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It is always delightful to see mami speak – particularly about Periyava.  Although this video is an appeal to solicit support for the temple she built, mami speaks from her heart on how she wants to run this temple in a dharmic way. It is quite fascinating that there are some souls like mami who fears nothing – absolutely nothing as she has Periyava with her. It isn’t any joke to build a temple for Goddess Rajarajeswari and Mahaperiyava by a 85+ year old lady.

It is so true that chanting gayathri in cow-shed, on the banks of a river etc earns hundred-fold benefits than chanting at home. With that in mind, this temple has been built right on the banks.

If you have not visited this temple yet, please visit them next time. Great place to visit in Trichy.

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  1. Thank you all for your views based on the knoweldge and experiences acquired in your current life. I have an open mind, and inclination to learning every day. Hope you are one too.

    It looks like most of you are on a flight mode right now. But guess, when you sleep you can’t be on that mode. That’s why you seek that sleep every day and only a fraction of you can remember what you dream and decode what those waves mean.

    While my questions on this thread might have made many of you feel uncomfortable; Some of you might have thought why a stranger is asking random questions. While very few might have thought “why do we do actually build temples?”

    Adi Shankara couldn’t have produced Vivekachoodamani and Prashnothara Rathna Malika without his curious questions and answers to his own mind.

    As long as the activities you endorse are purely for “loka kshemartha” karyas, do what you love and love everything around you unconditionally!

    Please read when time permits.

    PS: These are views based on a collective wisdom of a learning mind. Not a closed and blind mind.
    Be curious, help some and do what you love!

  2. You are making me to explain. I request to forgive me those who hurt due to this message. They are God’s child & they have direct Moksham.

    Please understand why handicapped people are born. this is purely due to Karma.

    Why they are in a particular family. This is called Athma-relations (liable to that soul).

    Somehow, this Karma is purified and ultimately reaching God. Our eyes, mouth, ears hands, legs are all to pray, to hear God name, to walk to the temple etc.

    coming to poor – Nobody can fill the (dried) well from the top. If it comes from down (with grace of god), no need pour a pot of water. As much as possible we can take & it will not reduce. Similarly to some extent only others can help. Otherwise, the helping person will become poor, by spending all.

    coming to temple – it will be for generation & generations & maintained by all future generations. . If it is a house, how many generation of that family will stay in a house and take care.

    Please do not consider the common men word like “doing service to Poor Makkel (poor persons) is equal to the service of Lord Mahesan. Please follow a word of Mahans ” do service to Lord Mahesa” He will take for the whole world Athmas (including animal & persons etc.) If he does not give water, no Athma can survive in the world.

    NO (Athma)BODY can escape from KARMAS. Everybody has to clean their own. Karmas are like a dusty on the chain. Even 500 years old chin will be glittering after it is cleaned with fire. Similarly, Karma vinai accumulated Athma has to be cleaned with our prayers and doing other karmas.

    One good Athma i.e. Mahan will make the changes in the world. Please note one small fire stick is not used in a correct way, will destroy the house, street, town,district, country.. no end. It has such a power.

    Everybody’s duty to do good things. But we should pray for others (after prayer we should ask the God “Loga samastha suhino Bavanthu). He will take care.

    Example a country is helping to a particular group of persons to come up continously. So many years it is helping to coming up. Whether it has reduced. Every year in the budget, it is increasing. Now they keep other groups to out. But God takes care them.

    Nobody can change the world. Mahans & God can only do. Both of them are one only. We cannot reach the God directly. It is possible through Mahans only.
    Without the Receiver (Mahan) you cannot reach the Satillite waves. Similarly, to tune the Receiver, Gynak kaAn (third eye) to be used to find the power of Mahan.

    May the God bless everyone and everywhere.


  3. Giri traders will ship the book if we are willing the pay the extra postage for international shipping.

  4. In The Presence of the Divine – Narratives of experiences with Maha Periyava Volume 1 (translated by Smt Sujatha Vijayaraghavan) – This book is available at Giri Traders. For those outside the US, Giri Traders will ship the book

  5. Dear Sri Bhaktan – Would like to reply to your questions in details (to the extent I know). But would you kindly mind revealing your real name – so that everyone on this forum knows who they are speaking to?

    • Thanks for your intent to clarify things with such a humble gesture. Respect you!

      I don’t have an identity yet. And I don’t ask questions to individuals because am yet to discover that. That’s why my questions were posted to mahaperiyava.

      If your answers will depend on a name, please take it as “Swaminathan” – for the sake!

  6. Dear Nagesha, I have once saw this book in Govindapuram Sri Kanchi Mahaswamy Tapovanam and in the bookshop at Govindapuram Ramanama Bodendral Adishtanam. Please try when you visit these places sir.

