Azhukku Swamy – one of my favorites

Thanks to Shri BN Mama for a wonderful translation…This is one of my favorites – don’t know why! May be the devotee is so innocent, may be Periyava approved azhukku swamy as another mahan or may be something else – I dont know 🙂 Enjoy!



During Kanchi Mahan’s life time, many amazing things had taken place due to His clairvoyant perception (Extra Sensory Perception ). I had one such experience in my life. I am sharing it with you.

I was studying B.A. in a college in Pudukkottai. On a certain day, I went to Viralimalai (Abode of Lord Murugan) along with my friend to have Dharsan of Murugan. There are steps to climb the hill to go to the top. I had a wonderful Dharsan and was coming down the steps, chanting ‘Muruga’ ‘Muruga’.

The hill path was full of natural beauty, with green trees everywhere; flock of peacocks were to be seen on tree tops and rock tops. When they crowed, it sounded like ‘Muruga’ ‘Muruga’. I was climbing down, enjoying these and other eye—filling scenes.

On the way down, in the gap between two rocks, I sighted a cave. On its front face was written ‘Azhukku Sami is meditating inside’. It was a lonely place with no souls around. I had a peculiar feeling of intense suspense, and joy. Why not go inside and see the ‘Samiyar’?

Gathering some courage, I entered the cave.

The atmosphere inside was akin to the scenes I have seen in suspense thrillers. A small ray of light penetrated through a small opening in the ceiling, in otherwise a dark space. I saw the samiyar there as a figure in extreme peace. He was in meditation, with close eyes. I could not guess his age; a fragile body; a Dhandam lay near him; there was a white conch in which was the sacred white ash. He had a white beard and was just wearing a saffron coloured loin cloth .

There was a peculiar brightness (Tejas) on his face. The peaceful atmosphere there and his calm posture attracted me and gave a thrilling feeling to my soul.

I fell before him on the floor and prostrated; I stood up with folded hands with my body trembling a bit. A few moments passes by.

He opened his eyes and looked up. There was a beam of light from his eyes and fire !

I again prostrated before him and stood up.

I had a thrilling feeling; I was trying to say something; I opened my mouth; but no words came out, except bursts of air!

His divine look thrilled me. “Did Balamurugan come to have dharsan of Murugan?”—-He asked.

“Ah!…….Ah!….Balamurugan ! My name is Balasubramaniyan ! Sami! Sami !”—–tears showed up in my eyes.

I folded my hands involuntarily. He offered me the sacred ash from the conch. I bowed and accepted it.

He raised both his hands and blessed me; I just stood there, thoroughly thrilled.

He closed his eyes again and went back to his meditation. I climbed down carrying that wonderful feeling.

One year passed by.

But the experience with the ‘Azhukku Sami’ was lingering in my inner mind always. I went to Kancheepuram to have Dharsan of Periava. Swamikal was camping at Enaththoor.

Oh ! what a milling crowd! Thousands were waiting. Men, women, old aged people, children from near and far. The chants of ‘Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!’ reverberated all around. I stood in the queue and waited for my turn. The queue was moving.

Oh! What a Tejas ! MahaPeriava was sitting on a podium.

Oh ! Who is standing there near Him with hands folded and mouth shut ! Is he not Sriman Vanchi Iyer who is the administrator of the Sri Sankara school where I am working as a teacher ! Yes, he is a close attendant of MahaSwamikal and used to spend most of his time in His service.

He saw me standing in the queue and called me near him with his hand sign. The crowd let me in. I went near Him and stood there with all humility.

Administrator introduced me to Him, “ He is a teacher in our school; Balu is his name. His father K.Gopala Sastrikal is a great Samskrit scholar, but is no more.”

I fell at His feet.

MahaSwamikal’s radiating vision fell on me.

“Did you have dharsan of Azhukku Sami?”—He asked in a low voice !

‘Ah!…Azhukku Sami, the Mahan I saw in Viralimalai! MahaPeriava is speaking about what happened one year ago! I was thrilled ! I murmured to myself “Azhukku sami…Azhukku sami….”

“Yes! I had dharsan, with Periava’s blessings.”—–I replied.

He heard my stammering answer smiled and started speaking to the next devotee.

Vanchi Iyer came to me and asked “ Periava ia asking you about one Azhukku sami and you are also stammering and staggering ! what is all this about ?”

My voice is again becoming unclear with emotion, “Mama! I…..I…..went to Viralimalai one year ago to have Dharsan of Muugan, and on my way down, I had the Dharsan of this Azhukku Samiyar in a cave. Periava is asking about that now! Gnana Dhrushti (Extra sensory perception) mama…” I could not speak coherently; tears filled my eyes and were rolling down my cheeks.
I shall never in my life forget this most thrilling experience!

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  1. While at elementary school in Madurai I had a class-mate named Azhukkuchami. We learnt, his parents sought the blessings of a Swami for a child, whereupon the Swami collected “azhukku” from his own body and gave it to the woman to consume it! She reverently obeyed the command. Result: a male child was born and he was named Azhukkuchami, my class mate. With humility I say, here was another Swamy whose action was transcendental. I do not know the Swami’s name.

    Pranams to Maha Periyava!
    C.K. Gaureeshankar

  2. Great Blessing! Maha Periyava Bless us all! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  3. Heartfelt thanks to Shri BN Mama for translating this gem for the non-tamil speaking folks!

  4. Periyavaaluku Theriyaathathu Onnumey kidayaathu. If you once understand that then every thing thing will become very easy and reach you automatically. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  5. Enndharoba Mahanu Bhavalu Andhareega Vandhanumu. Our Bharat desam is having lot of Mahans. Jaya, Jaya Shankara. Hara, Hara Shankara.

  6. Both reasons are true. The devotee was innocent and had ‘yadhartha Bakthi’ (not polluted with logic) and Periava also must have regarded the ‘Azhukku Sami’ as a Mahan. Whatever, it must have been a thrilling experience not only for Mr.Balasubramanian, but also for all of us who had the good fortune of knowing it !

    ஜய ஜய சங்கர! ஹர ஹர சங்கர!

  7. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sanakra

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