122nd Jayanthi Celebration of Mahaperiyava @Varanasi

First invitation for 2015 Jayanthi! I got this email today and sharing it with you all….image

Sri GuruBhyoh Namah,

The effort by these dedicated Veda Pathis was started a few years ago and now it is being conducted every year in grand scale by the grace of HH Maha Periyava.

This year the Event Consists of the following from March 4th – March 12th . A Large Group of Vedic Scholars from all over India are invited for this event.

We  expect 60-70 Vaideekas to participate in this unique event in the Premises of Kanchi Kamakoti Temple ,Hanuman ghat ,Varanasi .


Event Include :
  • RigVeda –  Samhita Homa by Choicest Rig Vedis from all over India
  • Chatur Veda Parayanam
  • Sata Chandi Homam
  • Maha Rudram
  • Maha Periyaval Ganga Jal-Vihar Seva (Teppotsavam ) .


This year Maha Periavals 2 feet Vigraham has been made available exclusively for this purpose .

An Event of this magnitude requires our fullest support of Devotees. We have been fortunate to sponsor the cost of  Vaideekas Sambhavana for the last 4 years . I hope with your support we can make it happen this year too.

I urge all of you to open your hearts for this noble cause and donate generously to help make it event a success and be part of Veda Samrakshana Yegnam.

Please pass on this email to all your friends and relatives. Prasadams would be mailed to  your contact details by RSVP’ing the email.

Checks can be sent to the following address.

Checks Made Payable as follows :

USA :  Payable to 
1) Viswasankaran Kartick

Memo : Varanasi 122nd  Jayanthi Celebrations

4606 Zachary Lane ,
Sugar Land  ,TX ,77479


2) ATTN : Sekhar Dravid  Ghanapatigal.
Bank ACCT Name : V.Chandrasekhar Dravid
ACCT# : 258001001399832


May the blessing of Maha Periyava be  with you and your family always.

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  1. Dear Mahesh, Is it possible to get the email address? I have remitted some contribution to the bank account provided and would like to send a communication. Thanks! Maha Periyava Padham Charanam!!

  2. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! May Maha Periyava’s Blessings be on all of us! What is the significance of 1008 preceding Maha Periyava and Periyava’s Names in the invitation?

  3. With Mahaaperiyavaa’s grace I just remitted money to CUB’s Varanasi act. I am unable to find the email id to which I can send communication. Both the tel nos are not going through. Kindky elkt me have the email id. S.Viswanathan

  4. Mahesh’ s and Lakashmi Prasanna’s comments are fair. I agree that doing Veda parayanam and oubasanam should be done on a daily basis by grahasthas. But how many of us are doing? Maha Periyava Himself has asked us to make everyone in our families to do meditation daily. He also has said not to force anyone to do that and importantly asked us not to scold anyone for not doing. A time will come when others will take up. Have to wait for it. As an individual we have to take a lead role. Others will see us and follow sooner or later. It is best to lead by example and not preach. Children will grow seeing their parents. They don’t like to be ordered or taught. We are all His children. He lived His life for us to see.

    Similarly a time will come for all the Vaithigas to unite and do what Maha Periyava has taught us. He will take care of that and we need not worry about that. Doing big Yagas and Yagnas are beneficial for mankind. We need money to do that and let us not bring negative thoughts on that. We do these only for Logakshema as per His wish. It is upto us to contribute or not.

    I agree there are many events done in His name. To me all are good and for noble cause. I believe He will take care of Logakshema for which He has spent a century in our Holy land. Let us try to follow what little we can His teachings.


    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  5. Veda recitation rendered anywhere has so much vibration. The main purpose for a sect of people ( Brahmanas ) dedicated to Veda Paaraayana is for the welfare of others and when done in such a large scale with so much Vaideekas participation it definitely yields great result for the welfare of every body These events are not done for commercial purpose or to promote Vaideekas. It is done in Punya Bhoomi , in a very sacred place and on the eve of MAHAPERIYAVA JAYANTHI. It is a great opportunity for all of us to contribute what ever we can. Thanks for posting this.


  6. We all may have different experience with vaidheekas. However, we should not go to the extent of criticizing them. When we go to doctor’s office, we are completely at their mercy. Even though you have an appointment at 4 PM the doctor may see you at 5.30 PM – the lab may make you wait for another 30 mts – you are completely under their mercy. The doctor might come and and spend probably 5 mts and charge you Rs 200. We don’t say much there – because it is a life and death matter for us. When it comes to vaidheekas, things are seen differently. In fact vaidheekas can help you much more than a doctor. If we do not like a doctor, we move to on the next person. Same way, if we want to support, let us support. If not, just read this as an announcement and leave it there. The only reason I say is that let speaking ill of someone should affect you and that paapa will have its own effect. Let us leave the responsibility of measuring vaidheekas to Mahaperiyava.

    Hope my comments are fair.

