Mahaperiyava Jayanthi Invitation from Sri Pradosham mama gruham

As usual, grand invitation from Sri Bangaru Thottam, Kanchipuram for Jayanthi event. The incident about “chakrapani darshanam” is just amazing….

Please attend the event as part of your Kanchi visit and receive the blessings of Mahaswami.


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  1. Namaskaram
    We understand that Pradosham mama’s residence in CHENNAI also is visited by many devotees.
    Please share the address.we are in Nanganallur and would like to visit the house.
    Thanking in advance
    Seek Maha periyava anugraham

  2. All Paramacharya ‘s grace
    This year’s Bhuvaneswari Panchangam eagerly awaited

  3. Mahesh ji,
    Thanks for the posting. The moment I was reading the article ,I was in kanchipuram along with my sisters for a pilgrimage. Within half an hour I headed towards Pradosham Mama house.All of us had blessings in full.
    Only MahaPeriyavaa’s divine leelas. What else!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MahaPeriyavaa padam Saranam.

    • how do i contact Pradosham Mama please tell me.

      • Sri Pradosham mama attained siddhi few years back. However, you can visit his residence where there is a Periyava temple in Kanchipuram. Opp to collector’s office. Anyone in Kanchipuram can tell you this place…


      • Thank you so much for your reply , i really appreciate your help in this regard.

  4. What a surprise , I am reading the actual hard copy invitation just now and very same minute I have received this in
    my mail box

    Mahaperiyava Potri Potri

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