Cornell University Professor dedicates his paper to Mahaswami

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This paper was written by Professor David Henderson, Department of Mathematics, Cornell University, on finding numerical value of square roots that was inspired by the Sulbasutra which are Sanskrit texts written by the Vedic Hindu scholars before 600 B.C..It isn’t any new finding that our vedas have been origins for all discoveries and innovations. However what is amazing to note that this professor’s bakthi towards Mahaswami and his respect for Sri Matam.

Periyava had always encouraged scholars to pursue for knowledge in depth. We know how Late Professor Sundararaman was encouraged by Periyava to go for advanced studies.

In his own words:

“This article grew out of researches which were started during my January, 1990, visit to the Sankaracharya Mutt in Konchipuram, Tamilnadu, India, where I was given access to the Mutt’s library. I thank Sri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvati, the Sankaracharya, and all the people of the Mutt for their generous hospitality, inspiration and blessings.”

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  1. Mahesh
    Can you share the excel with us?

  2. Dear Ram,
    Very enlightening. Try to copy paste, I am interested to read further.

  3. What the westerners understood is the tip of the Ice berg. Had they known how Hinduism kept Global Timing System (GTS), I would call is amazing, they will be stunned. when we do Sankalpam, we say Dwidiya Parathey (2nd fifty Years of Brahma’s life of 100 years), swetha Varaha Kalpam (4th Kalpam, 3 kalpams @ each 1000 Chathur yugam gone), Vaivastha Manvantharam (7th Manvatharam, 6 Manvantharam have gone @ 71 Chatur Yugam gone),Ashtavigumsathi(28th Chatur Yugam, 27 Chatur Yugam has gone) Kali Yugam (Krutha, Thretha, dwapara yugam has gone) Prathame Padham (first Padham of kali yugam), Meraho ( south of meru), dhakshine paswe, year (e.g., Jaya Nama samvasthare), Utharayane (6 months), hemantha Ruthou (2months), Makara Mase, Krishna Pakshe (5 days), indu vasara (week) amavasyam (day), sravana nakshatram (time). To the minute we say that we do the karma in terms of Brahma’s life. These calculations were created when no others knew what maths was.

    I have an excel file which I made after reading Deivathin Kural, the excel was showing error when we I keyed in the life of Brahma in Human years term. I have to make a log scale to plot.

    I wish ti share the excel file but do not know how to upload. Please help me upload as it has fantastic information on Pralayams etc

  4. We must be proud of our Vedas and our vedic religion as always our Mahaswamigal used to say often!!
    Shankara Sarveshvara sharanam!

  5. Thanks Sri Mahesh for posting this. Bagawan Bless you, family, friends and every readers & those who hear thro readers for wonderful service thro Sages of Kanchi.

    Many of Sri Smi Mahaperiyav’s devotee’s might be aware of His discussion witha PhD Scholar from US on Quantum Theory… The scholar was astonished to know the level and depth Sri Sri Maha Periyava was aware about and deep questions of comparison he was relating to our relegion…

    Pathamegathi Guru Ramana

    PS: Sri Sri Maha Periyava Directed Sri Paul Brunton (Author of Search in Secret India) to Sri Ramana Maharshi… What a Divine land, we are all Blessed to live in and Blessed to think about them

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