Thanks to Shri Rathnam for the article.

Him with Lord Ganesh

Periyava was saying, “Tank (kulam) is being dug out in Aanathaandaapuram… I am planning to go there…”

Periyava was saying to Sri Viswanatha Iyer, the Mutt Manager. Manager was looking bit uncomfortable.

“Paddy weren’t sold out… About Rs 10,000 is due for this (provisions) shop… I feel it is better to move out after paying it off”, said the Sri Matam manager.

Apparently, the campseems to be Mayavaram where the balance to the supplier of provisions to the mutt has gone above Rs. 10,000/-. So Manager was trying to prolong the stay. Probably, he has sensed (or expected) some anxiety with the supplier who has given the provisions to the tune of Rs.10,000+. Of course, it is huge in those days that too for a small town.

Periyava said, “I have given the word to them that I would be coming!”.

Meanwhile, the ‘Pandaram’ who was running the shop has come for his daily darshan.

Usually, Periyava will raise the ‘Abhayahastham’ & give prasad. But this time… ‘Pandaram’ was shocked to hear what Periyava said…

The entire India – starting from President to PM, CMs to ministers, industrialists like Tata, Birla was waiting for any small signal from Periyava to do kainkaryam – be it material, physical whatever.

That Periyava said, “I will pay back your kadan (loan)”.

‘Pandaaram’ had a big jolt and said, “Samee, you should not say like that. Only with your blessings, we are surviving…As how I buy things for my shop, I buy for the matam too. That’s all”

Periyava looked at the manager, which looked like, “What this Pandaram is saying that there is no rush and this manager is saying that we need to pay right away”.

Meanwhile, some devotees have come for darshan. There was one from Andhra. He did the ‘namaskaram’ & kept a small bag in front of Periyava. He said his Grandfather came for Periyava’s darshan long ago & since then his Grandpa was saving some part of his earning for Periyava, which is kept as a bag in front of Periyava. Manager awaited the order from Periyava to count…

Periyava enquired about his grandfather & all his family members. The devotee was shedding tears to realize how much Periyava know about & remembered their family members that even he himself didn’t know much… Periyava blessed him with a gold coin, dhoti, Anga-vastram etc. Finally, gave him ‘utharavu’.

Manager was looking at the bag…

Periyava, “Give the bag as such to him (provisions shop) and ask him to count them!”.

It was roughly Rs 60,000+!

When Periyava camp left that place after few months, hardly Rs.500/-was left.


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  1. I have not received any email about a month from wordpress.com. Was there any problem or nothing newly posted ? – Vijay, Vellore

  2. I surrender at Periyava’s feet and count his blessings all the time

  3. Every one teaches us values and integrity. Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  4. Periyava Charanam Sharanam yields us only His Kataksham , nothing else !! Shankara Sharanam.

  5. Very rare photo.Shedding tears while seeing.

  6. Immensely thankful to you, Mahesh and Sri Rathnam for forwarding such spirit lifters.

    It is a blessing to be able to read about such elevated souls like Mahaperiyava. We ordinary mortals cannot even think of such magnanimity and the most beautiful part is Periyavaa’s implicit faith in the Almighty that the Mutt’s image will not be tarnished; the kadan to the grocer will be re-paid and he will be able to go to Aanathaandapuram. The Andhra devotee’s grandfather realised his ambition and the manager heaved a sigh of relief.

    That is leadership, a very spiritual one at that!

    • Respected Captain,

      My staunch belief is that Periava himself is Almighty and the rest is all his play.
      He wanted to have fun with us and he descended as a human.
      Most of us believe Periava is “Brahmam (the ultimate)” and he just creates the scenes at his will and acts as though he is innocent. None of the things happened by chance, but they were are all Mahaswami’s play (Leela).

  7. Dear Sri Mahesh,

    Tears only rolls on the cheek… Thanks for posting this article… Teaches on volumes of things through one Incident, that we should follow… Un-Questionable faith in Periyava, Integrity, values, ethics, time management, planning,…. I am unable to write further…

    SARANAM SARANAM Thiruvadi Saranam

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