Sri Kanchi MAHASWAMIGAL SRADDHANJALI Program – Re-telecast – Starting now!

My sincere apologies for publishing this so late. Although I got the email from Shri Ramesh, I forgot. Sorry!

Dear Devotees

Sri Seetharama Gurukulam, Veda Patasala & Vaithikasri had conducted a program to honor Vaidikas Selected in the “Vaideega Prayoga (Kalpasree) Examination, on the 21st Aradhana Day – 18th December in Chennai

The Patasala & Gurukulam is run by Sri Rajagopala Ganapadigal Mama

The event was graced by Guruji Pujya Muraleedhara Swamigal. He gave a beautiful speech on “Greatness of Mahaswamigal”. This was broadcast live on a webtv
Swasthik TV has gracefully agreed to re-telecast the event for all devotees outside India. The re-telecast is scheduled for 1pm EST on 12/21/2014, Sunday. (11:30pm IST).

Please go to to view the re-telecast. Please share this anyone you can so that all can view this great program & not miss the scintillating speech by Guruji Pujya Muraleedhara Swamigal.
This is a way to show our support to people who work hard to preserve our Santana Dharma & honor our Vaidikaas. Its also a way to show our appreciation & support to initiative like & support it if we can.

Please see attached flyer about the program
gurukulam01 gurukulam02

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  1. Missed it ! Is there any way, the Pravachanm by Sri Muralidhara Swamikal is recorded and available for replay ? Help me, I must hear His Pravachanam.

  2. Chandramouli Mama’s Facebook has the video with audio. We were truly blessed to see
    Maha Periyava on Rishaba vahana.

  3. No audio , v R not able to hear in that video. Plz help me. I tried in all tablets.

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  4. How do I send u information I have photos of Periyava Aradhana that happened yesterday in San Jose Sri rajarajeswari temple

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