There are hardly any devotees in today’s world who could ask such complex questions and there is probably none who can answer these like Periyava did!


Kovil was being built at Kasi. 3-storied, mega Temple. It was located at a grand location identified by Periyava himself, sitting at Kanchi. Sri Ramesh Chandra De’s ‘poorveegam’ is Bengal and is the Diwan for the Kasi Raja. He has helped a lot for the temple related activities. Brought all kind of ‘Samithu’ from nearby villages & many such things. He has come for Periyava’s darshan. Sri Kannan Mama has been there & informed Periyava.

Periyava has blessed him & told “…there is a book called ‘Ganga Yatra’. Bring it over…”.

Everyone was puzzled with ‘why?’

Sri Ramesh Chadra De was waiting for what Periyava has to say with that book. Also began to recollect the questions he has asked through Sri Kannan Mama…

“AdiSankara has written ‘Bashyam’ for ‘Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namam’ and even for ‘Trisathi’ but not for ‘Sri Lalitha Sahasra Namam’. Why is that?”

Sri Mama when came back from Kasi, have conveyed the same to Periyava.

Periyava, “Ask him first. Let him say the reason that comes to his mind. Later I will tell my views “

Sri Ramesh Chandra De said ,”Saaktham is only from Durbanga to Kaamakya (Assam to Odisha). What you do down south is only a ‘Devi Pooja’ but not really the ‘Saaktham’. Use of Kabaalam (skull), Madhu, etc is not permitted in South. Sri Lalitha Sahasra Namam mentions several ‘Asavya Margam’. If Acharya have to do ‘Bashyam’ then he has explain in detail about the ‘Asavya Margam’. On reading such ‘Bashyam’, unfit may enter & spoil their ‘Janma’. Probably, that is the reason Sri AdiAcharya avoided the ‘Bashyam’ for Sri Lalitha Sahasra Namam.”

Sri Kannan Mama came back.

Periyava,”Correct! That is my determination too. People would not understand / misunderstand this if we say this”

On hearing the confirmation of what he thinks, Sri Ramesh Chandra De has got a new question…

“By following this path of ‘Vamaachaaram’, can any one come up (spiritually). Is it a valid ‘marg’?”

Again Sri Mama came to Periyava.

Periyava, “ There are two marghas mentioned – Savya-Asavya-Savitha. Both are ambal only.. Asavya is difficult… Savya is easier… Approaching ambal as ‘Amma’ is best!”

Periyava, “Hence, while starting itself acharya starts with “maatha” ”

Sri Kannan Mama, “Then why vaamaacharam etc came?”

Periyava, “Those are meant for Kshatriyas,  Rajas who use them for ‘Kaamya Phala’… That’s not for Brahmnin…Brahmin should go after mukthi only and not to indulge anywhere else”

Now, recollecting all those Q&A through Sri Mama, and now that with direct darshan of Periyava, SriRamesh Chandra De was satisfied & wondered why Periyava has asked for a book…

Took some time, Sri Kannan Mama has brought the ‘Ganga Yatraa’, a very old book printed several decades.

Periyava took a page & told Sri Mama, “This is Kasi Raja…This is his diwan” pointing to two young kids of about 8-10 years old in a group photo in that book. “Ask him if they are them”

Sri Mama took the book & shown the page to Sri Ramesh Chandra De. He looked at that but took some time to recognize his young age picture taken some 60-70 years ago. On recognizing, just broke down in excitation & shed tears, “Ada! Ada! Ada! Periyava is Eswaran (Viswanathar)! Periyava is Eswaran (Viswanathar)!”.

Savyam or Asavyam or neither, only Periyava has to guide us all into his abode-Kasi!

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  1. Maha Periyava, Sarvagnar, Sarvavyaapi Bless us! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  2. so sweet, so sweet, many of my doubts are cleared.

  3. What does He not know? Only our weaknesses and failings! To bless us He feigns ignorance of our misdeeds and blesses us

  4. Thanks for sharing this excellant article; simply sperb!! Not heard of this so far. Shankara Sarveshvara the Great, the Ultimate!!

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