  7. Can Any one please tell me where can I get the below book-In The Presence of the
    Divine – Narratives of
    experiences with Maha
    Periyava Volume 1
    (translated by sujatha

  8. By mentioning Paropakaram, i didnt mean to say you will find answers about building temples or about donations but to learn what an individual can do to help others ( It need not be money ) and the least is to point mistakes and finding flaws.
    Dheivathin kural is to be read not to show our wisdom but to realise what better person we can become and contribute to the society by following our codes. MAHAPERIYAVA SARANAM

  9. Thank you for the video of Nochiyam Mami. I plan to visit the temple in June / July 2015 God willing.
    I will get in touch with the trust for Pooja.
    Appreciate the posting.
    Chandrasekar Venkataraman

  10. Very fantastic speech by Mami. My namaskarar to maha periyava and Mami. I am very eager to see the temple.
    maha..periyavaa saranam. ..

    uma venkat

  11. To learn about PAROPAKAARAM please read Dheivatin Kural 3rd volume

    The comment from Bhakthan looks more like Jaabali preaching Rama to accept throne and to ignore dharma.

    Temples are the place to worship not a status symbol. This draws people to a place where good vibration is felt. It is not a luxury place to host party or to keep it a monument. It is to show our devotion and worship to GOD.

    During charity work – more than helping others it is to clear one’s own sins as it gives a sense of satisfaction. Building temples by devotees is not just by stone or granite but it is by devotion every brick is built. The temples are built by Bhagavat sankalpam and the person who is projected as a doer is just an instrument. As Mami says in the interview itis Mahaperiyava’s sankalpam this could have happened.

    Mahavallaba Ganapathy temple built in NY under the guidance of Mahaperiyava is a solace to so many devotees who come to worship. The temples built are for a reason itis not a show of one’s own acheivement and any one who takes this initiative does it with dedication otherwise it will go futile. Any place Mahaperiyava is worshipped, GHO Pooja, Patasala are given priorities and this is a great asset for future generation.


    • Thank you for your views and I will try to find this article and educate myself.

      Hope you have read it; I suggest you to write a synthesis or your interpretations and share it on this blog; Perhaps, people asking for money for temples and other religious activities, can be provided with a copy of this chapter before collecting the money.

      • Thanks for suggesting this chapter, while I will take time to read these thought will share this with everyone asking and giving money for their dharmic activities.

        Just a snippet, “செலவுக்கு என்ன செய்வதென்றால், பணக்காரனைத் தான் நம்பிக் கொண்டிருப்பது என்றில்லாமல், அவனவனும் ஒரு “காலணாவாவது” கொடுக்க வேண்டும். பணக்காரனும் “சரீரத்தால் உழைக்க” வேண்டும்;ஏழையும் “திரவியத்தால் துளி உதவி” பண்ண வேண்டும். இதுதான் நிஜமான த்யாகம். பணக்காரனை “அதிகப் பணம்” கேட்கவே கூடாது என்று எனக்கு அபிப்ராயம். காரணம் சொல்கிறேன். Read more..

      • Here’s how it ends:
        பொதுத் தொண்டுக்கு மூல பலம் பணம் இல்லை, ஐக்யப்பட்ட மனம்தான் என்று புரிந்துகொள்ள வேண்டும். பணம் கொடுத்தவன் என்று எவனையும் பிரகடனப்படுத்தி, அதனால் அவனுடைய புண்யபலன் போய்விடும்படியாகச் செய்து விடக்கூடாது. திருப்பூந்துறை அய்யனார் கோயிலில் குளம் வெட்டினபோது பணம் வசூலித்து, கூலி கொடுத்து, ‘காமகோடி’பத்திரிகையிலும் நன்கொடைக்காரர்களின் பெயரைப் போட்டு விட்டார்கள். அடுத்த ‘இஷ்யூ’விலேயே நான் கொட்டை எழுத்தில், ”இனிமேல் இப்படிப் பண பலத்தில் பண்ணாமல், ஆட்களின் அன்பு பலத்திலேயே பண்ண வேண்டும் என்பதற்காகத்தான் அப்படிப் போட்டோம்”என்று நாசூக்காக மன்னிப்பு, பச்சாத்தாபம் தெரிவிக்கிற மாதிரி ‘பப்ளிஷ்’பண்ண வைத்தேன்.

        Unfortunately – even by the side of his Adhishtanam we have the donors name engraved.
        Hope the key people taking decisions in all the mutts and organisations read this single article before asking for donations and celebrating donors.

  12. Mr Bhakthan, Please make your comment only after visiting the place,meeting Mami and clear your doubts and if they have any specific doubts to them,please clear them too All these temples are just to rejuvate people and attract them to Dharmic living. Now a days every thing is very much needed for an organisation.. I humbly request you all to visit the place first,then understand every thing yourself,and i think gradually you will become one of the great spokesperson for this great set up dedicated at the lotus feet of Kanchi Maha Guru. Hara Hara Sankara…Jaya Jaya Sankara..

    • Thank you for views. As long as you are clear on what that “every thing is very much needed” is and it is inline with Dharma – which apparently advocates simplicity, it should be fine.

      I salute maami’s selfless efforts. Hope maami does activities to educate the community around this village to improve their standards of living too. Hope there are more annadhanams. Hope people visiting these temples don’t just go to do GhoPooja- in this case to purify their sins to the pithrus. They also understand how the living standards of people are and do some service to the society.

  13. Dear Bhakthan,

    Your questions while valid, I would like to know whether you follow the basic dharma and do your karma anushtanams daily?

