Four Don’ts from Periyava!

Sri Kumar (Vignesh Studios) is packed with Periyava related information! I had a good opportunity to travel with him for few hours and enjoyed listening to several interesting incidents…Thanks to him for sharing this with us…



Mahaperiyava had said that one should never do the following::

1. Change your guru – one can do namaskaram to other gurus but not padha puja.
2. Change the pundareekam (wearing viboothi, thiruman, gopi chandan etc) – we see so many people now switching to gopi chandan etc
3. Change the panchangam
4. Change aathu vaadhyar


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Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Answering the second point is the easiest since Sri Maha Periyava Himself has comprehensively (but briefly) explained this. Vedhas and shastras only approve bhasmam and there are elaborate ways of how one should prepare it and wear it. Sri Maha Periyava has permitted other forms only for traditional or heritage reasons: if one is smartha, yet comes from a family of wearing Gopi Chandan, then Sri Maha Periyava has encouraged those devotees to continue to honor their family traditions, as allowed in Shastras. Similarly, under Sri Vaishnava sampradhayam, whatever forms of Pundareekam are traditionally followed are consistent with one’s swadharma.

    However, one switching away from, say, wearing Vibhuthi to any other form does not have any vedhic or shastric approval, according to Sri Maha Periyava and several scholars have elaborated on this citing several parts of Vedhas and Upanishads.

    Who has insisted on sticking to our shastras more than Sri Maha Periyava?

  2. What is the reason behind not to change he Panchangam?May i request an explanation from scholars.

  3. I have people raising querry about this post on three don’ts from periyava and would like someone to kindly clarify this. The question raised is: “I did not understand the second point, can someone explain that”

  4. I am re posting the blog to my facebook page Kanchi Paramacharya- Mahaperiya

  5. On this I must say what I read in Sri Mahaaperiyavaa’s Deivaththin Kural [SDK]. Sri Periyavaa says we have many Gurus in our life starting from one’s own Mother! Then it is father, and so on. We are not supposed to sit in judgement of the conduct of our Guru(s). He says in so many words, if we are not happy with one Guru, we can switch over to some other Guru [I am open to correction on this. I am saying this from my memory of having read SDK (7 vols.) about 8 years back. Possible my reading has got clouded during the intervening period]. Therefore I would suggest people get it clarified from others who have read SDK and who have it still fresh in their memory or from others who may also have had the good fortune of serving Sri Periyavaa.

    • Of course the exception to the rule is one’s parents as Gurus.

    • sir i would like to respectfully disagree with you. Periyavaa never said that we can change guru if we are not happy. he even goes to the extent of saying that even if we first thought the guru is a good perspn and he later on turns out to be otherwise, we still have to stick with the guru. he reiterates again and again that “saranagathi is the most important thing in guru shishya relationship”..not the material knoweledge you will get out of guru.

  6. Did anyone ask why? I earnestly wish if someone can give a logical reasoning and explain why not? Is this to hold the people in the same cult together and pass it on generation after generation?

  7. Very useful to the present day world when moderns change everything thing!!!!

  8. Hara Hara Shankara, jaya Jaya Shankara!

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