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The other day what HH Bala Periyava talked about HH Pudhu Periyava was like scratching the surface, in my opinion, due to lack of time. One would need days and months, volumes of books to talk about His tireless service to India both from social, religious and spiritual perspective. The word guru bakthi has been redefined by Him.

Our namaskarams to HH Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

Here is one flier given at the event yesterday:



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  1. like A B C and Nursery Rhymes in the manner, the then Britishers compiled….even the Telephone department (includes Telegraphs) had a method even after Independence, A for Abraham, B for Benjamin C for Charlie
    D for David….upto Z. It was recast as it is now…if you see the Telephone Directory..of yester years. If I am right, there is a revised Nursery Rhymes in
    Indian style. available in CDs. …Vedanarayanan. Pune.

  2. @ Sri N. Ramaswami Garu: While I admire such wonderful idea of pudu periva that ‘A’ for Arjuna… etc., I really feel bad of this country’s dirty politicians of yesteryears. No cultural values, no pride of ancient language (Samaskrutam), no mention in big way of our own country leaders who fought this country, were the pathetic situation of this country till yesterday. Hope this new Central Govt. should overcome these pitfalls and redirect this country’s youngsters towards regaining lost legacy of Sanatana Dharma.

    Regarding sidelining you and your other friend may please be ignored and continue you service to society in any other way, than worrying about this. After all, we are here to help others (human or animals), not for recognition. I am sorry, if my saying does not suit you.

  3. our PRANAMS to Guru

  4. yes people dont perhaps know the service of pudu periava. a simple example. it was sometime in late sixties or early seventies both periavas were camping at secunderabad in a place called swarajya press. we had started a small organisation called sankara bhaktha sabha( it is a different story that names of srinivasan or ramaswami are forgotten but another popular person;s name about that sabha has come and today the sabha has grown very well)and a small school near there in english medium. when i mentioned to pudu periava (well i have been spending my days with Him taking advantage of my school friendship,foolish!!!) He immediately with his usual laugh said ‘so rain rain go away’ london bridge is falling down’ humpty down came down rollingaaaa! dont give that book a for english….. i will tell you and he started telling a for Arjuna, b for Bhima………till z all meaningful book and we started with that book. of course no follow up and hence no idea of what is happening now!!!! that is how pudu periava did service unknown to anyone. May He bless us always.

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