    Secondly, while there may be initiatives which are driven solely by commercial considerations, in the present case it seems to be purely inspired by Mahaperiyavaa.

    Thirdly, while your are not stating that explicitly you seem to be suggesting that the money of the rich should be going directly to the poor and the starving. As any student of basic economics will tell you that is never the solution and is the least effective method of alleviating poverty. Building of temples and the “commerce” around it in fact has a greater role in improving the lives of the those living around the temples and this in fact has been the tradition and history, especially of Tamil Nadu where the great kings of the past used temple building and worship as a means of keeping the rural economy thriving.

    • There are two sides to a coin. Bhaktan’s view is one. The other side is that so many people get employment and regular income by hard work and honestly earning their income. Building temples preserve our culture. All including poor people who serve those visiting temples are definitely benefitted.

      • Thanks for sharing your views on my questions to periyava.

        Hope those “poor” people – based only on economic standards, are benefitted with knowledge and shown a path to improve their standards of living too. Temples prioritizing on such benefits than buying costly ornaments and building costly things using materials, to adorn the unknown are most welcome.

  14. My sincere namaskarams to everyone including the hailed maami in this thread. I have a general thing flashing in my mind in the recent past and I am posting my query in this to mahaperiyava and not to blame or hurt any specific individual.
    1. Why do people celebrating you build temples and not Dharmic schools?
    2. Why are such temples big and have best in class materials when we see that temples?
    3. Are you becoming a status symbol for the current brahmin community? People want draw you, frame you, temple you by spending huge sum of money.
    4. Are you not afraid that the word mahaperiyavaa also becomes like currency?
    5. How many of your bhakthas will have soulful bhakthi even if their prayers aren’t answered? How many of our prayers are related to financial prospects?
    6. Did you discourage people from building temples for you? If so – who is giving authority to your current generation bhakthas to build temples?
    7. How many of your bhakthas follow basic dharma?

    Perhaps you must have given basic set of criteria for someone to become a “true” bhaktha. I am afraid we will end up building temples, selling merchandise and building an economy around you. Because every institution built needs “finance” to sustain in today’s world. I beleive because of that dependency every instituation has a dependency on people with money or fame. And people with money wants to invest thinking that will yield them more money – at least in some cases. Is this the vicious circle?

    Please enligthen the world around us whereever you are.

    Wish you were here to inspire people visit rural communities and spend time with people without shelter, food and basic education.

    I think you are the only modern world soul that rewrote Dharma in simple words as:
    Compassion, love and service is the way to realise the truth that we live in a connected universe (Brahman).

    Hope we prioritize our funds towards things that matter the most in a world striving hard to fight poverty.

    • Dear bhakthan,

      You simply exposed how shallow your knowledge in almost every topic. I suggest you better read some Hinduism 101 or dheivathin kural before you come here and challenge.

      I pray periyava to introduce you to right material that would answer all these questions.

      Sent from my iPhone


      • Thanks for your evaluation on knowledge of an individual – in this case the commentor.

        Ignorance and shallow knowledge are far better than blind faith and accepting things without understanding the purpose behind things.

        Having said that, I salute this maami’s selfless efforts towards peace and promoting values of an ancient Dharma – in this case in the name of mahaperiyava.

        I may be ignorant; my knowledge may be shallow;but I believe religion as a concept needs to evolve and hope the next generation of kanchi acharyas will be sent by Mahaperiyava to discover the truth and show a new path than to sleep over old text books and old schools of thought that haven’t beared the fruit of peace in the world yet.

        I still salute your and lot of noble souls indivdual efforts that don’t demand money but purely aimed at the development of an individual’s mind and purify it. But because I visit and salute your intent, I may not agree to everything said by you either. Human brain(the invisible antenna) is the best gift and reasoning(Tarka) things is the best ability of all in it.Thanks for reading!

    • 1. because temples are public places where rich or poor, everyone can visit. ‘Dharmic school’ is a utopian philosophy!

      2. according to modern standards, temples are growing in size in tune with the competitive spirit of the growing population.

      3.Brahmin community has become such a minority community now, nothing can change its fate.

      4. this currency could never be demonetized!

      5. one way or the other, all prayers have financial need in the background; rich men seldom visit temples!

      6. availability of space is the only requirement

      7. who said that bhakthi and dharma are inter-related?

      • I read your views on the questions posted to periyava.

        On your views on Question#1. Hope some day we all understand. Why do we need special tiers of queues or known circle recommendations? Power in most temples has always had a direct link with net worth – either individual or network.

        To your view on #3, I guess periyavas objective was to guide this community properly. But most selectively take things, chase money, build institutions, collect money and an economy around that. I am not sure if mahaperiyava would have endorsed all the activities carried out by various religious mutts and organisations. I think they have started enterprising than focusing on their main purpose.

        I understand these questions challenge status quo. But try and reflect to find proper reasons before starting or funding temples. Till then visit or renovate the existing temples. Dharma is not a race on numbers and number of gods.

  15. great soul. May Periyava continue to shower His Divine grace on you in plenty, maami.

  16. What a bakthi!! When will I reach this state?? I can only prostrate myself to you mami!!