Anugraham to His own thaayaar; Sri Sivan Sir’s Swaroopam


I have not heard this incident before. What an amazing incident that He did anugraham to His own thaayaar! Also it is evident that Sivan Sir is none other another swaroopam of Sri Mahaperiyava Himself.

Only now, I realized that I do not have a good photo of His poorvashrama parents. Can someone send me a good resolution photos of those divine parents?

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  1. MahaPeriyava Padma Padham Charanam Saranam
    Sivan Sir padma Padhama Charanam Saranam

    Very glad part of this blog — I am so blessed to read this than anything else.

  2. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  3. Beautiful! Mahesh and other devotees, I read this absolutely amazing (aren’t they all?) Periyava story, will bring tears to your eyes and gives us all hope:


      R.S. Ravichandran, Bengaluru

  4. Shri Shri Shri MahaPeriyava’s prowess

    Due to the immense grace of Lord Parameshwara, Shri Shri Shri MahaPeriyava kept the Vedas flourishing, is ensuring the welfare of the people of this world and is keeping them peaceful and happy – all this by playing the role of a simple Sanyasi and keeping His true identity of a Suka BrahmaRishi under wraps

    Thrilling episodes of great Anugrahams

    When I began to write about the greatness of MahaPeriyava, I got a phone call from Kanchipuram. I was informed that on MahaPeriyava Jayanthi day, a Poorvashramam relative of MahaPeriyavva had come to Bangaru Amman Thottam Periyava Kovil. I was also informed that he told a story about Periyava’s greatness which was simply incredible and that I was to go to the address in Pallavaram, meet him and get more details

    It was the abundant grace of MahaPeriyava which brought about this task of writing about the divine miracle. It was the same grace which made me go and meet that devotee the same evening.

    When I went to the place, I realized that it was a very ordinary looking house. The details were provided by Shri Vaidyanatha Sharma who was the grandson of the Poorvashrama maternal uncle of Shri Shri Shri MahaPeriyavva

    First, he made a supplication in Telugu in front of MahaPeriyava’s photo as though He were really present there. Later, he began to relate the amazing experience of his grandfather and MahaPeriyava’s poorvashrama ‘Chinna Mama’ – Shri Ichangudi Subramanya Sastrigal.

    Mahalakshi Thayaar who gave birth to a Sarveshwara called MahaPeriyava was doing all the service to her bed ridden husband Subramanya Sastrigal even though her eyesight was diminishing.

    Her husband’s health was very bad and she began to get a desire that she should pass away as a Sumangali before her husband. She could not go and place her grievance before MahaPeriyava at Whose Feet the entire world came and placed its complaints and grievances. It was forbidden by Dharma.

    Since it was against Sanyasa Dharma for mothers to go and take Darshan of Sanyasis who had given up everything, that mother sent her youngest brother Ichangudi Subramanya Sastrigal with this request.

    Shri Subramanya Sastrigal was doing Kaingaryam at the Shri Matam itself. Periyava would address him differently at different times. If He addressed him as ‘Sastrigal’, it meant it was for talking about the Shri Matam administration. If he was addressed by the title ‘Chinnamma’ in Telugu, it meant it was to talk about some family matter (although it is not clear how exactly Periyava used to practice this)

    So when he as ‘Chinnamma’, went and stood before Periyava, He asked what the matter was. Very hesitatingly, he told Him about his sister who had requested Him to grant her wish to pass away as a ‘Sumangali’. MahaPeriyava was silent in thought for some time.

    “Is Ganapati Sastrigal’s father very sick and bed ridden ?”, asked Periyava. Without referring him as His father, He referred him as his Poorvashrama brother’s father.

    “Yes, Periyava only should help. The mother also should get the good fortune to pass away as a ‘Sumangali’. Need Periyava’s Anugraham.”, said Subramanya Sastrigal.

    “I cannot save him. If he undergoes everything in this birth itself, then he need not be born again. Therefore it is not possible to save him. But it is possible to grant her Sumangali bhagyam”, Periyava indicated in this fashion and gave His Anugraham. This is only a summary of that conversation. It is not known how exactly Periyava gave his Anugraham.

    But Subramanya Sastrigal returned without understanding how Periyava would grant her Sumangali Bhagyam without saving the life of His Poorvashrama Father

    Within a week of this incident, Mahalakshmi Thayaar’s husband attained Mukthi before her. Periyava’s riddle remained a riddle. The husband’s Shradhham functions began. Months passed by. Before the 12th monthly ‘Sothagumbam’ could arrive, Mahalakshmi Thaayar also passed away.

