His wife prayed to me – ask her not to worry!

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The year was 1986. Sri RamaNavami Utsavam was being held in Khar Road, a suburban area of Dadar, Mumbai.

I had gone to listen to the pravachana (exposition) alone. Within minutes after the pravachana started, I could not sit down properly. I had no idea of what went wrong with my health.

Encouraged by the thought that I will have co-passengers to help me (if anything went wrong), I boarded a bus back home. I had also kept in my shirt pocket a note containing my address and telephone number. I was reciting the Vishnu Sahasranamam.

As I alighted from the bus and walked home, I came across a doctor in our colony who asked me, “Are you not well?”

He took me inside immediately and checked my pulse. Then, with a frown of worry, he checked my blood pressure.

“The pressure is high. Do you have any problem of blood pressure, or of the heart?” he asked me.

“I haven’t experienced any such problem it seems to me,” I replied.

He said, “I shall come to your house after half an hour. Just lie down on the bed until then. If the pressure does not subside, we may need to admit you for an emergency.”

My wife Kamala opened the front door of our home. As the doctor who accompanied me conveyed the news to her, my wife prostrated to Sri Paramacharyaal’s picture with worry and started praying manifold, “Only you are my God. I do not know anything. Save my husband. It is your responsibility to save him. Only you I am depending on. Give me the bhiksa [of my mangalyam (wife’s holy pendant of marriage)].”

Half an hour later, the doctor came and checked me. He did not have the traces of worry in his face as before.

“No worry. The pressure has come down. But have bed rest. I shall see you in the morning.” His words were comforting. Again my wife prostrated to the picture of Periyavaa. I slept well during the night.

When the doctor checked me in the morning, he said with a smile, “The pressure is normal.” He advise me not to go to office for a week.

Later, a friend of mine who was a cardiologist visited my home and checked me thoroughly. “Everything is normal. No cause for worrying”, he declared.

A telephone call on the next day.

Pudukkottai Rajamma Maami’s daughter Smt. Rajeswari Mahesh came on the line. She said, “I had gone to Kaasi Hanuman Ghat to partake the Vasanta Navaratri Bhiksa Vandanam. Came home only today. When he gave me the prasadam to me, Sri Pudu Periyavaa gave a separate prasadam and said, ‘When you reach Bombay, give this prasadam at VedaNarayanan’s home. VedaNarayanan’s wife prayed to me. Ask her not to worry.’ With those words he closed his eyes, did prarthana and gave me the prasadam along with his anugraha.”

The day Sri Pudu Periyavar did anugraham of the prasadam and the day my wife prayed deeply before Periyavargal’s picture were identical! We understood the truth that Sri Maha Periyavaal and Sri Pudu Periyavaal were not different, but were one and the same.

author: A.S. VedaNarayanan, Model Colony, Pune
compiler: T.S. Kothandarama Sarma
book: Maha Periyaval – Darisana Anubhavangal

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  1. Thanks Sri Mahesh for posting this truly wonderful episode. We completely agree – Maha Periyava, Pudhu Periyava and Bala Periyava are one and the same. I remember watching a anugraham bashanam of Pudhu Periyava where he says that if Maha Periyava was Iccha Shakti, HE (Pudhu Periyava) is Kriya Shakthi – travelling tirelessly and relentlessly around the length and breadth of Bharat to propogate the teachings of Bhagadwadpaadal and Maha Periyava. HIS contributions to Vedic, Social, Temples and other causes is extraordinary. It is HIS extreme humility that HE attributes everything he has done to the Kataksham of his GURU – Maha Periyava.

