Maitreem Bhajatha – an interesting background behind this

Isn’t it interesting to know that there were people who showed their hatred to Mahaswamy Himself even in those days? How Periyava did a self-analysis of those criticisms and found out how He could have handled differently! See mahan’s compassion towards them as well…..

MahaPeriava _sketch_BN

AUTHOR : Ra .Ganapathy
Publishers : Divya Vidhya Publishing House.

This episode highlights how The two great qualities of HUMILITY (VINAYAM) and WISDOM (GNANAM) co-existed in Mahaperiava.

Ra.Ganapathy (anna) writes:

Proof that a person is always immersed in LOVE ( MAITHREEM) is when that person treats even his worst adversary with love. I experienced one such demonstration , with SriSaranar.

For some people, the song “Maithreem Bhajatha”, fueled their hatred towards Mahaperiava and the hatred burnt with fury. I didn’t know, initially ,that such people existed, and that the song drew such a hateful response from them.

I felt that all were very happy and pleased with the song when M.S sang it in the U.N. and told HIM so.

He asked: ” how do you know that ALL were happy?”

What else is there for any body to feel otherwise—I thought and told Him so.

He called manager Sri Viswanatha Iyer and talked to him in Kannada. I just understood that He had asked him to bring some letters.

Iyer, with the strength that a person possesses due to his sincere, unfailing service to Mahaperiava, refused His order! I have witnessed on many occasions, how both of them used to argue on certain issues and enjoyed them too!

In the end, He asked him, showing some traces of anger, if he had fed the letters to Agni.( agnayae swaahaa pannittiyaa?). Iyer said “no” and went and brought a bunch of papers and gave it to Him.

He sent him away,and said,”Three letters have come expressing the same opinion. If three people have written that way, it means, three thousand people may have the same opinion. You may see one letter. I will give you the most interesting among the three.” Thus saying, He examined them and picked out one and gave it to me. ( Ganapathy anna had used the word ” rasam” for “interesting”).

I started reading that letter.’ Can there be anything more vulgar than this?—-was what I thought when I read . ‘Can a great Soul/Mahan be accused of , in such a way?’. From head to toe, I felt disgusted.

The letter was written in small letters on both sides of a foolscap paper. I only read the first page, folded it and returned it to Him. My hands were itching to tear off that letter into bits.

” Calm down! Calm down ” ( santhap paduththikkoppa! santhappaduththikko appa!”)—He told me with extreme kindness and sympathy. Who, other than HIM, can calm a person that way?

Then He told me with great kindness and calm,” There are different kinds of people in this world, and so there will also be different opinions.It is good for us to look at all these different opinions calmly. We should practise and develop this outlook if we want to protect our Atma. We don’t gain anything when others simply accept our opinion and praise us. It will lead us to undeserved pride.
. If we train ourselves to listen to such opposing opinions, and examine them with an impartial, unbiased mind, we stand a chance to realize our mistakes, if any, and try to correct ourselves..Those who express a totally different opinion may say that in a vulgar language..We should ignore that vulgarity or bad temper from that and examine if we can get a good point from that to correct ourselves.

I should not have made you, (who came here to tell me a glad news) perturbed, with this matter. Why I talked to you on this matter is, to impress upon you that you should train yourself to treat another’ contrary opinion as your own, which will do you a lot of good. Not only that, it also tells you that there is another view just opposite to yours. If you feel very perturbed, do not read further, give it to me back!”

When this Mahan tells me all this from the depth of His heart, for my good, I cleared my mind and told Him,” Let me see if there is any new point on the back side!”

He said,” Nothing new there. : he has only extended the point written in the first page and ended it by emphasising the same some more. Now that you have calmed a bit, you will again become more perturbed , if you read further. You will also scold the poor person who wrote this.” I returned the letter to Him. He was as kind to that person as He was to me during this dialogue.

Let us see some more of that KIND, LOVING SOUL.
For this, I have to tell you the gist of the letter. I will remove all the poison, and mischief from it, coat it with gold and tell you.

” There was no need for Mahaperiava to make a place for Himself in the international organization, by showing Himself as a world Preacher through a musician” ——This is the central point of that letter.

