Book on Mahamagam and Mahaperiyava

Saw this on the recent Mambalam Talks. Called the number mentioned and some lady answered who had no idea about this book. It turned out that Mambalam Talks had mistakenly published a wrong phone number. It looks like a great book that brings out lot of incidents relevant to Kumbakonam Mahamagam. I am yet to find out where this book may be available – hopefully in Giri Traders! If anyone knows more details about the availability of this book, please write to me at


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  1. Please call +91 44 -4266 8005 , it is the office of Sri Surabhi Printers , they are in Lake View road ( 158/12 ) in West Mambalam , most of the books mentioned are with them for sale.
    I just called and checked with them .

  2. The Mahamaham Book is available at Surabhi Printers Station Road West Mambalam Chennai 600033

  3. Contacted Mambalam Takk and got writer’s number Mr Srinivasan and got the number of Mr Arunachalam and his store the Number is 42668005.
    Srinivasan was very happy about this site and told, he will browse, this site, so we all can expect some of the articles will be published in neighbourhood papers soon.

  4. This book should have been published by Sri.M.S Arunachalam Iyer of Bhavani Publications who used to do kainkaryam to Sri Matam. If there has been a reprint,it should be available in Bhavani Book Centre at Station Road ,West Mambalam or Surabhi Publications

    • Yes Sri Sundar,
      I have seen the books mentioned in article in new bhavani book center in station road mambalam next to SBI flats as well as in girl trading.
      Ganapathy book house in nanganallur can also get this if asked for.
      By Mahaswamy’s grace, my life was, is and will be greatly benefitted by those fantastic books mentioned by those great Mayans.

      Seeking the grace of Sri Mahaperiyavaa,
      Thanks and regards,
      P. Vijay

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