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Dear US readers,

As you all know, through the blog, we have been supporting veda and gho samrakshanam for the past few years. I have been doing this service along with you, in a personal level. While we were able to achieve certain objectives, a lack of proper organization had caused some operational issues – primarily for you – you were not able to do tax deduction on your contributions. This is important particularly if you are contributing anything more than few hundreds of dollars.

With the blessings of Kanchi Acharyas, we have received IRS’  non-profit status for Kanchi Guruparampara Foundation (KGF). On an auspicious day like today (Mahashivarathiri), we would like to share this with you all. Please visit ( to know more.

The intended focus for this continues to be on the three specific areas:

  • Supporting vedic education
  • Preventing cow slaughters by supporting cow-adoption
  • Support renovation of dilapidated temples

One of the miracles that happened in the process of getting the approval is that it took just 7 days to this organization approved by IRS. So far in my life, I have only heard it takes at least six months to one year for approval! I think ummachi thatha knows that I am too impatient and can’t wait for a long time – so He made this approval come through quickly.

I am excited. I am sure Periyava will give us all motivation and direction to continue our satsang through this blog and do these kainkaryams without losing focus. Through this organization, let us join hands to support these noble causes. Please spread the word to your friends and ask them to join this cause.

Please stay tuned for more news on approvals and other updates.

Om Nama Shivaya!

Mahaperiyava Paadham Potri!


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  1. Mahaperiyava charanam,

    I want to donate to Kanchi Foundation group , can you share account No & details where I can transfer aount

  2. Hi Mahesh
    I am Narayanan here and sent a msg to be passed on to you through Saraswathi Thyagarajan.

    We share common interest of stopping cow slaughter but there are other side issues which also needs to be tackled. If you can share your email ID we can discuss this in detail.


    Surya Narayanan

  3. Mahesh That is really a great initiative and may god and mahaperiavaa bless you.Pls let me know if i can be of any small help to you

  4. You are very lucky that you are in US and approached US Govt for this approval. I was associated with sri Guruvayoorappan Asthika samajam, Nanganllur, Chennai,600 061 for a lomg time . When I was secretary of this organization I wanted to get Income Tax exemption for donations from Public . It took several years to get it . However we did not get it in the normal way . One Income tax commissioner at madras used his power and got !0 (23 )( C ) only initially and later after several years of approaching we got 80 (G) exemption . The donor can claim only 50 % of the donation from Taxes.

    See what a difference between secular India and foreign Govt .



  5. Dear Sri Maheshji,
    Praying to Sri Mahaswamy to usher all health, happiness and support in this divine kaimkaryam.
    I have forwarded the Agneeswarar temple related details ( near Thirukkazhukkundram ) – which I got in the 7th Annual Hindu Spiritual & Service fair @ Jain college, Meenambakkam.
    Please can you forward the concerned trust to Sri Mahalakshmi mami for help.

    Seeking Sri Mahaperiyavaa’s grace,

    P. Vijay

  6. great initiative and the Divine mercy of Periyava will certainly shower immensely on your efforts far and wide. I would be glad to contribute in my own humble way for the noble cause, Sir

  7. Please create an Amazon affiliate ID in US, UK, India etc. And publish the link with affiliate tag here. Folks who buy normally can use it buy. Churches, NGOs, schools, colleges including MIT etc. use this method. Will be good indirect donation method

  8. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve. I will start contributing from today onwards through PayPal as your website mentions. Please do let me know if I can be of any other service to maha periyava. I am very much interested in adopting a cow and pay for maintenance every month to take care of food, health etc. Please do let me know if there is such an opportunity.

  9. Sir, It ia a pleasure to note that an organisation has been born , based in the US,  in respect of Veda Samrakshanam, Go Vardhanam and for undertaking repairs to many dilapidated temples in India and restoring their sanctity, by Kumbhabhishekam or samprokashanam, as necessary. I am glad that you thought of a joint effort in this regard, for planning and execution. In this, you are in the same page as Kanchi Acharyas. Perhaps some of you, say two of you could possibly visit Kanchi in the coming weeks and formulate your plans in this matter. The road is long, and needs many players to achieve a tangible result. It would be necessary to form three distinct groups, one each for the three projects you have taken up. These groups will focus on their own projects for best results.For Vedas, it would be necessary to adhere to the time-honoured system, and not deviate from it in any measure. it would also be necessary not to stop with the samhita portion alone, or with the prayoga aspects only. There are six ‘angas’ for the Veda and they have to be kept in mind, in making the Adhyayana schedule.For Go vardhanam the Indian Jain community will be helpful. Those of them, and Marwaris,  who are in the US could also be approached For temple renovation, the temple tanks also, have to be included, as they form the cardinal parts of the temples.The objective is: Each temple will have two cows and calves, and Veda Parayanam for at least half an hour by two Pandits.There will be one Archaka/ Bhattar, exclusively for that temple. If Kanchi Guru Parampara Foundation, could supply me with their e-mail IDs, I can associate myself from here in a manner, that is possible by me.My Phone no : 91-44- 2621 4105; Mob : + 91 95000 10067S.Chidambaresa Iyer. <sankarachidambaram@yahoo.com17 2 2015

  10. All the best,Mahesh

  11. dear Mahesh, With the blessing of MAHASWAMIGAL your venture will flourish like kalpakaviruksham and will help the revival of sanadhanadharmam in this karmaboomi.To start such types of activities, all days are good and auspicious.k.narayanaswamy,tiruchy

    Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2015 03:36:21 +0000 To:

  12. very good news. good.congrats .compliments to you and team.

  13. Dear Mahesh
    I am in the UK please include UK devotees also.

  14. Great News Mahesh to hear on Maha Shivarathri!! Maha Periyava Thiruvadi Charanam!!!

  15. Is it possible to have an Indian arm to this foundation? Folks like us at India would also like to contribute to these initiatives

  16. மகா சிவராத்திக்கு ஒரு புண்ணிய காரியம் பண்ண சந்தோஷம் நான் அனுப்ப முடிந்த சிறு தொகை
    வாழ்க உங்கள் தொண்டு .
    அனந்த கிருஷ்ணன்

  17. Not only in this, Ummachi thatha will be always with you in all your efforts and bless us all.

  18. Wonderful news Sri Mahesh. Very happy to read this and our best wishes to you. I am sure Periyavas are with you and you are really blessed. Will be happy to get involved in any which way possible. I am staying in West Mambalam, Jubilee Road. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

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