HH Balaperiyava’s anugraha bashan on Namasankeerthanam

Very good one…Periyava talks about today’s reality and how we should do bagavat dhyanam despite all our daily grinds. He talks about the importance of namasankeerthanam. He refers a lot about Mahaperiyava’s arrangements made for promoting namasangeerthanam, honoring nama sangeerthana vidwan’s,Tamil vidwans etc…Audio is extremely good…..

Don’t miss!

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  1. Dear,Thank you very much. I was with Periava on that day at the Saba.But due to some reason I had to leave. Now Periava had blessed and through you I heard the anugraha bhashan.likewise I request you to post the anugraha bhashan of P.P and B.P made on the pongal day in AIR.

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