I thought only humans lie…

I have not known about such a mahan until I got this article. Thanks to Shri Rathnam/Shivaraman for sending this…..I have requested Shivaraman to share more on him…Will share more once I have more…..

What a great man he was and what a great anugraham?!



Mayavaram Sri Sivaramakrishna Sastrigal (Mayavaram Periyava) has come with tears & seem highly disturbed.

‘Bhagavata Saptagam’ by him is highly appreciated by Periyava. Mayavaram Sastrigal always know that Sri Krishna himself is hearing the ‘Bhagavatam’ & hence he’ll never mind anyone around & never deviate from ‘Bhagavatam’.

Such a Mahan, came with tears & was speaking to the Manager Sri Viswanatha Iyer of the mutt…

Manager has called Sri Kannan Mama & told, “Sastrigal has come here with lot of stress and anxiety…Let Periyava know this and arrange for His darshan soon”

Sri Kannan Mama approached Periyava who was in ‘visraanthi’

“Yennappa?”, Periyava

Sri Mama informed about Sastrigal.

Periyava asked, “He came in car, right?”


“Ask him to wash his feet and bring him through the backdoor”.

Periyava went & sat under a ‘Nelli’ tree in the mutt. Sastrigal came…

Sri Sastrigal did namaskaram & said with tears, “Periyava! My son-in-law is not feeling well. We took X-rays and it seems half the lungs are gone and doctors say only one lung is functional. They say that he might survive for 27 days or so”

Sri Sastrigal continued & told his prayer, “Even if my worst nighmare comes true, I want Periyava to bless me so that this dhukham does not affect me!” (how many of us know to pray like this…only true mahan/vedantist can think in this line!!!!)

He reiterated, “Even if the sareera goes away, this dhukkam should not affect me”.

Later, Sri Kannan Mama recollected, “although he says it should not affect him…he says it while weeping”

Periyava asked a peculiar question back, “Why can’t the machine lie?”

Sastrigal, “we have taken 27 x-rays…all say the same thing…they have given only 20-27 days for him”.

Periyava, “you have read lots of vedanta…it says “baghavan bhaya nasanaha”..pray to Him”.

Sri Sastrigal took the prasad & left with a (relatively!) lighter heart but rushed back to the mutt within 15 days…

Sri Kannan Mama again recollected, “he was crying uncontrollably”.

Manager, “He cries so much…looks like his son-in-law is gone…take care of him quickly”.

Sri Kannan Mama rushed to Periyava.

Periyava was in ‘Vishraanthi’ this time too. On hearing, “why? Has the son-in-law gone? I am sure all rituals must have been over? Hope he has come here after all that?? He is a learned person – he knows these”

Sri Mama nodded in agreement.

Later, Sri Kannan Mama recollected, “Periyava talked like a common person at that time”.

Same ‘Nelli’ tree, same Periyava, same Sastrigal but totally a different situation.

“Prabho! The words that came from your mouth is true – all machines lied….doctors say that everything is fine…My son-in-law is doing fine!”

Periyava smiled, “Oh! even the machines started lying? I thought only humans lie!”

Periyava heard all the details. Gave prasad & ‘utharavu’ to Mayavaram Sri Sivaramakrishna Sastrigal. Later, Mayavaram Periyava has written a book & mentioned about this incident and mentioned the highlighted, “When words come out of mahans’ mouth, anything can happen!”.

Sri Kannan Mama opines that Mayavaram Sastrigal’s Saptaagam is like ‘express mail & you’ll miss the story if you miss the attention for few minutes. And also says Sastrigal knows every slokam in ‘Bhagavatham’ & will almost say every sloka unlike the ‘Puraanikas’ today.

Sri Mayavaram Sivaramakrishna Sastrigal himself is a ‘Mahaan’ who always knows Sri Krishna is sitting there & hearing his ‘Bhagavatha Sapthaagam’. Even, Triplicane Sri Govinda Damodara Swamigal used to say, “I have a hero worship for him!”

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  1. We in Mylapore had his grace and anugraham that he stayed in our house for three weeks to listen his Ramayana pravachanam in our garden for 15 days.

  2. aneka kodi sastanga namaskarangal to Mahaperiyava and Mahan,


  4. “why? Has the son-in-law gone? I am sure all rituals must have been over? Hope he has come here after all that?? He is a learned person – he knows these”

    Did not understand this. Why did Periyava say this?

    • Next line is “Sri Mama nodded”. So he nodded wothout checking with Sastrigal.
      So one can also understand why periyava said “thought humans only lie”.

      Pariyava might have “talked like a common person” to drive home the point how the human mind concludes without enquiry.

  5. MorE details about Thevankudy( his village) Brahmashree Sivaramakrishna Sastrigal
    Mother Smt.Rukmani..Father..Panchanatheeswara Sarma
    Lived a Devine life throughout 1880- 1967
    Pravachanams performed. From 1916 to1956
    Performed Srimat Bhagavatha pravachanam. 190 times in various places.
    Srimat Ramayanam. 110 times. ”
    From 1963 to 1966
    Bhagavatham. 37 times
    Srimat Ramayanam. 29 times
    In addition to the Above, sapthaham 69 , navaham 2. ‘ dvadasaham 4′. pakshaham 99′
    Ashtadasaham 46’. ekavimsaham 2. Panchavimsaham. 1 sapthavimsaham 1 madham 3
    Ramayanam navaham 38′, dvadasaham 6 pakshaham. 95
    Mahaperiava used to listen to the spool tapes while in Vishranthi.
    Tapes could be traced (now CDs)will inform if traced.
    His speciality was that he remembered thousands of slokas of Srimat Ramayanam ,Mahabharatham and Srimad Bhagavatham and deliver them clearly and at boatmail speed.
    A blessed MAHAN and receipient of many puraskars from the Mutt and govt.?

    Data collected from a xerxed copy of a book published by his son Sri.T s Rajagopalan and compiled by Dr S V Radakrishna Sastrigal in 1977..

    Hara Hara Sankara jaya jaya sankara

  6. Tears roll down, no words to express!! By the way he is related to me too!! Shankara Sarveswara.

  7. Feeling so good !! Many thanks to the team who made all the efforts to put this up on the site.

  8. Would it be possible to hear his pravachanam ? Can you also share links to other Tamil Upanyasams if possible, as it would be great to hear. Thank you

  9. What miracles could not be achieved by Maha Periyava? It is possibly Prarabdham that Sastrigal had to suffer like this for a time and Maha Periyava’s Grace Flowed at the appropriate time and Blew away all sufferings and worries! May His Grace be on all of us! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  10. Most remarkable and memorable

  11. Mahaperiyava made those X ray machines lie

  12. Wow!

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