Cruelty with no boundaries!!!

I saw these photos posted by Erode Ghosala in facebook…Shocked! Terribly shocked to see the level of cruelty that happens in front of our eyes….

These cows are being transported to Kerala for slaughtering….To prevent them from sleeping and falling down, hot chilies are stuffed inside their eyes!!!!!!!! Where is this world heading to?? Let these guys rot in hell forever…..

We chose Modiji as our PM and we sincerely hope that he does something on this soon!

Let Mahaperiyava save these cows somehow!




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  1. Really shocked to notice such a cruel behaviour. Unable to digest. God must punish those idiots in this birth itself with a similar punishment.

  2. In my opinion, we can take a small but a definitive step to pledge ourselves “Not to buy leather products”. I firmly believe this is one strong way of stopping this cruelty. I know lot more needs to be done, but “When the buying stops, killing will too”

  3. As rightly said at the beginning of this blog”Let Modiji do something on this” and “Periva to save somehow”

    we represent to Modiji through his well organised “PM India website Management Team” and the professionals there bring in all the statistics and research works to get the PM well informed.A single photo of helpless cows and and that of cow with the chilli thrust into its eyes are more than enough.So we bring it to the attention of the PM,what elders at home(most of the blog readers are) can do .For incidents of this gruesome nature,none,I hope would ask for supporting details.Acts against cruelty are there waiting for proper implementation.Veda to,the men who thrust chilli into the eyes of the cow,will not help

    In any representions/requests,numbers help

    We pray to Periva


    • Dear Mr.Mahesh,

      We are literally crying seeing these pictures. We ourselves can take some steps to prevent these types of cruel things. These things happen because of excessive desires the (so called) humans have.
      There are four Mothers Deha Matha, Veda Matha, Bhoo Matha and Go Matha.

      Let us not wait for the Government Act, but let us act immediately on this. PM has so many other things to concentrate, Periyava will definitely save these cows. But we have to take some steps and as well pray for the well-being of any animal. How many of us are ready to do this? If interested, kindly let me know, We will form a discussion group and try saving the beings that God has sent to the earth, for some purpose. Let us take efforts to save this, then Periyava will be happy and He will also help in sorting out this issue. If interested, you can mail me at

      In Service to all beings,

  4. Thanks for pouring support for this..I have a big favor to ask you all….Can I request some volunteers to come out with a very solid write-up of the current condition of cow-slaughtering in Tamilnadu and cow trafficking to Kerala? Please understand that this requires detailed knowledge in this space…So only those who have already done a good research on this topic may respond. Once we have a solid write-up with quotes from veda, Periyava, which district does more slaughtering, which district transports more cows to Kerala for slaughtering etc, we can formalize our appeal to TN govt, Kerala govt and center and see what we can do…I certainly would like to avoid reaching out to political leaders right away as they will have their own reasons either to divert us elsewhere…Let us keep them as our last option..I will also talk to some other folks who are probably not following this blog….Please email me your draft to

    In the meantime, if we have a list of ghosalas who are willing to take more cows (if they get support), please send me that list separately to me at….We need to fire all engines to address this situation….

    I will be in Chennai from mid-march to mid-april….Let me see if I can meet some people on this…



  5. 5:48 PM (18 hours ago)

    to supremecourt
    The Honourable Chief Justice of India


    I am Srinivasan Viswanathan,69 years male from Bangalore.May I request the honourable Chief Justice to spare a few minutes to view the photo in the link following, exhibiting the kind of cruelties inflicted upon innocent cows on their way to slaughter houses in Kerala.

    The photo tells all.These trucks can not but cross the check posts in state border and the authorities concerned are silent knower of the happenings

    May be it takes time for the Govt. to ban cow slaughter but at least the State may ensure comfortable passage for the cows before their heads are chopped off in the slaughter houses

    Kindly advise me,sir,on what action I may take on seeing such trucks who operate during night(as the photo shows)

    How a helpless solitary man can deal with such persons.Such cruel persons do not hesitate to chop anybody’s head who intervene

    I understand that the district magistrates and collectors are ever the presidents of the local SPCA’s

    With kind regards,sir


  6. Let all of us unite in Goseva. Mere lamenting will not help. Prosperity and Subhiksha will be there where cows are with out fear.If this is how we treat Gomaatha our nation can never become prosperous. No wonder inspite of huge food production almost 70% of our population is below poverty line. Let all of us act and do our bit for goseva . Cow is the basis of human welfare and Government is duty bound to protect cows. Let us all put pressure on the government.

