Mahaperiyava Upanyasam by Brahmasri Sundarakumar @ Sri Kanchi Matam, Malleswaram Jan 1-7th


Shri Sundarakumar does not need any intro. The event started on Jan 1st and would end on Jan 7th. Timings are in the evening between 6.30 PM and 8.30 PM.

Bangalore devotees – Please do not miss this good opportunity

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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  1. >> Those who have uploaded this on the web have not done the right thing? How do you know? May be they took the permission of Sundarji. <<

    As I have stated above, Sundarji says that if upanyasams are freely available on the web for download, they may fall into wrong hands and could be put out for sales, which goes against his principles. Let us respect and accept others' principles and practices.

    • But then if upanyasams are freely available on the web for download “they may fall into the wrong hands” and so upanyasams shouldnt be uploaded into the web sounds strange For if thats the case, then u have Mahaperiyavas experiences which are freely uploaded, thousands of books on Vedas upanishads are available freely on the web. Infact The Divine Life Scoeity of Swami Sivanandas puts everything on the web.

  2. Sundarji does not permit recording his discourses. Even if he consents, which is very rare, he clearly states that the recording has to be strictly used for personal consumption alone. He opines that if the recording falls into wrong hands, it may be brought out commercially, which is completely against his principles of selling upanyasam for money. This is the reason that he is one of the very few upanyasakas that does not give preference for remuneration, and is content even if Rs. 1/- is offered to him as dakshina. He follows in the path advised by Triplicane Periyava who also abhorred money and fame and it is our duty to respect and abide those great principles. Those that have uploaded the upanyasams in the above site have not done the right thing. A religious institution that was distributing wonderful spiritual books at very low cost were shocked to see their content being published by a trading company, that too, at a high cost, and without any acknowledgment citations given to the original author. I am sure none of us would want to see a similar situation with Sundarji’s upanyasams.

    Please get in touch with the organizers of the upanyasam for their consent to distribute the recordings.

    • Emm. I am not sure of this. Infact when I attended his Bhagavatam discourses held at Venugopalaswamy temple, Gopalapuram, someone directly fixed their recorder near the mike. Didn’t see Sundarji angry or objecting at this.

      Falling into the wrong hands, True Sundarji will surely opine on that. As you said before, best is to contact Sundarji ask him whehther they can do that and put up the discourses.

      Those who have uploaded this on the web have not done the right thing? How do you know? May be they took the permission of Sundarji.

  3. Here is a website which contains his discourses:
    If he had objected then how could have people recorded without his permission?

  4. Yes Lakshmiji exactly. I dont think Sundaraji denies that. His only concern is that his audios should not be commercially used in any form. Otherwise, I have downloaded his upanyasams on Soundarya Lahari which was on a wordpress site (now the site doesnt exist).

  5. May be we can request Brahmasri SUndarakumarji to make it available to all of us to get the bagyam of listening to HIs upanyasams. We will be blessed if thats possible.

  6. Looks like it. The pravachanam was superb. Most inspiring.. These are meant to be available to as many people right ? Arent we happy that periawa words and other devotee experiences are available for us through mahesh .?Is that not a great service.? I don’t understand why pravachanams should be heard by only a few who were present.

    Anyways … if thats the will of…

  7. Does that mean we wont be getting to hear the audio of his upanyasams on Periyavaa??

  8. Ok. So the video tape was for personal purposes. It was only the information that I got from someone who thought it was for sales. I was wrong. for posting the message without confirming it first. Lesson learnt. Appologies. .

  9. Thanks Sudarshan….Yes, selling his content is against his preference. Let us not do that.

    • Can it not be marketed on a “No profit, No loss” basis in which case it is not commercial? Perhaps ALL the expenses could be totalled and divided by the number of CDs [pre-ordered by a certain number of devotees from whom advance payment is received!]

  10. Lakshmiji, please ensure that you confirm with the organizers about the video CD being brought put “for sales”. The event was videographed in an individual capacity and was done only after obtaining consent from Sundarji for personal purposes only. Sundarji has always been clear that none of his discourses will be commercialized and for that particular reason itself he has always discouraged anybody from making recordings, lest they fall into wrong hands and are sold for a price. Your message could send wrong signals and messages.

  11. The organisers have video taped the whole program. They are planning to bring out a cd for sales or something. I will,follow it up and post the details.

  12. It would be of immense value to devotees like me of both Maha Periyavaa and Brahmashri Sundar Kumar, if we could listen to the Upanyasam on Maha Periyavaa. Kindly help us listen to the Divine outpourings of the rare Punyapurusha.
    With Humble Pranams at the Holy Feet of Maha Periyavaa

  13. Dear Mahesh.. Can you please ask some one from your blog to record digitally all the days as this can be treasure in the future and also all the devotees in the world can listen to the great upanyasam.. Can be in a video or even in a audio format will be great.. Periyava Charanam
    Ganesh Kumar

  14. It would be great if someone can record it.

  15. Yes It would be nice if somebody can record it

  16. Hari Om!

    Is anybody recording this?

    I would like to listen

    மஹா பெரியவா திருவடிகளே சரணம்

    Ganesh Raghu

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