He continued,” ok! now tell me what is your opinion about the point expressed in that letter?”

I said, ‘ some how It doesn’t look right to me”

” But, for me, it looks very much right”—-Periava.

All of you must have been taken aback by His above answer.But, as He had prepared me well for this, I took it calmly. I was eager to hear His reasoning for this statement, as He used to logically explain other things.

He did not disappoint me!. He continued thus:

“Did I pen this song and give it to the U.N.organization, after they respected me as a Master and requested me to do so? They may not even know that we are sitting here as spiritual heads, calling ourselves as Sankaracharyas. May be, our country’s representative, or those of Pakistan or Ceylon, might be aware of that. That is all!. That being the case, why should I sprinkle Akshatha on my own head, assume myself as a preacher for the whole world, and pen a song for that purpose? What is mentioned in Saastraas? “Do not preach to any body other than a Disciple!’ ( ASISHYAAYA NA DHEYAM) Is it not? Even Bhaghavan says the same in GEETHA,’

We may take credit and be proud of this, but, those who heard this song in the UN assembly would have taken this as one among the various other songs sung there, and may not as an Advice ( Upadesha) and follow that. ”

He immediately saw what was in my mind and continued: You may ask,’ if that be so, whatever advice /upadesham we give you, does every body follow the same?”. This is considered as ” sishya lokam ‘ and we do this in general as a Duty. That is a common world ( sishya lokam). we have been made ” Jagath guru”s , and we have a duty to preach good things to them. But if the same thing is an organization, we may say anything only if they ask for it. That is the correct thing to do for an Achaarya peetam. At the least,if a representative of the UN organization had asked for a message, then there is justice in it. But if some unconcerned person asks and you give it and later somebody criticises, you have no right to say that the criticism is unwarranted. We should accept their opinion as right and be careful in future.”

What else we can call HIM except “Sathya devatha”, “Dharma Vigraham”, ” nyaaya devatha”?

Still I told Him what I reasoned: ” But the musician is one who is devoted to Mahaperiava, and when she is going to perform in a world organization, and wants to present her Guru’s upadesha as a song, what is wrong in fulfilling that genuine desire?”

Hearing this with a smiling face, He answered,: ” A lot of things will come to the minds of devotees, due to their devotion. We also should make them happy as much as possible. Note, only as much as possible!. Not fully. For a mind full of Bhakthi, there is no place for thinking. At that time, we ,sitting as gurus, should be alert and apprise them and advise them appropriately.

When they asked me ( to pen a song) I should have thought about it. Even if I had to fulfill their desire, what I should have done? In this concert ,there were a lot of other songs, Thyagaraja’s, Deekshithar’s and similar composers’ krithis. About Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and on various other Swamis.Composed thousands of years ago. None of them is an Upadesha for the UN. I should have told them , ” to satisfy your wish, I will try to compose some song in praise of Kamakshi, Meenakshi etc. For your satisfaction, I can pen some thing as a prayer to Ambal, but not for addressing the UN assembly”

I started from another angle: ” The song was penned because she requested Periava. Without enquiring and understanding the truth behind it, how can they accuse Periava in that manner? ”

” How do they know all this?. Look ! suppose some other ‘Samiyar’ had composed a song on the request of His devotees, we ourselves will criticise Him. Nobody will think of inquiring a matter that does not concern somebody close to him.”

I persisted,” ok! be it so! But , why should they convey it in such an indecent way?”

Sri Saranar answered thus,:” They are already very furious with me.At that time, if you expect them to be decent, and write in a way that doesn’t hurt me, then they have to bury their fury even deeper in their heart, and do so. Do you realize how difficult it would have been for them?

” It is good that , when the fault is on my side, they didn’t undergo that turmoil but poured all that was in their minds, and I am happy about it”

Can any body else climb higher than this in their LOVE for others?

It is because of this’ Kalyana Ghunam’ of Mahaperiava, that song has spread all over the world and loved by millions!

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  1. The episode described by sri.abisehak is not of mahaperiyava. It is of mahasannidhanam of sri sri chandrasekara swamikal,an equally realised soul..we should not mix up things. Tirunelvely district is a fort of sringery mutt.similarly nobody can match our mahaperiyava.all realised souls can communicate with their devoties.being a realised soul our mahaperiyava helped all his devoties during their hardship. What mahaperiyabal different from others is that he lived like a sanyasi.

