Time Sensitive: Live telecast of abishekam of Uthirakosamangai Natarajar on Jan 4th midnight

Thanks to Shri Ramesh for the message…

Swasthik TV (WWW.SWASTHIKTV.COM) is broadcasting the Abishekam of the Unique 6ft Tall Maragatha Natarajar in Uthirakosamangai. You can watch it here from 1:30PM EDT today. It is a very rare sight to watch, as they remove the Sandalwood Kavacham only once a year for Thiravadirai. The emerald Nataraja is anointed with sandal paste round the year except on Tiruvathidirai festival day when special worship is practised. It is believed that even small vibrations can damage the image and hence no percussion instruments are used during the abishekam.

Do not miss this! Rare opportunity..Thanks to SwastikTV for doing this….


Om Nama Shivaya!


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5 replies

  1. Dear All, behalf of swasthiktv.com I thank you all for your great response.for more divine Programs and every month Program details please email to swasthiktv.com@gmail.com.

    also you all can share with us any of the Temple events / Festivals / Music & Dance Fests (Traditional). you can also email to sangeetha@magicsquare.in

  2. I saw the live webcast! Divine Dharshan! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! I am not aware of any video recording. But Swasthik TV has a link with excellent photographs of the Maragatha Nataraja Dharshan, Abhishekam and Alankaaram on Arudhra Day! Om Nama Shivaaya! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  3. dear ramesh & mahesh,
    Has it been recorded and if yes, is it possible to put it on the blog?
    please, consider.


  4. So sorry! I received this message only on 5th Jan @ 10 a m.

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