First Adi Sankara Ratha Utsavam on Vasantha Panchami @W.Mambalam on Jan 24th



Shri Panchami Nagarajan is not any new face here in the blog. Once an anti-Mahaperiyava person who transformed his own life after reading dheivathin kural. Today Shri Nagarajan is living his life by the letters of what Periyava had said in dheivathin kural. He has been doing Sankara Jayanthi on vasantha panchami of every year in a very grand way for the past 15 years now. In addition to this, mama conducts monthly sahasra gayathri japam session, anusham puja at his place. Please refer to this post for some photos – you can see Brahmasri Vedapuri mama too!! Sri Ganesa Sarma was doing pravachanam in his house for a very long time, as I understand. A noble soul doing lot of things without any publicity. However this one came out somehow – probably for a good reason.

As we all know nothing better than Adi Acharya seva can please Mahaperiyava. In fact in one of the interviews (I think with Shri Photo Seetharaman mama), Periyava got extremely pleased to know that mama had done a model of a temple for Adi Acharya and He blessed mama with both the hands etc. I need to confirm – so many interviews, so many incidents – couldn’t exactly remember! Message for all of us is to offer our everyday prayer to Adi Acharya and offer more puja for Him – without Him there is no sanatana dharma!

Last year it seems one of the w.mambalam devotees mentioned Shri Nagarajan mama that we should build a ratham for Sri Adi Shankara so that a procession could be made with His vigraham. That seed of thought has sprung into real action. The ratham has been built and going to be delivered by this week. However mama needs some support in paying for this… Mama is least concerned about this as he is very confident that Periyava will take care of this and quoted incidents how Periyava blessed him. Recently, Periyava sent one mami to his place and sent a message through her that “Ask him not to worry. He has my blessings and Mahalakshmi will pour on him!”

The vigraham of Adi Shankara that mama has has a great background as well. When HH Pudhu Periyava went to Kashmir, He wanted to take a vigraham of adi acharya and He chose mama’s vigraham! Vigraham was kept in the adishtanam and abishekam was done for few days and was with Pudhu Periyava for few days and then taken to Kashmir and brought back here! What a great blessing! Today both our acharyas have blessed mama to be part of Sri Matam to do kaingaryam to Lord Chandramouleeswara puja at Sri Matam! Mama considers that as the highest anugraham!

Last but not the least, Brahmasri Chandrasekhara Bharathi is mama’s son-in-law who also lives and breathes Periyava like mama!

The vasantha panchami for 2015 falls on January 24, 2015. All W.Mambalam devotees are requested to talk to mama and offer your help towards this project and participate in LARGE numbers – not only for this one but for every panchami / anusham. This is your local project and local devotees should support each other and expand the satsang. In addition to this, mama conducts monthly sahasra gayathri japam session, anusham puja at his place. Please participate in all these satsangs and immerse in the thoughts of our guruparampara!

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  1. so nice – its great to see the ratham photo – thank u all

  2. you are really really blessed !!!

  3. Periyava Kataksham. Engo sendravanai Panchami Mamavathukku kondu poi niruthi, rathathinai varaverka avarudan irukka vachu ippo logathukkum antha rathathinai dharisanam seivikka vachurukka nam mahaperiyava. Avaroda krupaiyil ellaarum nalamodu vaazhvom. Periyava charanam.

  4. Updated the post with the ratham photo…..Thanks Suresh….

  5. Periyava Charanam.

    Had the golden opportunity to be with Panchami Nagarajan mama tonight just an hour before to receive the Ratham at the venue. Have shared the same in SOK FB page. Request to Mahesh Anna, to help the darshan to all the devottees by sharing the same here too. Periyava anugrahathula pothiya panam avarukku kidaichu, sthabathikku kuritha kaalathil kodukka mudiyanumnu sricharanalai manasaara praarthikkaren.

    Periyava Kataksham

  6. Vasantha Panchami also coincides with the holy day when Adi Acharyal consecrated Sri Mahatripurasundari sametha Srimad Chandramauleeshwaraswami in our Srimatam.

  7. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! Great Service and deserves all support from Devotees!

  8. Shall u plz post the dates of Kanchi Maha Periyava Jayantothsavam & Aradhana Dates
    and also Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Janma Thithi Date in the Year 2015 – 2016
    Plz do the Needful sir

  9. Yes,, Nagaraja mama doing gayathri Homam in Mambalam Goh Shala almost all sundays

    He is doing Shannavathi Tharpanam also doing in all the prescribed 95 days Tharpanam in a Year he is getting the title name as Shannavathi Nagarajan
    Other than that he is one of the shisyas doing Kainkaryam in all Mahaswamigal Arathan with achram and anushtanam.
    myself joing him in Acharyal pro cession,Vedavyasa pata oorvalam on Vyasa pooja day
    most of the processions starts from Mambalam Goh Shala
    All should support his pooja ,homam,procession
    from Seattle USA
    Jan 6 th 2015

  10. Please refer to the post on Kamakshi Mahatmyam

    Pages 8 and 9 of the attached document has a SankarArchana Namavali with 24 names.

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