Hi-resolution picture of Shiva Parivar

Shiva Kudumbam 27012015

I have received quite a few emails asking for high resolution image of Shiva Parivar for printing. Umesh had sent this earlier but I got too busy to post 🙂 (The above picture is not the same as the link provided below).

Here it is… I printed it, framed it and it is now a beautiful addition to my puja room….

Click here to download this – remember this is a 45 MB file!!!

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  1. I got your earlier version of siva parivar and got it printed n framed for my puja room

    I shall be pleased if you can send a picture of KANCHI MAHAPERIAVA to adorn my puja room


    • Please click on Periyava Photos and you will find 1000s of photos of Periyava….You can pick and choose whatever you want..


      • Dear Sir, I was trying to download the high resolution picture of the Shiva Parivar, but unfortunately get an error message stating that the file does not exist. I was wondering if you would kindly be able to reshare this beautiful picture.

        best regards,


      • Pl.share your email id

      • Dear Sir, my email id is sugan.1978@gmail.com

        Best regards,


      • Om Namah Shivaya!!

        Dear Sir,

        I Came across your page while searching for Shiva kudumbam photos. Your write up had been a very informative one on the detailing and the painting is outstanding. I tried downloading by clicking on the link , but unfortunately an error message showed that the link doesnt exist. Will you be kind to share the foto, so that i can adorn my puja room with the masterpiece.
        sreelakshmi3412@gmail.com this is my email id.

        Thank you !

      • check that link now – I just fixed – should work.

  2. Thank you Mahesh n Umesh for such a wonderful painting. ! I’ve been recently searching for the story of “pinakin ” n the how it is described , Can u pls help me out with this ?
    email: pinakin_ent@yahoo.in

  3. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Divine!

  4. Thanks Mahesh for sharing this. Maha Periyava Padham Charanam!!!

  5. Great. thank you very much. this is very very fantastic. No word to express.

    However i have given a suggestion, I request you please consider. Suggestion was –

    Since we are taking this to present generation & future generations, I have felt that we would have taken it to Kanchi Gurus’ blessings. In the past, when one of my known persons had drawn a picture of Lord Ganapathy and showed it to Bala Periyava. First, he has appreciated. Immeditately, he has said, you have forgotten to wear poonal for Ganapathy, which is very important. He has advised to modify accordingly. Here, for both Ganapathy & Subramaniyar.

    Here also, this is very very fantastic. No word to express.

    In the “Deepam TV” everyday in the morning they are showing different Ganapathy pictures. In between one of the pictures, Ganapathy is wearing the poonal in the form of “Praseenaam” i.e. from right to left. in this connection i have wrtten to them also, but they are not changing it. Common people will get confused.

    Similarly, in many places (not here), they draw Ambal is in the right side of Paramathma i.e. Prameswaran. Only Jeewathma will have wife in right side.

    This is only suggestion. It is better to get blessings from our Acharyas’. We can get it (blessings) done through somebody, by mail also. It is our duty to understand & follow each and everything, as advised by Sri Adi Sankarar & Sri. Mahaperiyava. Wherever we have little confusion we can take the present Kanchi Acharyars’ advices.
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    • Sri Mohan, you are spot on regarding the requirement of a Yagnyopaveetam (Poonal) across the chest of Sri Parameshwara, Sri Mahaganapathy and Sri Subramanya!

      And of course the picture should be shown to our Guru Peetam because they see what we don’t see [as you have already mentioned].

      Or else this picture is tatroopam oozing with Divinity.

      • good catch….umesh saw these comments. he is going to make to changes…thanks for the feedback….

      • ON SECOND THOUGHTS: This is a tricky issue. Kindly make it doubly sure before the picture is “touched”. See, Poonal is meant only for those obliged with Karma and discharge of debt to — Deva-Rishi-Pitru. Sri Mahadeva’s family has no such binding. THEREFORE PLEASE CHECK WITH THE AACHARYA PEETAM!

        I received an indirect message yesterday which I take as a kind of asariri valku. Someone tweeted me yesterday that given a chance we might put a poonal on an ant too! That set me thinking, and the SECOND THOUGHT above is its fruit!

      • If you do not mind, please consider the following also, while modifying along with Poonal :- to include somewhere small Mahavishnu, as this is for Panchayathana puja. Also include a Mani (bell), Valamburi Changu, Oil Lamp, Dhoopam, Deepam, Naivedhyam – Prasadam (Vetrila Pakku, 2 Banana), Karpooram. Vilve Mala for Prameswaran, Arugambul Mala for Ganapathi. Small Shivalingam in the heart of Parameswarar.

      • This drawing is exactly what the dhyana slokam says. There is no reference to Mahavishnu in that slokam. All other things you mentioned, dhoopa/deepam etc are optional….


    • Thank you. Periyava Charanam.


  1. सावन के इस पवित्र महीने में 'शिव परिवार' के सुखद दर्शन कीजिये ..!! - ViralShastra

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