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  1. In 1987 or so Bala periyava went to Nepal with sri Jayendra saraswathi. Some rare photos at Nepal of Bala periyaval was published in Dinamalar deewali malar of 1987 or so.

    Some rare incidents of Maha periyaval was published before Maha swamigal mukthi in a magazine Gopura darsinam monthly issue . That was not yet published in a book form . That was written by RA. GANAPATHY only.

  2. Bala periyava poorvasrama photo was published in Dinamani kadir with a small one page write up. At that time his sanyasa name was sankaranandra saraswathi may be 1983 year. After some time his name was renamed as Sankara vijendra saraswathi.

    • Yes correct. I never understood the reason for change in name after sometime. Sri Pudu Periyava had said to our Chittappa ( a close sishya) ” Indha Peru innum nalladhunnu thoniththu”

      • Mahaperiyava has mentioned in one place. Once, Sanyasam (irrespective of Parampara) is given to anyone, they have no karma, no nama, Expect relation with Eswara, no other sarira bandham (Dega i.e. body) relation. All are treated one and the same Athma (only one) i.e. all are same i.e. sun light appearing though a hole in all houses are same. In fact, Eswarar is in all body (normal persons) ie. Athma Lingam (Spadiga Lingam) . But it is reflecting accoring to their Kamra (Masu i.e dirty). That is the reason Siidda Chuthi (clean mind) ie important. Body is itself a temple. God (Athma Lingam) is inside. We should keep it clean. When the well water, top layer, is clean, then ony the article inside can be seen, it can be taken out and clean. As long as the dust is around it, re-birth is confirmed. Instead of accumulating the dust on it, we should try to keep it clean. that is the reason, many persons are doing Manasiga Pooja. Now, you have started to find the reason. it will take you to the place i.e. utimate target is, to reach i.e. Eswara. I have written here to my knowledge only. However, I request others to explain more, to get knowledge.
        Mahaperiyava Charanam.


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