  7. Viswa Hindu Parishad at

    Their affiliate,hindu helpline

    would give moral and physical support

    Sent details

  8. Jeeva karunyam is one of the pillars of our dharmam. We cannot produce even a blade of grass without the grace of paramatma. Go mata occupies a grand position in our belief and any word is only a euphemism if we describe the gory pictures.

    Having said this I would like to point out that our media keeps focusing on barbarity to stray dogs and other animals but hardly covers these ghastly sights. Another pillar of secularism of our country perhaps. Any vedic belief is to be perhaps stamped out and on its entrails we have to dance to claim that I have ensured secularism… sad to say the least.

    Hindu votes don’t count as we are hopelessly splintered. Once we unite and vote for certain changes Mulayam singh will come out with a tikka (tilak) in his forehead and trumpet Jai shriram. If we don’t make this happen in another four to five census time our future generations will be yelling Allahu Akbar…or Yesuva ennai kapatru..

    Hey Karunamoothy save us …

  9. Gho mathavai
    ghoramai himsipavarai pidikatume
    gho hathi dhoshame.

  10. Friends in chennai may kindly represent toDr.Tamilisai Sondarrajan in person to take up the matter with PM

    Smt. (Dr.) Tamilisai Soundararajan
    State President, BJP
    19, Vaidyaram Street,
    T. Nagar, Chennai-600017
    Email :

    Smt. (Dr.) Tamilisai Soundararajan
    No. 4, Logayya Naidu Colony,
    4th Cross Street Saligramam,
    Email :

    044-42049952 (Direct)
    Fax: 044-24321771


    • The mail is active.I should have added “Even Hitler did not do this in his concentration camps”

      Good(though unfortunate)plank to work on keeping 2016 Assembly elections in view.

  11. When we see truck loaded with cows,to whom we should contact like Phone Nos and e.mail

    • The local police station or the the concerned district collector who I believe is also the president of local SPCA along with the dist.magistrate.Please insist on the P.A.the emergency of the situation and your call to the local police,whether they responded or not

      • But they operate during nights(as the photo shows) when you and me are fast asleep.In one of the updates on Erode Gosalas in this blog,there was a mention how the volunteers tackled the heinous transporter and rescued the animals.They are the best people to advise us through these columns.Sri Mahesh please upload those updates,again

        They may skip the check posts and take different routes or have tea at the checkposts.Please do not volunteer alone

  12. Contacted Hindu Maha Sabha,at the local level and requested to make it a big issue for the dist/state authorities to step in.Will follow up.the link sent to them

  13. As done by Sri Balaji,sent the link to”interact with PM” for PM to see the photo.Words were not necessary,the picture tells for him to move and shed tears

  14. Really shocked! we should do something about this. Why this kind of cruelty? I am not able to contol my feelings and tear. India is heading towards something against Sanathana dharma.

  15. Importance of Gho Samrakshanam and the Current Status Quo. It is extremely critical that EVERYONE IS AWARE AND PARTICIPATE IN THIS GHO SEVA SO WE COULD AT LEAST SAVE SOME COWS IF NOT ALL.

    Ram Ram, Periyava Charanam

  16. Srinivasan a.k.a. Kunniyur Seenu
    11:40 PM (0 minutes ago)

    to collrerd, homesec,

    We are shocked to see the kind of cruelties to cattle that are on their way to slaughter,as seen in the photo in the above link

    Kindly intervene to stop these cruelties

    Thanking you and with regards



  17. Friends at Erode may meet the dist.collector,show the print out of the photo and ask what the SPCA/Police are doing-silent spectators and why are they silent and who has asked them to be silent?or what made them silent
    The Go sala may file a RTI APPLICATION regarding the no. of lorry loads of cattle that cross the checkposts and details of transporter to make a complaint to collector

    The Home Secretary,T.N. at may be mailed with the photo

    Department / Officer

    E-mail Address

    Collector, Erode
    collrerd @

  18. Can we appeal to those people to desist from slaughter and eat our revered Gow Matha atleast not to hurt our sentiments since we live in the same village, town, district, state and country; honour our feelings; May Periyava shower His mercy on those people and create good sense in them.

  19. query from VP Raman and for his/others info
    Prevention of cruelty to Animals of all kinds. For all SPCAs District Magistrates / Collectors are the ever sitting Presidents.
    All other office bearers are being elected among the members of the SPCA who are all animal lovers and from different walks of life.