  2. Respected Mahesh Sir, I read the following and I wish to share it. On reading this, we can see that Mahaperiyava has given a 7-day Upanyasam on Srimad Ramayanam. Do you have the recording of such Divine discourse ? or can we have atleast a written copy of those words ? Kindly do the needful

    A wonderful incident of how Kanchi Mahaswamigal illustrates the importance of giving respect to Lord Hanuman while reciting Ramayanam and how he clears the doubt of a student who has doubt about the real visit of Hanuman while reciting Ramayanam .

    The fifth day upanyAsam was also completed. SwamigaL, who elaborated well in a way the students could understand, also explained them the nuances of dharma shAstra s.

    A student named Venkatesan belonging to the Tirunelveli Veda PAThashAlA came up slowly, prostrated to Jagadguru and said in hesitation, “I have a doubt, Gurudeva.”

    “What doubt, ask it”, said SwamigaL.

    He stumbled as he asked: “GurunathA! From the day the upanyAsam was commenced, you ask them to place a plank near you and also keep the guava fruits in a plate before it! Can’t understand what is it for…”

    Hearing this and laughing rattlingly, AchAryAL said, “Shall tell you, listen… ‘ yatra yatra raghunAtha kIrtanam, tatra tatra krta-masta kAnjalim ‘–‘wherever Sri Rama’s greatness is talked about there will readily come Sri Anjaneya Swami’ is a belief. Here we recite Srimad Ramayanam itself. So Swami would come certainly? Can we make him stand? He is the ‘nava vyAkaraNa pandita’! The Asana palakai is for him to sit on. Then… this is like doing upachAram with fruits, bakShaNam (savouries), coffee to a guest who comes to our home. Swami likes koyyAppazham (guava fruit) very much. Have understood now?”

    Venkatesan nodded yes. Didn’t that Deivam (God) know that this tender fruit wasn’t clear yet!

    Heavy crowd on the sixth day too. Jagadguru completed that day’s upanyAsam in a way that moved everyone.

    After everyone prostrated to SwamigaL and went away, the PAThashAlA students also, one by one prostrated and moved away. At the last of them was the Tirunelveli PAThashAlA student who prostrated shASTaangam and stood with joined palms. SwamigaL glanced at him with a smile and asked, “What’s your full name?”

    “Prasanna Venkatesan, GurunathA!”

    “Which place is your pUrvIkam (native)?”, SwamigaL asked.

    “A hamlet near Tirunelveli Kadayanallur, GurunathA!”

    “What is (your) takappanAr (father) doing?”

    ” upAdhyAyam (Vedic occupation), GurunathA!”

    Saying ” bEsh, bEsh”, AchAryAL took with his golden hands the two guava fruits dedicated to Anjaneya Swami and gave it to him. Then he gave him leave with the words, “VenkatesA! These are the uchChiShta prasAdam (remnants) eaten by Anjaneya. Cut it, drop a piece in your mouth and share it with others!”

    But then Prasanna Venkatesan did not move away from that place. He stood rolling the guava fruits in his hand and looking at them!

    Having understood his flow of thoughts, AchAryAL said smiling within himself, “What Prasanna Venkatesa? Keeping the fruits in hand, what is that deep contemplation? Why not tell me a little, let me also know it!” He hesitated.

    “Come on”, the Jagadguru emboldened him.

    “Nothing else, GurunathA! On that seat, Anjaneya Swami comes and sits and listens to Srimad Ramayanam, eats the guava fruits dedicated to him and leaves…” SwamigaL interruped him before he could finish.

    “This is not told by me! This is a custom observed tradition after tradition with pUrNa nambikkai (full faith) by the elders who do Ramanayanam pravachanam . This is satyam too! What is your doubt in this?” asked the JnAnaguru.

    Even in that chill weather Prasanna Venkatesan was perspiring. He hesitated to talk. Asking him to come nearer, AchAryAL encouraged him, “Whatever the matter… tell me boldly what strikes your mind.”