  2. There are several such instances where Jagadguru Sri Pudhu Periyava has blessed devotees and cured incurable diseases, removed the greatest obstacles, saved devotees from life threatening situations, etc. The world knows very little about them. Just as when Lord Sri Rama lived He revealed His true divine self only to a handful of individuals, Jagadguru Sri Pudhu Periyava’s greatness and divinity are suppressed to most of the world. But, certainly, a small subset of Sri Matham devotees, as this great couple, are truly blessed to know about the true Parabhrama swaroopam of Sri Pudhu Periyava.
    Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara

    • I am narrating an incident I have experienced. I always keep in my purse a stamp size photo of H.H. Periyava, Pujya Sri. Jayendrasaraswathi Swamgal. In 2008 I was bed ridden with illness and was hospitalized in a reputed hospital in Chennai. I could not have a wink of sleep for many days. I had no appetite for food; not only this I could not swallow anything. The physician said that the medicines being administered would act only if I take some solid food. Since swallowing was difficult this was not possible. One day early morning, I had the sight of Periyava picture with the words inscribed on top in Tamil, “Bayappadaadhe,” meaning fear not. When I said this to my daughter who was attending on me she, asked” Appa. nee dhan thoongave illaiye,, eppadi idhu mudiyum?. Then I told her I just had a short snap and at that time this experience I had. Believe me, in a day or two everything was ok I was discharged the following week and I am now 82+. My friend a devotee of Kanchi Matam got me Kumkuma Prasadam on the same day I had this experience. Tell me am I not right in feeling Mahaperiyava, Periyava and Bala Periyava are all one and the very embodiment of Kanchi Kamakshi in human form to lead us on right path. Blessed we are.

  3. Very much Blessed to read about this incident. May Maha Periyava Bless everyone of us! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  4. Kamala & Vedanarayanan from Pune thank Sri Venkatesan Ramadurai for sending this episode at an appropriate time and Sri Mahesh for selecting $ publishing this so prominently with the attractive Maha Periyava Photo.in HIS characteristi blessings pose..in the Sage of Kanchi Column. We are so delighted and feel blessed.
    Yesterday was Rama Navami …and today SITA KALYANAM celebration in Khar Road Bombay where this incident took place…3 decades ago. Moreover, we just returned after participating in the Vasanta Navaratri Bhiksha vandanam in Chennai, RA Puram Kamakshi temple complex (on 23 March) where the Acharyas are camping. There were also
    special Poojas, Abhishekams to Devi Kamakshi, Adi Sankara and Maha Periyava Adhishtanam in the Sankara Matam Kanchi. on 22 March. The occasion also coincides with the Diomond Jubilee Peetarohanam of HH Sri Pudhu Periyvava on 22 March. We met Rajeswari’s daughter there and recalled our past association
    with her mother…and shared several other miracles….This incident occured 3 decades ago when I was in my 50s. Now my Sadabhishekam was celebrated by our children and relatives…my grand daughter’s wedding also was celebrated .
    We participated in the Group Bhiksha vandanam, as a THANKS GIVING and Prayers for continued blessings.
    After Smt Rajeswari Maheshwaran joined Sri Maha Periyava at Kailas Manasarovar, a few years ago, during Parikrama, the Bhiksha vandanam started by Pudukottai Rajamma mami is being ably conducted every year by Rajeswari’s sisters in Law….and other relatives and friends from Bangalore, Chennai and other places, lead by Smt Lalitha Sridharan. This is a uniq1ue occasion..and we are attracted every year to join this group Bhikshavandanam.
    Sri maha Periyava continues to bless us …through His Illustrious Deciples……
    Shishya Parampara.
    Our other close family members also have joined this group and continue to
    receive blessings and experience the miracles… We will reserve this for another
    occasion.. Once again thanks to Venkatesan Ramadurai and Sri Mahesh….
    for giving us the JOY. We feel blessed

    Kamala & Vedanarayanan Pune.

  5. Quite True; Maha Periyava, Pudhu Periyavah, Bala Periyava all one and the same – Pranams to them – Gurukrupa V Kalyanaraman Doha

    • Maha Periyava, Periyava and Bala Peiyava are not different. They are all Kanchi Kamakshi in Human Form to lead us on Right Path.


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