Rare Transcript of Periyava’s Speech from 1933 – Paapa Punyam

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At times, I think why should i add a suffix “must-read”. Does that mean other articles are optional-reads?? Maybe I should stop doing this. However, when an article touches our heart; goes straight into our head; applies to us word by word ; presented so easily that even a layman can understand – I tend to do that…This is one of those articles where Periyava talks about Paapa Punyams….As Periyava said Parameswaran is an apaara karunamurthi as he has blessed us with good life, food, wealth etc in spite of all the paapams we do. Article after article I wonder “is there anyone in the world who can explain these things as simple yet powerful to us?” – Periyava Periyavaathaan!!!

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  1. The reading of the bodhana by maha periyava shows the right path. It is necessary for each one of us to live a meaningful pious life.


  2. “Must Reads” instill interest,sir

  3. Great. The Sanskrit shlokas are printed in bold letters giving happiness to read them also for people like me who are not expert in Sanskrit learning.

  4. PleAshe translate in to English for non Tamil readers. Thank you.bhanumathi yv

  5. Nice Post. Page number 50 is blurred and its hard to read page no 50. If possible could you please post a better image of page number 50. Thank you!!!

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