    He said in reply, “While listening to the pravachanam I was also looking at that plank often… For my eyes, nothing of Anjaneya Swami coming and sitting was seen! I also checked up with the saka s (friends) near me. They also said having seen nothing. That’s why…” Venkatesan gulped and faltered.

    AchAryAL asked, “Alright, alright. This is your first doubt! The two guava fruits are intact, they should have been parted had Anjaneya Swami eaten them is your second doubt (right)?”

    Then he explained, “With AtmArta bhakti (soulful devotion) and shraddhA (trust), we too can have darshan of Anjaneya Swami sitting bhavyam (pious) with bhakti and doing Srimad Ramayana shravaNam ! If Anjaneyar comes as viShva rUpi and sits, will everyone have the shakti to look at him and bear with the sight? So he would come in sUkShmam (subtle form) and return after listening!” Further he asked Venkatesan, “You know to read grantha letters?”

    “I know, GurunathA!” said the boy.

    Forthwith, he asked for a Upanishad related grantha book to be brought to him from inside. Opening it at a page and showing a small passage, “You should memorize this in five minutes and recite to me, try if you can”, he said with a laugh.

    Venkatesan moved to a distance with the book. Precisely five minutes passed by. Coming back to AchAryAL he recited the specific pasage with no mistake of even a syllable.

    parama santoSham on AchAryAL’s face. He took the book in his hand. Keeping the passage he asked the boy to memorize, he said, “Venkatesa! As asked by me you read and recited (the passage) in just five minutes! Just because you have absorbed those specific akShara s (letters), they haven’t disppeared from their places! Aren’t the grantha letters intact in their places? This is similar to that! Whatever we dedicate to God, He does svIkAram (claim) of only the ruchi (taste) accompanied by bhakti shraddhA and leaves the padArtha s (eatables) to us with supreme compassion. Do you now understand the secret of those two guava fruits remaining intact, in full, without withering or shrinking?”, AchAryAL asked him and laughed rattlingly.

    Prasanna Venkatesan was sitting in amazement. Peace prevailed there for sometime. They all prostrated in shASTaangam .

    The day of pravachana pUrti (completion of discourse)! At three in the afternoon itself AchAryAL came to the stage. The upanyAsam was going on very movingly. The time of completion, and everyone was listening, forgetful of their own selves. It was at that time that miracle took place!

    A large vAnaram (monkey) came by leaps and bounds to the upanyAsam hall. Without taking heed of anyone, it jumped up the stage, went and sat quietly on the Asanam meant for Anjaneya Swami, facing AchAryAL! The Jagadguru was looking at it for sometime without moving his eyes away. It did not even regard the guava fruits kept before the seat! The crowd wondered at this sight!

    Five o’ clock in the evening. That vAnaram did not sway this way or that until then. Did not also touch the fruits. Completing his upanyAsam , AchAryAL recited the phala sruti . Then turning his head to his right and looking at the vAnaram , he said, “Anjaneya Swami, very happy that you came and sat here to listen to Srimad Ramayanam!” and requested, “Those two guava fruits are only for you, should do svIkAram of them.” Looking around at the crowd once, the vAnaram took the fruits and keenly looked at AchAryAL for sometime with affection.

    Meantime a voice proclaimed from the crowd, “Anjaneya… Rama, Rama!” Everyone looked towards the direction the voice came from. Prasanna Venkatesan was standing there with joined palms, his eyes filled with tears. By this time the vAnaram descended slowly from the stage, walked majestically and disappeared.

    Coming to Jagadguru with filled eyes Prasanna Venkatesan said, “Gurudeva! That which came and sat on the plank near you did not appear as a vAnaram to my eyes. I saw sAkShAt Anjaneya Swami with his sharIram (body) that is AjAnubAhu (arms reaching knees) sitting in gAmbhIryam (majesty)! I also saw Swami saying something to AchAryAL! The tAtparyam of what you told me is now understood by me, GurunathA!” He fell at the Jagadguru’s pAdAravinda . With so many people consoling him, no one could control his flowing tears.

    That para brahmam blessed him with raised hands!

