Mahaperiyava video clipping in Vijay TV Darisanangal

Sleepless in Chennai! Watching Vijay TV Darisanangal along with my mother – her daily routine. They show all mahans – Bagawan Ramanar, Periyava, Baba etc. Although I have seen many of the clips of Periyava, there are more clips that I saw for the first time – Periyava walking on temple steps etc. Is there a way we can get the entire video clip of Periyava from this program? I searched in Youtube and couldn’t find…..

Please share the link or the possibilities of downloading this video clip alone….I would like to add it to our video library here…

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  1. Dear Mahesh, For the last few weeks we are not able to open this site. Can admins look at the problem please?? I checked with my neighbors and they also have similar issues. Thanks and regards. Vijayaraghavan Krishnan Oman Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 00:56:57 +0000 To:

  2. You can watch this video at 5.30am daily in vijay TV.

  3. Great video. Makes me to watch again and again.

  4. Requesting you to let us know the timings when these programs come on Vijay TV .

  5. I think the entire video available is only the sage of kanchi. Periavva never allowed photography
    Pusyperiava gave a complete lectures on Gita and t have seen someone video graphing it. But never heard what happened. Perhaps this was. In 1991 or so in oririkai or some small village.

  6. btw, i have somewhat better quality video that I can share separately

  7. I have the full Darisanam uploaded 8 months ago. There is some parts in the beginning couldn’t cut it

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