  7. Sri Chidambaresa Iyer has written reasonably. Where is the need for so much ostentation in the name of Mahaperiyava, who embodied simplicity? He has himself said that such big events were not called for. It has become the fashion now to celebrate , by using the name of Periyava, such things which are not directly connected to his teaching., by collecting money from the devotees.

    While the Vaidikas should be respected, they must also deserve it by their conduct. Right from fixing muhurtam and conducting sraddha, they do things arbitrariy to suit their convenience.. Most of them do not recite all the mantras. Even the Ekadasarudram is not performed properly, as only 2-3 Vaiidikas are well versed in the mantras and others are collected for name’s sake. (I do not want to go into the motives.) 50 years ago, the family Sastrigal used to visit the house every day for a few days after an Upanayanam and teach the boys Sandhyavandanam properly. Now a days who does it?

    I can give many specific examples of group rivalries among Vaidikas also.. In Tiruvannamalai for instance, durng the Kartigai festival, it was the tradition to have chaturveda parayanam on all the festival days, started by a respected Pundit over 60 years ago. He had endowed his house for this purpose and it has been going on. Some years ago, someone started a second group. A year or two ago, a third group has started. It is the same families who have to support all. In what way it is justified? Why cannot the Vaidikas do it unitedly?

    I do not see any arrogance in what Sri Chidambaresa Iyer has written. Sri Vaideekadasan is free not to agree with him but it is not proper for him to call some one “Brahmana bandhu” which is an insult. Let him read Bhagavatam. All are only Brahmins in name now, Let us not blame each other but celebrate what is necessary without ostentation..


  8. To further add:

    It is NOT respected Vaidheekas who are at the mercy of so-called “Gruhasthas”, but it is the “Gruhasthas” who are and will always be at the mercy of Vaidheekas. It is only the Sripadathooli of Vaidheekas which can bestow “Gruhasthas” and their pitrus moksham.

    The sheer arrogance of one just because one gave a few rupees to a highly respected Vaidheeka to think that all the Vaidheekahs should behave only according to one’s whims is so appalling. It is Maha Thirupurasundari sametha Lord Chandramouleeswarar who feed all beings and the Vedhas protect these highly respected Vaidheekas. So, I would not worry about misinformed and misguided “Gruhasthas” not supporting Vaidheekas.

    As a matter of fact, Vaidheekas lived lives of much worse penury during Sri Maha Periyava’s young days – even carrying white men on their shoulders or grinding idly dough in a restaurant — but never gave up their daily nithya karmas or vaidheeka traditions. And today, because of Sri Maha Periyava and Sri Periyavaas’ decades long struggles, even their economic status in big cities has improved significantly relative to how they used to live in 50’s and 60’s.

    I presume it is only “brhamana bandhus” who are these so-called “Gruhasthas.” To set the matters right, even Vaidheekas must lead the lives of only “Gruhasthas”.

  9. As a “Gruhastha”, how am I qualified to preach the most respected Vaidheekas how to lead their lives? I have clearly given up my traditional “swadharmam” and am going after money till the last day of my life; and now I presume somehow to be qualified to preach the respected Vaidheekas — who have surrendered their entire lives to upholding Vaidheeka Dharmam at great personal cost and daily suffering — how they should lead their entire lives?

    Further, how does this Maha Periyava event anyway suggest that these respected Vaidheekas do not lead their lives according to prescribed Shastras?

    Moreover, even if a small subset of any group behaves in a manner that does not get my approval, that isolated behavior does not entitle me to paint the entire group with a highly biased brush?

    When I do not even do basic Sandhyavandam correctly and look for a million excuses not to my own swadharmam, I do have some temerity in wrongly accusing such highly respected Vaidheekas who have toiled against insurmountable odds all their lives to uphold the highest values and principles that Sri Kanchi Acharyas have espoused.

    Before I talk ill about any Vaidheekas, I would first examine calmly what qualifies me as an expert just because I know a few slokas and a few shooktams?

  10. Sir, My humble suggestion to ALL THE VEDA VIDWANS, is to initiate action to propagate Veda adhyayanam and adhyapanam (as our Mahaswami did all His life). and do daily Veda Parayanam before the God in a nearby temple (at least for half an hour), as their offering to Him. This will be more fruitful than endless discussion and show of Veda Sammelanam. Veda adhyayanam should include learning the six angas of the Vedas also. Acharya Sankara’s adesha is VEDO NITYAM ADHEEYATAAM, TADUDITAM  KARMAH SU ANUSHTEEYATAAM. If they are Brahmacharis, they must do the prescribed agni upasana daily. If they are gruhathas they must do daily  oupasana. as an EXAMPLE to other gruhathas. They must stop fleecing the gruhasthas, as they do now,  on every occasion. This action on the part of Veda Pandits, who come as Vadhyars, is condemned by all Gruhasthas, without exception. If they go at this rate, no grihasthas will  do the prescribed  Pitru karmas, on which the livelihood of these very same Veda Pandits depend.  Regards. S. Chidambaresa Iyer. 21 2 2015

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