    The SPCAs are supposed, through its machinery, to prosecute the persons who are utilizing and teasing the animals against to their normal health.

    The SPCA of Vellore District was formed during 1906. It got registered under Societies Act during 1931. Lawful office bearers were there for several years. The SPCAs in Tamil Nadu are having the obligation of enforcing the rules defined in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1890. And also the Madras Town Nuisance Act III of 1889. Besides several acts & rules promulgated by the Central / State Governments whenever required.

    • As per prescribed norms for transporting cattle, water and feed should be provided to them while in transit. But none of the trucks intercepted had followed this, Mr. Prasanna said. Another glaring violation is the absence of a certificate from a veterinarian before the cattle are transported from one place to another, he said.

      The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is the enforcing agency when it comes to stopping cruelty to animals. However, they face several challenges.

      G. Dowlath Khan, an inspector with SPCA for the past 33 years, said outdated legal provisions, the abysmally low fine amount and a shortage of inspectors had resulted in increased cruelty towards animals of late.

      While the inspectors at Chennai’s SPCA were relatively better off and drew decent salaries, the condition of those in districts is very poor. This was also one of the reasons for poor implementation of animal welfare laws in the State, Mr. Khan said.

  20. Shared this link in PM’s portal.

    PERIYAVAA will help us…no doubt..

  21. unimaginable cruelty.. it is apparent that people doing this have no compassion or love in their hearts.. God protect these innocent animals.

  22. Please dont post such graphic pictures.. 🙁 this is unbelievable.. people from our Bharatha Bhumi doing such things to the Cow ?! Can we send some joint (Signed) petition to Modi office about this ?

  23. Tears rolling down seeing this inhuman activity. Mahaperiyava kaapathungo. Karunai deivame save these cows.

  24. Very shocking to see this happening in India where cows are revered as sacred and worshiped all over India. I have registered in President;s secretariat helpline, created a PDF file with the images (as the site accepts only PDF files) and uploaded it. I have also registered in ‘Interact with PM’ –, posted the request. Let us all pray to Mahaperiyava to save these cows from this torture and cruel death. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  25. This is one photographic record. Have you seen some that have been loaded on youtube by some concerned people? Stuff of Nightmares!

    Millions of us feel anger and sorrow but feel helpless. So much of the traditions and cultural and civilizational structures and institutions of Sanathana Dharma are under systematic and multipronged attack by the alien religions, cultures, social, political, economic and juducial systems. All are defenses are also being eroded by the secular governments which we have had the misfortune to rule our country.

    I am giving here a link to a presentation that shows the plightbof our temples which used to once have goshaalas, among other things. Please see the presentation.

    I am also giving the link to another group of people who are fighting for control over what is ours.

    We all are aware of and agree that there is much mismanagement, corruption, misdemeanours, being perpetrated by our own people of our temples and Mathas. But it is for us to set them right. We do not require an outsider to do that, esp. a “secular”govt.

    If we can get all our big temples back to the position they were in, most of our problems such as gohathya, breaking up of communities, social evils, religious conversion, etc. will all get solved.



    • In continuation of my previous post, I have to state that I do not know anything more about the two organizations whose links I have given above, than that which I read on their sites. But on doing some searching, I am confused and troubled by the write ups and comments i found on people esp. one person connected to the Indiafacts site. These write ups are also by very respected and established people of our society. I do not know what to make of all this, other than that there are divisive forces at work within ourselves.

      May the Paramacharyal Eswaran guide us the right way.

  26. As Sadhujag said I requested Mercy Slaughtering though the Govt.does not have the courage to ban slaughtering

  27. the link repeated here:-

  28. Too shocking to see and read……is it happening in Bharat….
    BLUE CROSS/SPCA SHOULD ACT IMMEDIATELY….if one cannot save them, at least kill them humanely out of reverence and to avoid their being tortured in this manner…..may. The perpetrators of this horror fry for ever in the worst hell….

  29. As suggested,registered the grievance/request as a pained citizen of this Hindu country where I treat the cow as sacred.Shall follow with the ref of the registration no given.Usually we are sceptical but never mind
    You may lodge your request as a Hindu

    Request computer savvy friends to attach the photo to their grievance/request

  30. Dear Shri Mahesh,
    It is really shocking to see such cruelty to our cows, GOMATHA. In net I have checked a website or are taking complained regarding cruelty to animals. May be the inform can be sent to them with photos, urgently.

