Three projects posted in periyavakaryam blog

As mentioned before, going forward, all projects/appeals will be posted in a separate blog ( I requested all those who are interested in these news update to register in the new blog also.

I just posted three projects/events – I have also provided the links under “Kainkaryam” menu item here.

Please read and provide your support.

Till more people subscribe, I will give these kind of FYI posts for a while.



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  1. Dear Sir, it is a wonderful experience reading mails on periyava. I have a big request. Somebody known to self is looking for help to educate her children studying in Sir Sivaswamy Kalalaya school. She has two children. Any such assistance will educate two children. You can pay for the same in the school name itself. Kindly check the details with the school for authentic informations. Students name B Niranjan IInd A section, B Haritha UKG. Schools name Sir Sivaswamy kalalaya Senior Secondary School. Mylapore Chennai 4 Would be grateful if you can assist. Regards,Renu Sekar

  2. Kindly send me more about mahaperiyava.

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