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Few years back, I went to Boston to attend Maharudram. During a break before entering into the hall,we all are supposed to do achamanam. I was doing achamanam and suddenly heard someone talking to me. I looked back – he looked about 55+. He asked me, “achuthaya nama, ananthaya nama, govindaya nama….what comes after that?”. He couldn’t do achamanam – he went inside!! I was shocked! I said to myself “Thank god, I woke up when I was in 30s and learnt at least the basics”. This is not fictitious – happened for real.

I am sure that there are such folks everywhere….Whatever happened is happened – Periyava had said in multiple incidents that, “that’s ok – you did not do this in the past…at least start now…learn and stick to this”.  It is never late. Periyava all His life and current acharyas insist on doing this. Let us not worry about vedanta, upanishad, brahma sutra etc. We may not be blessed with all that in this janma..If we do our nithya karma, that would save us from going down any further and pulls us back and also lifts us. Lord Krishna says “I am the Gayathri of all matras”. Chanting gayathri mantra alone without sandhyavandhanam is also not correct. Let us learn and do things in the proper way….

Sri Sarma Sastrigal has been lot of great services with the blessings of Sri Kanchi Acharyas. He recently conducted Panchayathana Puja initiation to 100+ folks in Chennai, conducted tharpanam classes. Now he is doing Sandhyavandhanam class in April. Please sign up, spread the word.

Here is the link to treasure of information on “Sandhyavandhanam” by Sri Hari Ramasubbu.

Thanks mama for the email…

I will also write another post soon on Sri Prakash Kousik, who is another great person who has been dedicating his life to sanskrit and veda. He has been teaching basics in Mylapore area on the direction of HH Sri Balaperiyava to kids and elders.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara!





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  1. Dear Mahesh please pass the contact details of Shri Prakash Kousik. CONTACT DETAILS OF PRAKASH KOUSIK

  2. More Sarma Sasthrigals must come at different places ….not Chennai alone……make efforts to identify….his message must go down the lane…..Mahesh all the best…..!!

  3. Can we get to know how to do panchayathana pooja correctly ? Any blog

  4. Great sharing…. I recall such incidents in my life also. Pity, I still see such old generation people so many around me. Being younger, I never tried to talk to them. With the grace of Periva, I could manage to perform Sandhyavandanam every possible day (barring few days). May He give strength to me to do this until my last .breath.

  5. Thank you Mr. Mahesh. I just wanted to share with all of you that the veda dharma paripalana sabha has uploaded many vidoes of its upanyasams on YouTube. As a regular individual performing sandhya vandanam, im thrilled to learn great insights on sandhya vandanam as well as gayatri mahimai. There are at least 3 full videos dedicated for gayatri mahimai and another 2-3 other videos talking about acharam japam, niyta karma anushtanam.

    Just thought this was a good place to share this information, may be a repeat.

    Thank you.


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