Two anusham special offerings

MahaPeriava _sketch_BN

First one is from Shri BN Mama with a sketch and the english translation of an incident about “Maitreem Bhajatha” song for U.N. assembly. I am making it a separate post.

Second one is a beautiful song written by Shri Shankar Lakshmikanthan. He wrote this poem, made it a song sung by Smt Anuradha Balachandran.

Here is the poem…

(முருகனை நினை மனமே – இளையராஜா பாடல் மெட்டு )
குருவை நினை மனமே – வாழ்வின் 
வறுமை நீங்கிடவே 
ஒரு கனம் நினைத்திடவே – மனதின்
வெறுமை நீங்கிடுமே
ஒவ்வொரு நிமிடமும் குருவருள் வேண்டிட 
ஒவ்வொரு நொடியிலும் ஒளிவெள்ளம் சூழ்ந்திடும் 
ஒவ்வொரு செயலிலும் குருவருள் உடன்வரும் 
ஒவ்வொரு நாளுமே படும்துயர் தீர்த்திடும் 
(குருவை நினை மனமே . . .)
விழிதனை மூடி வழிதே டிடுவோர் 
விழிகள் திறந்தே வழிகாட் டிடுவார் 
விழிமேல் இமையாய் உயிருள்ள வரையில் 
நல்வழி காட்டியே நமைஎன்றும் காத்திடும் 
(குருவை நினை மனமே . . .)
குருவை நினை மனமே… – காஞ்சி 
குருவை நினை மனமே…..

-தேனுபுரீஸ்வர தாசன் இல. சங்கர்.


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  1. I have been recovered from ful Stoke (Blood clot in brain-complete storke i.e paralysis). I am working as a normal person & attending office because of Mahaperiyava. My beathing is Mahaperiyava. I see only Mahaperiyava. Everywhere Mahaperiyava. When I was hospitalised, my wife use to read only Mahaperiaya’s stories and gave me confidance. I have taken it as a panishment to correct me. After that, I am totally changed & doing my Nithya Karmas regularly including Brahma Yagyam. This is not for me. This is one of our Dharmas. Mahaperiyava has thought that becasuse of doing this, Devergal powers will increase & taking care (through Pancha Boothangal) of all Jeevans in the world.. Asurargal power will not increase. My eating & routine habits everything are changed. He has totally changed me and more than 10 years i am in the normal life. My wife was named by him. It seems, Peiyava is correcting me & taking care of me, because of my wife.

    We are all Periyaval’s children. We follow his word, as he said. Please understand & start to save for Athma. Out of crores of Janam, this life is one of the Janams. With our two eyes, only the present life & outside visible items can be seen, which is not constant.

    As birds are (flying) following their leader, we follow our guru. This is also thought by him only.

    when the mind is clean (Chitha suddhi), then only, we can proceed to next step. In Nothicham Mami’s message, I did not give futher message, as per Mr.Mahes’s instruction. “Chitha Suddi” is like cleaning water in the well and stop keeping on mixing. Then only, we can see things at the bottom of the water.

    May the Mahaperiyava blessings be with all of us, always.

  2. Very very nice!

  3. Super

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