    • Abhishek, I have read the incident you mentioned earlier but it was from the life is Swami Chandrashekhara Bharathi of shringeri.. Another great mahaan. But our periyava would have said the same thing, so we can take his vAkhya as periyava vAkhya also.

  3. Very good lesson for all bhaktha’s who generally can’t stand even the mildest criticism.
    Dayaparar,Karunamoorthy and an AVATHARA PURUSHAR

  4. mr erode nagaraj,

    thank you very much for uploading the song in Tamil and the lyrics too.
    Great. so sweet, soothing and peaceful.
    same tune as MS Amma’s ‘maitreem bhajatha…’

    God Bless you.


  5. i suggest we read this mail a number of times to understand what mahaperiyava has said about the letter, its writer and other facts regarding an achrya & his disciple. It appears some of us are emotional. The reason is we are devoted to mahaperiyava. But that is no license to get emotional about those who have a different opinion about the UN episode or mahaperiyava. We have not read the letter fully nor had Ra.Ga mama. Jealousy may not have been the cause of the letter. The writer was only expressing his feelings about the UN episode by a personal letter to mahaperiyava only. His views may not be acceptable to us. We may not agree with all the views in this blog under, “What do you think?”
    mahaperiyava Himself says He has learnt something from the letter.
    my only request is that we try and follow what mahaperiyava has said when reacting to various controversial views of people in this blog.

    thamizh chelvan

    • Dear Sir,

      The sole purpose of this post is for us to understand MahaPeriava’s great qualities of Humility and Compassion and try to practice them in our lives; and NOT to analyze the matter, whether it was jealousy or whether Ra.Ganapathy anna had read the letter fully and similar things. I suggest we stop this thread here. Thanks everyone.

    • Sir, there is nothing wrong in having a different opinion but using indecent language directed towards a Mahan is not acceptable. love.

  6. Erode Nagaraj, you are such a bhAgyavAn. I feel like I was there also through your writing.
    I will learn and teach the Tamil translation of Maithreem bhajatha – it will become as popular as the original since it comes from a Periyava-bhaktha like you.

  7. On the November 14th I sang the english note and maithrim bhajatha in shrI mahA periyavA adhishtAnam and in front of shrI jayaEndhra periyavA. For more than half an hour, had ekAntha dharisanam as no one else were there and I had the opportunity to speak to periyavA about the dharshans of shrI mahA periyavA I had right from 1987.

    Then on the 8th December happened a memorable anubhavam which made the day special for me.

    Surprise gift:

    Day before yesterday (8-12-2014) was kArthikai thiruvAdhirai, my janma nakshathram. Had to wake up earlier for Ayushya hOmam and hurried to a rehearsal in Mylapore. That was for a concert of my revered guru umayALpuram shrI sivarAman sir to be held on Araadhanai day of mahA periyavA,18th December at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha. A concert with bharathanAtyam it is, for which I have penned lyrics (thamizh) on paramEsvarA for the english note (made famous by madhurai MaNi iyer) and our periyavA’s maithreem bhajatha.

    Reached home very tired in the afternoon and slept because of the busy and hectic week. The evening was spent in recording (voice-audio) some articles of rA.gaNapathi aNNaa for my sishyAs from karuNai kAnchi kanakadhArai. All of a sudden, when it was 7:10pm, I thought of having dharshan of bAla periyavA.

    Felt a bit disappointed because by the time I would reach there, chandhramouLeesvara poojai would have got completed since it would consume much time in the traffic from West Mambalam to Porur that too in my activa three wheeler. To my surprise, when I reached there I was told that shrI bAla periyavA had gone for snAnam only then and yet to begin poojai. 🙂  kainkaryaparaaL asked me to have food first and I had awesome arisi uppumA-sAmbaar-chutney-thachi mammu-ooRukaai.

    After the affectionate and delicious dinner, I came to poojA maNdapam and started singing nAgEndhra hAraaya in kEdhAram, hindhOlam, naLinakaamthi, Arabhi and when I started yakshasvaroopAya in SankarAbharaNam, bAla periyavA appeared looking at me, closed and opened HIS eye lids with the vAthsalyam embedded mandhahAsam implying “vaa”.

