Experience With Sri Sivan Sar : By Smt Yogam

One more Sri Sivan Sar Special!!

பாக்யசாலிகளால் அறிந்து தரிசிக்கப்படுபவர் துறவி.

These are the Golden Words of Sri Sivan Sar in his book, Yenipadigalil Mandhargal…

Smt Yogam mami and her kids are truly Bhagiyasaaligal!. Being ardent devotees of Sri Maha Periyava, mami and her kids have been very fortunate to interact closely with Sri Sivan Sar on a daily basis.

“Sivan Periyava” – that is how mami calls Sri Sar. That shows her intensity of bhakthi towards Sri Sar…


Mami has done Padha Poojai to Sri Sar so many times… Sri Sar has kept HIS Padham (Holy Feet) on mami’s head! What a blessed soul she is! “Appadiye Jillunu Erundhudhu, Pani Kattiya Thalai-la Vecha madiri Erundhudhu” – says Mami… For a second, we are sure to get “frozen” hearing mami explaining her blessed moment!!!

Let’s all join Mami and listen to her experiences with Sri Sivan Sar.

We are “Bhagiyasaaligal” as well to know Sri Sar through His devotees! Heartfelt thanks to Sri Shivaraman for such treasurable videos.

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  1. Tell Mr. Sivaraman that I am getting this SAGE OF KANCHI on a daily basis and I read the same. The latest one reg. Sivaraman too.PERIYAPPA

  2. Good one. I know Mr. Sivaraman personally and spent forty days with him from 19th Jan. till the 2nd Mar. 2015 in Chennai.

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