    Then Shri MahaPeriyava addressed Subramanya Sastrigal with the title of an expert in Shastras and asked him what the Shastras spoke about a situation like this.

    When examined, it turned out that if the wife also passed away within 12 months of the husband’s death, then she would also get ‘Sumangali Bhagyam’.

    Vaidyanatha Sharma then realized the power and strength of the words of Shri Shri Shri MahaPeriyava.

    This devotee spoke about the fortune he had to conduct the Shradhha ceremonies of Mahalakshmi Thayaar at his house. Shri Shri Shri MahaPeriya’s poorvashrama younger brother Shri Sadashiva Sastrigal known as Sivan Sir was actually a Sidhar. A frail body, with saffron robes on his waist, he had sacrificed worldly comforts and was living the life of a sanyasi.

    As Mahalakshmi Thayar’s son, he was attending to the Shradha ceremonies of his mother. Having established Nandavanams at places like the Adhishtanams of Thiruvenkadu Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetadhipathi Shri Paramashivendra Saraswathi, he continued to treat it as his divine duty. He also continued to perform the Shradha ceremonies of his mother there itself.

    At one point in time, he ceded to the request of his maternal uncle’s (chinna mama) grandson Shri Vaidyanatha Sharma, came to Chennai and started to perform the Shradha ceremonies at his house. Shri Vaidyanatha Sharma’s wife was very devoted in lending assistance to the performance of the Shradha ceremonies and thus that house became sanctified.

    During one yearly Shradha ceremony, the well in their house completely dried up. Not knowing how to let Sivan Sir know about this, Shri Vaidyanatha Sharma was in ‘Dharma Sankatam’. When there were still 3 days to go for the ceremony, heavy rains started. The rains which lasted for 3 days, caused the dry well to fill up. If Sivan Sir had to take bath, he would draw out up to 60 buckets of water. When there was concern that there would be no water in the well during the Shradha ceremony, he spoke about MahaPeriyava’s greatness Whose Ahugraham caused the well to fill up by the sudden copious rains.

    Moreover Vaidyanatha sharma and his wife were totally thrilled to relate another miraculous incident which happened during another Shradha ceremony.

    Sivan Sir who was performing the Shradha ceremony was serving food to the Brahmins who were sitting in a row. Vaidyanatha Sharma’s wife took over the serving of food and Sivan Sir was sitting to one side and was observing proceedings. One of the Brahmins who had started eating, suddenly stopped eating and saluted in the direction of Sivan sir for about 30 seconds.

    Observing this and finding it strange, the couple of Vaidyanatha Sharma and his wife looked in the direction of Sivan Sir. Only then did they understand the actions of the Brahmin. Sivan Sir was giving Darshan as a pillar of light. The couple who got this unique Darshan for 30 seconds understood that it was no illusion. Subsequently, that unique image went away and the couple was able to see Sivan Sir again normally.

    The couple did not talk about unique Darshan which they had when the Brahmin suddenly folded his hands and saluted Sivan Sir. Nor did they ask Sivan Sir about it.

    After a couple of days, after Sivan sir returned to his place, the couple went to see him. Very hesitatingly, they asked him about this incident. Sivan sir confirmed that the Darshan which they had was indeed real.

    “For about 30 seconds, we will switch places”. This needs to be interpreted this way – Sivan Sir and MahaPeriyava would switch places between themselves.

    This incident highlights the fact that the omniscient MahaPeriyava would participate in the Shradha ceremony of his Poorvashramam mother by merging this way with his Poorvashramam brother.

    “After becoming one like this, we would go back to normal after the ‘Pinda Darisanam’, Sivan Sir informed.
    “But the windows and doors were closed. How did Periyava enter?”, the couple asked.
    “There is a narrow passage on the wall where I was sitting, do you know ?”, asked Sivan Sir
    The couple did not know that there was such a passage in their own house
    “It is there, go and see”, said Sivan sir like a Sidhar.
    When they went and checked, there indeed was a narrow passage behind a photo. It was created to house some electrical circuits.

    Vaidyanatha sharma said that he believed it was his duty to let others all know about these miracles of Shri MahaPeriyava. It is certain that He will shower prosperity and all auspiciousness on all of us.

  5. Great are those who have had the opportunity to hear this from the poorvasrama relative of sri sri Maha Periva..We can only have the ceaseless smaram of his “Kalyana Gunam (s).

  6. Can someone post an English translation please?

  7. 2/7/15
    A very emotional narration. Thaayarin paasam is limitless. That is the “unconditional love”. The bond between a mother and her son(s) is divine. You made my day!

  8. Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! Sivan Sar ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! Blessedc are the People who witnessed the Divine Act! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Thanks for uploading this Divine Episode!

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