Definition of a sanyasa dharma by Mahaswami

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Periyava once visited Madurai. He was staying in a school in the North Masi Street. It was raining heavily, and the rains lasted for three days! ThamizhVeL P.T. Rajan, who was a resident of Madurai, had the desire to take MahaPeriyava to the Meenakshi Amman temple. He brought the car he had purchased recently and parked it in front of the building where Periyava was staying. “It is raining heavily. If you get inside the car you may go and alight near the temple. I have great happiness to take you (in the car).” P.T. Rajan told the sage politely.

Periyava asked him, “A new car?”

“Yes, but no other person has sat inside; only you should sit first!”

Periyava smiled at these words…

Then he called his disciple who stood nearby and said, “Go and have a look at the path that leads to the Meenakshi Amman temple.”

That disciple carefully walked over the path to the temple and came back.

“How is the path?” asked the Mahaan.

“It is all dirt and mud, and bear the tyre marks of the vehicles that went to and fro.” He continued, understanding the purport of Periyava’s question, “And in that mud, creatures such as worms and snails are crawling unsteadily.”

Periyava smiled at Sri PTR…

Periyava said, “A sannyAsi (ascetic) has three dharmas.

1.  The first dharma is that he should have no possessions; that is, he should not keep anything for himself.

2. The second is brahmacharya (celibacy). He should know how to control and rule over his senses.

3. And the third dharma is ahimsA. He should ensure that no jIvarAsi (living being) suffers because of him.

In the present situation, if I go on foot or either in the car, there would be countless jIvarAsis that would be trodden over. Hence there should be NO temple program for the time being. Postpone it. We will go later.”

Thus Periyava avoided going to the Meenakshi Amman temple at that time.  Forget going in the car!

Later, when the rains had stopped completely and the situation improved, he went on foot for darshan at Meenakshi Amman temple; and that with ThamizhVeL P.T. Rajan!


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  1. The incident took place in Naryanapuram on the outskirts of Madurai when HH was camping for starting Chaturmasyam or after that. Madurai roads were all tar laid and could not have earth worms or snails. I had been a resident of madurai then

    • Dear Sir,

      I am unable to get your point. What are you trying to prove? that snails and worms could not have crawled on the roads ? would they stop crawling on the waterlogged roads if the latter are tarred? Are you not missing the main point that MahaPeriava did not want to go because there was a likelihood of harming a few insects, that MIGHT be there on the roads, especially during Chathurmasya ?

      • Snails, frogs and worms inhabit only water bodies and that specific incident took place in Narayanapuram where HH was camping for Chaturmasyam of which I have personal knowledge as HH was camping in my friend’s farm . Narayanapuram in those days had lots of fields and tanks where HH was camping and Northmasi street to the best of my knowldege had no tanks or fields even in those days

  2. “Shankara!” is my reply to your last post.

    Dear Mahesh – Thanks for providing opportunity for everyone to express their views, to learn and share.
    I promise you, my intentions are not against anyone. Thanks for praying to periyava to show me the right path in your initial reply.

    Keep sharing and spreading good vibes through your service. If you foresee issues in an individual submitting his pleas to mahaperiyava through this blog, I will keep my questions to myself.

    Apara Karuna Sindhum Gnanatham Shantha Roopinam
    Shree Chandrashekhara Gurum Pranamaami Mudhaanvaham

    Hope this will be my last comment.Thank you!

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