URGENT:: Vilvam needed for Periyavas at their RA Puram camp


Please note that vilvam for Lord Chandramouleeswarar archanai is urgently needed at Sri Matham Camp, R A Puram, Chennai. Their camp is at Lakshmi Kamakshi Temple, Geenways Road, RA Puram, Chennai.

Kindly bring leaves with the branches. The matham people will cut the branches properly and take the vilvam. Please treat this as urgent.

Once Mahaperiyava said, “The vilva leaves you all collect with great difficulty stays on my hand only for few seconds before it reaches Lord Chandramouleeswarar. All you acquire lot of punyams than me!”.

So let us spread the word and do a small service by getting good vilva leaves for the puja.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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    All – Please note that our Periyavas’ camp in Chennai needs vilvam…I am re-blogging the same post from last year…Please refer to this post https://mahaperiyavaa.wordpress.com/2016/03/29/sri-periyavas-chennai-vijayam/ for the address information.

  2. @mahesh
    Can we buy and give. I went yesterday and gave after buying it from near Kapaleeshwar temple.
    Or it must be plucked only from trees


  4. There is a vilva tree at my parents residence in Kamaraj avenue, 2nd St Adyar. Would anybody be able to get the branches as it is a very old tree planted by my grandparents. P,s call me at 98400 52622

  5. Dear Mahesh Ji,

    Maha Periva Charanam…Can you please add the address/venue so that it will ease when we further cascade to other devotees.

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