    I sang Siva nAmAvaLyashtakam and started guru dhaSakam. HE signed me to wait and bilvArchanai with Siva sahasranAmam commenced. shrI bAla periyavA Himself chanted in a loud (loved) voice reminding of mahA periyavA’s “svabhAva madhurOdhAra gAmbheeryaaya namO namaha”. Then I started from “adhvaithAnantha bharitham…” and completed the slOkam followed by nAdha thanum aniSam (chitharanjani), shrI chakra rAja (rAgamAlika), raghu veera raNa dheera (usEni) and few lines of mAnasa sanchararE. Then that was time for mangala vAdhyam and hArathi. HE sent me and an ayyappa svAmi, each an apple and came to where I was sitting on my wheel chair. Spoke to me and blessed for the program. I said, “sivaraaman sir Sambu natanathukku vAsikka pORaar periyavA. roja kannan and priya murali aadaRaa. naan konnakkOl (vocal percussion – reciting jathis) solREn. english note-kku paattu ezhudhirukkEn; maithreem bhajathavum thamizhla ezhudhirukkEn. sivarAman sir ezhudha chonnaar 18th annikku paadaRathukku. appuRam oru naaL vandhu paadi kaattaREn”

    HE blessed again and was blessing a family who had come with kalyANa pathrikai for which I showed light from my mobile (also took a few seconds of video) and HE went for bikshai. A kainkaryaparA and sAvithri mAmi brought me vadais and pAyasam. I wore my shirt and packed things and was about to start. Savithri mAmi said,  periyavA is staying in that kutil in the same compound and added ‘indha vazhiyA dhAn ippa varuvA’

    It was 10:45PM and I decided to wait and see HIM again holding my mobile phone in front camera mode hoping to click a picture when HE comes walking from a distance itself, so I will also be in the frame. As all of you know, gurus are a package of unpredictable surprises. HE came and before even I could adjust the angle, HE was too closer and stood inches away from my bike reading the registration number in a soft voice. I explained how the wheel chair is kept safe in the attachment of my bike, tied properly with strands that contain velcro, the rear three wheels helping to balance, how I keep my mrudhangam in front (foot space), name of the bike, self start, etc. That gentleman ayyappa svAmi was standing there too and his holiness mentioned a word about how he brings avLO vilvam for archanai. Then HE walked towards the kutil, 200 feet approximately from there. My mind alarmed that I still have a window for a snap and I started the bike and went near the gate and waited looking into the rear view mirror. HE noticed that from there itself and came to me, smiling. HE further came very closer to me and looked at the monitor of my mobile, joy enveloping me, I said, ‘idhu dhaan front camera periyavA. idhula nammaLai naamE photo eduthukkalaam. appadi eduthuNda adhukku “Selfie”nnu pEr’

    malarndha siripponRai udhirthu vittu, HE saw the photo I took and walked two steps and turned to me with that broad smile pregnant with lot of kuRumbu and the eyes that be lit up with tons of thEjas sporting that looks of typical Athma jnAni and said, “aathma dharisanam”

  8. 2014-ன் இசைவிழாவில் என்னளவில் இரு முக்கிய நிகழ்வுகளாக நான் கருதுவதைப் பகிர்ந்துகொள்கிறேன். இரு மாதங்களுக்கு முன்னால் என் குருநாதர் ஸ்ரீ சிவராமன் சார் அழைத்தார்.

    ‘நாகராஜா.. மூணு முக்கியமான விஷயம் சொல்றேன், செய். மதுரை மணி ஐயர்வாள் இங்கிலிஷ் நோட் பாடுவாரோன்னோ.. அதுக்கு ஸாஹித்யம் இருந்தா பாடலாம், அபிநயிக்கலாம்னு தோணித்து. நீ எழுது’.

    ஸரி ஸார்.

    ‘அதே மாதிரி, ஆச்சார்யாள் எழுதிருக்காளோன்னோ.. மைத்ரீம் பஜத… ஒலகத்துக்குத் தேவையான அமைதிக்கு உண்டான அர்த்தங்கள் உள்ள பாட்டு அது. ஸம்ஸ்க்ருதத்துல இருக்கு. அதையும் தமிழ்ல எழுது’.

    ஸரி ஸார்.

