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Today is probably one of my happiest days because of this video. Almost 2  years back Shivaraman gave me this video also along with others. I asked him if I can post this. He asked me to wait as that is when this blog was starting to post Periyava videos. I vaguely remember asking him again after few months….He suggested to wait again. After a while, I lost this video – I searched all my hard drives but couldn’t find anywhere – till now! I finally gave up. Today, to my delight, the video is brought out by Mahaperiyava.org team today! Thanks folks..It only tells me that Sir did not want me to do this!

Isn’t it a blessing to see a mahan in its most simple shape and form – lot contradicting to His brother…Thatha ummachi is all about acharam etc – so far, none has touched Him (except for doctors etc). Here we see devotees touching Him – what a baghyam!!

In this video, He says, “The namaskaram what you do for Me now is taken by HIM (Sri MahaPeriyava) as if it was done to HIM”…

Same thing on Sri Rajaji’s farewell speech and Mahaperiyava’s reply to Sri Rajaji..Sri Simpson Vaitha mama gave me this few years back and I had it for a long time and lost this during my laptop crash…I spent lot of money to recover files but couldn’t find this one!!!..Only when you listen to Rajaji’s speech (quite candid and humorous too!) you will enjoy Periyava’s reply to that…Hopefully I will find those speeches one day!

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  1. Enakku Sivan sar yarunnu theriyadhu.Nnaan trichile kandha Sashti vizhvil Muruga Perumanai foto eddukkumpothu kannule flash adichdu. Aanal fotovil Vanthathu sivansar.sivan sar padhamegathi.charanam guru.

  2. Sivan Sar, ungala paaka periyava paakara maariye irukku. Pranams to you Sir

  3. There is no Adhishtanam for Sivan Sar. He is a Saint but lived as an ordinary person. He was cremated after His Siddhi. One can attend Sivan Sar Jayanthi and Aradhana functions conducted by Sivan Sar Devotees under Siva Saagaram Trust and get Sivan Sar’s Blessings. There are also live webcasts and You Tube uploads of the functions. Today, 25th March 2016 Sivan Sar Aradhana is being webcast live by Swastik TV and kalakendra.com May Sivan Sar Bless us all! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  4. Hi ..
    Can anyone tel me where is the jeeva samadhi of Sivan sir?

    • Dear Sir,
      Namaskaram.Jaya Jaya Sankara hara Hara Sankara I want to have the darshan of Sivan Sars adishtanam.Kindly provide the address please

  5. my swami , guru and God always used to say “i keep narayanan in my heart always” who will say like this . How fortunate, blessed I am to get into his heart. That melting kindness , consolation, sometimes advices that he used to give. Of what worth anything else is in this world, compared to being near him ,near his feet.I always feel he is near me , but yet where I cannot know him consciously. I do not know how to connect to him in his world. To me he is swami , Lord Shiva himself as he himself has said on occasions whenever .I pray at shiva temple for pradhosham. He used to say, narayana , you can either go to the shiva temple or come to me, it is the same. After some time, most of the days ,I used to be at his feet during pradhosham and I could get the blessings.of Lord Shiva himself I feel maybe I will not have another birth but if I do have one, I want to be at his feet , with him to serve him

    Om Namah sivaya

  6. Indru naan perum pakiyam saithullen. Sivan Sir engalai kapparattum. Guruve Saranam.

  7. Very Blessed People! Sivan Sar’s Voice feebly heard. Cannot decipher that.Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya shankara! May Maha Periyava and Sivan Sar shower Their Blessings on all of us!

  8. Very very excellent & rare video

  9. Any idea how did the name ‘Sivan Sir’ come about ?

  10. Thank you for the video. That was Padma Subramaniam along with her brother Balakrishnan, her sister-in-law Shyamala and nephew Kannan in the video.

  11. Thank you for this video and blessings from Periyavaa and Sivan Sar.
    This is in deed a special day for us all.
    Chandrasekar VENKATARAMAN

  12. Awesome!!! :))) Very glad to see this video!! Super..!!! Thank you v. much!!

  13. Dear Sri Maheshji
    Adiyen has a small request which came to mind while having dharshan of sir.
    Sir was very fond of plants and there is a medical plants nursery run in his name.
    Why not we make such medicinal nandavana kaimkaryam at all major paadal Petra Shiva sthalams.
    The best place to start I believe is Sri Hrudayaaleeswarar temple at Thiruninravur.
    This is the temple built by pallava raja for poosalaar nayanaar whom Sri Mahaswamy often quotes as the best example of Siva bhakthi.
    That temple has such a vibration you will be mesmerized.
    The murals are in such great condition and there is space for garden with lots of Vilva trees.
    I think Sri Poosalar himself had written down how the nandavanam should be made.
    I am having a similar plan on the lines of the 10 native fragnant flowers mentioned by Sri Periyaazhwar for the Sri Yeri Kaththa Tamar temple at Thirunindravur. Praying for Perumal and Mahaswamy’s help in getting strength to see the dream come true.

    Thanks and regards,
    P. Vijay

    • Very good effort. I read in some newspapers a few months ago, that the Yeri Katha Ramar Temple in Madhuranthakam (This is the place where Sri Ramanujacharya got Sanyasa Diksha) – remains locked without pooja due to lack of Archakars.

      • Maduraanthagam is the place where Sri Ramanuja got MANTRAUPADESA PANCH SAMSKARA. SANYASA ST KANCHI

  14. Heartful Thanks for uploading this video. Sathguru Charanam

  15. Sir Really superb Sivan Sir naa enakku yaarunne ivalo naal theiryaadhu aanaa ippo avara indha video la paakkum bozhudhu appadiye Mahaperiyavaala paakkara maadhiriye irukku adhuvum avara close up shot la paakkumbodhu nijamaave mei silirkkiradhu ullukkulla ennamo oru inampuriyaadha sandhosham oru bhakthi erpadugiradhu. Thank you so much for sharing this video

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