    • Avudayarkoil is near Arantangi which is in Tanjore dt. Here Kurundai is the sthala vruksham. Nariyai Pariyakkiya kathai if you ask any elders in your house they will tell you clearly and in detail. Rice aavi and bitterguard i.e. pakal vegetable are neivethyam for the lord. Architectural beauty is something unimaginable. I was covering that area from KKDI way back in 1968/69 but missed to visit MIMISAL for want of time, as I was on official tour to those places. Worth visiting when you get a chance. But spend more than an hour to enjoy the beauties of the silpas.

  16. Awesome !! Glad to know you had great darshan in all these great kshetrams. Pls do provide more info of the Thirupunavasal temple, at least can hear about it. Eagerly looking forward to Part 2 and the write up of the experiences. Hope Sri. Sivaraman Avl. Gets better soon. Listening to his questions and reactions when talking to devotees amplifies the Bhakthi in our hearts. May Periyava’s blessings be on you always to continue to share such stories.


  17. Dear sir
    In continuation, The link to vizhupuram where mahaperiyava was born now a veda patashala run by the srimatam

  18. Dear sir
    From what little I know if I am not mistaken I think mahaperiyava was born in villupuram.
    Eechangudi is his maternal grandfather s house now acquired by the srimatam

  19. There cannot be any disadvantage in reading this blog; on the other hand if one doesn’t read only that person is in a disadvantageous position. Sitting at USA you have mentally taken me to these temples. Please continue.

  20. very eager to visit those places.

  21. I am from thiruvaiyaru, now in Canada. Where is the Mahaperiyava temple, near ayyarappar temple? If you have street name, can you please share?

  22. Last week of March I have been to Thiruvanaikaval, had a nice Darsham almost we are there just 3ft away from karpagragham, drenched with blissful darshan

  23. very interesting…… should plan out a trip , with LORD’s blessings

  24. Blessed shankaraaaaaa.. If. I see you it will. Be mmy. Janmasapalyam. Mmahesaaaa

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