    ’ஸ்ரீநிவாஸ் மேல எப்பவும் எனக்கு ஒரு ப்ரியம் உண்டு, ஒனக்குத் தெரியுமே’

    ஆமாம் ஸார்.

    ‘இந்த டிசம்பர்ல நாரத கான சபால I will be presenting a concert dedicated to the memory of Srinivas. அதனால், கடினமான வார்த்தைகள் இல்லாம எளிமையான தமிழ்ல,
    அதாவது, கொஞ்சம் மணிப்ரவாளமா இருக்குமே அது மாதிரி, நடுநடுல ஸம்ஸ்க்ருதம் இங்லிஷ் எல்லாம் கூடவரணும். அந்த மாதிரி, ஒண்ணு எழுது’

    ஸரி ஸார்.

    இந்த டிசம்பர் 18 அன்று ஸ்ரீ க்ருஷ்ண கான சபாவில் Soul Speaks என்ற நிகழ்ச்சியில் சிவராமன் சாரின் வாசிப்பில் தேர்ந்த நடனமணிகளான ரோஜா கண்ணனும் ப்ரியா முரளியும் ஆட, ஜி.ஸ்ரீகாந்த் பாட்டுடன், கண்டதேவி விஜயராகவன் வயலின் அனந்தா ஆர். க்ருஷ்ணன் தப்லாவுடன் முதலிரண்டும் அரங்கேறியது.

    ஐக்கிய நாடுகள் சபையில் ஸ்ரீமதி எம்.எஸ். சுப்புலக்ஷ்மி பாடுவதற்காக ஸ்ரீ ஸ்ரீ மஹாபெரியவாள் அருளிய ‘மைத்ரீம் பஜத’ -வின் தமிழ்ப் பாடல் இங்கே:

    மைத்ரீம் பஜத!

    நட்பினை நயந்தே நானிலம் வெல்வோம்
    நமைப்போல் எவரையும் நினைந்தே வாழ்வோம்
    பகைமையைத் தவிர்ப்போம் போரினை மறுப்போம்
    பிறருடைமை பறிக்கும் பிழைதனைப் புரியோம்
    (நட்பினை நயந்தே)

    காப்பாள் பூமகள் காமதேனு போலே – நம்
    தந்தையோ தவசிவன் தயைதரு மூலன்
    ஈகையும் கருணையும் பணிவு்ம் பயின்றே
    அனைவரும் உயர்ந்தே ஆனந்தம் கொள்வோம்


    • அருமை அருமை அருமையான பாட்டு ! தங்கள் குருநாதருக்கும் தங்களுக்கும் மிக மிக நன்றி நகராஜ் சார்!

  9. First time I come to know abour the controversary of that performance in U.N. It is very unfortunate. For ordinary person like me it deeply hurts. But how Mahaperiyava taught us to be humble and sober even while handling adverse situations. That is the greatness of Mahaperiyava. Total saranam in His Lotus feet.

    • There is no need to get perturbed about it. It is a mere difference of opinion of a few persons who, probably, were jealous of MahaPeriava. Consider it similar to the difference of opinion between Kamarila Battar (Purva Meemamsa) and AdhiSankarar (Adhvaita), or between Mandanamisrar _(Purva Meemamsa) and Adhi Sankarar (Adhvaita) or between a Shaivite and a Vaishnavite. This has been there from time immemorial. Only diference was that the said incident was borne out of jealousy rather than out of principle. But the high point is how Periava accepted it with humility and logic.

  10. Heavy to digest any simple criticism for us .spur killing instinct Great of Periyava
    In Lord Krishna said Samadrishti

  11. Salutations to my Eternal Teacher Mahaa Periavaa who has taught me the importance of humbleness and humility.Tears flow like Ganges to wash the feet of My Master Shri Periavaa.No words but a spell of Silence remains.

  12. Salutations to my Eternal Teacher Mahaa Periavaa who has taught me through this episode what is Humbleness and Humility.When such an avatar itself looks at the criticism so constructively what are we mortals before such incarnations.Tears flow endlessly whichshould bathe the Holy Feet of my Sathguru Mahaa Periavaa.Love.Muraliji.

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