    • Sir, let’s stop ‘may be’ and ‘might be’ like line. Why you are not initiating…..?

      • Dear Sir,
        In the website they have asked certain Qs, Like where it has happened/happening and locations etc, which I don’t have the first hand information, That why I have asked Shri Mahesh himself to send the details, If he has more. Almost I was about to send the photo posted here to them.
        Thanking you.

  31. Start from your village level.No cow should be sold from your village for slaughter.Start Go salas in your village for old and infirm cows.Start with at least a cow.It is a movement of the hearts.Collect statistics from your village,who sells,who buys and at what cost

    The existing Go Salas are already loaded.We spend lakhs on temples in your village in the name of kuladeivam,but this a high priority.We may not be able to start Veda Patasalas in every village, though we wish.But Go Salas(old age homes for the cows,barren).Select a confidant/sincere person who may be old as the cow.You know how to plan and implement

    Sri.Kalyanaraman.Suggest to lodge request/Grievance to the president.Let all of us do immediately.Your request will be forwarded to the PM/SECRETARY/MINISTER.Don’t lose heart/confidence.spread word all around.The secretariat should be flooded with requests.Let us take this first step before so many miles to go

  33. shocked to see the cruelty to mother cows. Is it possible to make an appeal to the collector of the district? Whether local BJP supporters can raise a voice and talk to the district authorities?

  34. An email with your website hyperlink has been sent to PMO from my side for the kind consideration of Hon’ble PM. Let’s see the response. Meanwhile like minded people may do something with the following info.

    Smt. Anu Garg, Jt. Secy – Ph. 011-23793308 (PMO)
    Sh. B. V. R Subrahmanyam Jt. Secy – Ph. 011-23013024 (PMO)

    FAX Numbers (STD Code-011)

    South Block: 23016857, 23019545

    Parliament House: 23034200

    Let Periva come into PM’s dream for speedy action.


  35. Deeply Disturbed. Hey Ram. This is happening in country comprising of more than 80 % Hindus who worship Cow!!!!!!. Ready to share in social media and support organizations working for BAN ON COW SLAUGHTER


    Suggest all of us register our request with the president’s secretariat.Please use the above link to lodge request.It will be routed to the PM/concerned ministry.Request all you come across to lodge request

    Design request in 4000 words to help them.The Sec. may take two weeks to forward to the concerned

    It may work to create an awareness.No use to write Sri Rama Jayam or to do milk abhishegam thru cow’s horn to Lord Shiva unless we take some steps to ban cow slaughter

    Sorry if I had used any bad remarks

    Very much disturbed

  37. Ram Ram.

    Heart is burning after seeing this picture. I do not know what to do. How to forward this to Mr Modi and SPCA and how to prevent from happening ? I am deeply disturbed.

  38. Sir,
    Really shocked to see this cruelty. All of us can forward this to Mr.Modi PM to his web. and request to take remedial action urgently through SPCA.

  39. This is really height of atrocity and cruelty….. Extremely pained to know that such barbaric / aasuric beings exist in the very same Bhaarata varsha where the cow is to be revered as god. We need to book such cases under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act if possible or at least raise a voice and protest wherever we come across such instances….. Shall certainly support any action initiated to prevent this.

  40. Modi should declare cow as National animal or quit,
    1966 anti-cow slaughter agitation

    1966 anti-cow slaughter agitation was the agitation by Hindu organisations in 1966 to demand a ban on the slaughter of cows in India, as enshrined in the Directive Principles of State Policy in the Constitution of India. Among others, the Shankaracharya fasted for the cause. The agitation culminated in a massive demonstration outside Sansad Bhavan in New Delhi on 7 November 1966 (As per Hindu Panchang, Vikram Samvat, Kartik Shukla Ashtami, famously known as Gopashtami among Hindus ).
    The Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi did not accept the demand for a ban on cow slaughtering. Instead police fired on the peaceful rally, killing many Sadhus in the firing. The Home minister, Gulzarilal Nanda, resigned, taking responsibility for the administration’s failure to maintain law and order.

  41. heart is heavy to say any thing. feeling guilty of not doing any thing to prevent this type of atrocities. being inactive in this, some times I a feel I am part of this. Hence lost any dare to point finger seeing things like this. Require strong conviction to take up some seva. I sought the All mighty Mahaperiayva’s blessings.

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