Om Sri Saiva-Vaishnavaathi Maanyaya Namaha

Shri Raghava Bhattar,was a staunch Vaishnavite. He was native of Srirangam, a friend of Allur Sri Viswanatha Sivachariar. He worked on Periyava’s orders and also has been a devotee who frequently visit Periyava’s camp.

Periyava at that time conveyed an “Agama Sadas” at Elayathangudi. Allur Sivachariar has invited Sri Raghava Bhattar to attend the ‘sadas’. Shri Bhattar told that “Sankaracharya Swamigal is a Saiva Mathadhipathi and that as a vaishnavite, what do i do there??”

Periyava was of the opinion that Archakas should have good and sound knowledge of Agama Saastras. With this view in mind, Allur Patasalai was started by Allur Sri Viswanatha Sivachariar. It is a Veda Saiva Agama Patasalai in Allur with specific instructions & of course, the Blessings of Periyava. Periyava asked Allur Aivachariar to be the in-charge of that institution.

In the past few decades, hundreds of students had come out of the Patasalai fully trained and well versed in Agama Sastram. The students of this Patasalai are serving in various temples of South India, Bombay and Delhi, Singapore, Malaysia and U.S.A. they have brought glory and grace, name and fame to the Patasalai. Allur Sivachariar always thank Periyava for the personal care in running it. With such close interactions & patronage from the mutt, Allur Sivachariar was bit speechless to hear the view of his friend Sri Raghava Bhattar..All he could do is to insist him to come & witness the ‘sadas’ at Elayathangudi. After some delibration, Bhattar has agreed.

It was a historic moment in the history of Tamilnadu (or even India, as such cultural heritage indices were either lost or mingled into the Mughal’s style). It was a gathering called “Vyasa-Bharatha-Agama-Silpa-Kalaa-Sadas”.

It was called by the order of Periyava. It was so historic that it has become a ‘gold-standard’ for convening the cultural conglomeration ever since it began.  Even Government has begun to support , looking at the span it covers in the society: Village-Pujari, Koothu-Player (Baaratha-Story-teller), Villu-paattu, Sirpi (Sculptor), Gurukkal, Bhattar & others. Even the so called Dravidian goverments do conduct a fringe version as ‘Tamizhar-kalai-vizha’ or something like that. Bhattar should have been stunned with such a spectacular conglomeration including several Vaishnavites.

Sri Raghava Bhattar was moving around. When Bhattar was near Periyava, he used to feel so lightly for unknown reasons. No feeling of alienation. Once Bhattar heard Periyava was uttering the nama, “Narayana… Narayana…”. That’s it! He couldn’t withstand the bhakthi with which it was uttered. In Gita, Lord Krishna lists few exemplaries like…”I’m ‘margazhi’ among the months!”

In which Lord lists himself by saying, “I’m Lord Shiva among the Vaishnavites!” Here, Bhattar has seen.. No! Realized what Lord Krishna said as whom he was among the Vaishnavite! He has become a rare Vaishnavite who could really understand those phrases of Lord Krishna…

These words uttered by Periyava, just couple in number but simply brought about a tremendous transformation and marvelous metamorphosis in Bhattar’s attitude. From that moment onwards , Bhattar became a transformed man. Periyava explained at length that both Saivism and Vaishnavism lead to God.

Periyava, “Only we have differences. Those who created ‘Sastras’ have done it with ‘Vivekam’ – without any differences” and quoted few examples.

Allur Sri Viswanatha Sivachariar has missed few of the Sadas in the later years but Bhattar missed none!

Allur Sri Viswanatha Sivachariar says, “Periyava never performed miracles to exhibit His powers. Yet there are several instances of miracles, the happy fruits of which have been experienced by devotees. Periyava only wish to see a simile on the faces of the suffering multitudes”. (So that that jeeva will adhere to dharma)

“May Periyava (Almighty) shower His…blessings on humanity so that peace and tranquility, hope and cheer may prevail in a world torn by strife and turmoil, disunity and discord”.

Article Courtesy: Shri Shivaraman

Here is the link for one more article on the same topic – every time I read this, I will have tears in my eyes! Amazing incident – One of my most favorites! What a fortune that we have Periyava with us!!

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  1. Om Nama Shivaaya! Om Namo NarayaNaaya! Maha PeriyavaL ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Achutha Anantha Govinda!

  2. The incidence brings out clearly how Mahaa Periavaa rekindled the faith and love in Bharrar. Truly Vaishnavism and Saivism do come to a one fact of Supreme God who is above all. These differences surface at grass root level and not at deep root level.Lots of Love.Muraliji

  3. Namaskarams Sri Mahesh. Can you please provide the link for the other article mentioned in your posting.thanks

  4. I beg to differ from the author of this article on one information. In the Gita , Bhagavan Krishna says , “I am shankara among the Rudras and not among the vaishnavites as mentioned in the article.

  5. Instead of withdrawing Himself into
    Himself, and enjoy bliss for ever, our Mahaperiava as a Jagatguru in the true sense of the term rekindled our Vedic treasures in the minds of the younger generation. He is the true guardian of our Vedic treasure.It will be great and timely if other Acharyas follow him now.

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