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  1. I couldn’t reach Periyava’s post since 15/3/15.HARA HARA SHANKARA! JAYA JAYA SHANKARA!Mrs. L.Arulalingam.

    Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2015 16:35:43 +0000 To: sivasiva_l@hotmail.com

    HI BLESSED BHUVANA! I’m highly worried as i didnot get any post of PERIYAVA since 15/3/15..Please let me know.

  3. சரணம் சரணம் எம் குருவே! நீர்

    வரணும் வரணும் எம் அகமே!

    தரணும் தரணும் உம் அருளே!

    தருணம் தருணம் இதுவல்லவோ!

  4. Mahesh Garu, what is that a gap of no significant incidents between 1966-1983 as per your given milestone chart? It’s amazes me.

  5. Dear Sri Mahesh


    Thanks a ton for posting this… Blessed to read and start the week on Somavara about Easwra…

    Whenever the dates of ‘Mukthi’ for the ‘ body’ dates of avathars like Sri Sri Maha Periyava or Sri Bagawan Ramana, tears rolls down on cheeks… May be we souls like me who are immortals, are not matured enough as we are looking the bodies as avathar purushas

    Praying at His Lotus feet for ‘Loka Kshemam’

    • Dear Sir,
      We are not that wrong in thinking that the avathar purushars are not their in body form. Since if they are holding their Body, we may try going to them in-case of requirement or like to talk to them etc. OK, Even that also happen only if his blessings are there. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara.

  6. Thanks a lot for the posting.

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