Outstanding compilation of sloka/stotra for all Sri Matam devotees


Thanks to KKSF, NJ who have compiled everything a Kanchi matam devotee must have  . PFA the PDF version – upload it onto your iPads or any tablets for easy reference…I am so glad to note that there is an effort going on to freely publish this as a proper eBook in Apple Store and other stores.

Download from here – http://jmp.sh/OwdC65H


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  1. Very valuable Sthothra book for Devotees! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya shankara!

  2. You can approch people at Sri Kanchi Sankara Mutt, Sannathi Street, Rameswaram where very old Panchayathana pooja swamy vigrahams which were placed by some old people who were performing the pooja in their houses, after their old age placed the same in the Mutt. That very ancient vigrahams are original one and you can talk to the Manager of the Mutt and if possible get one set.


  3. I need Salagramam and other 5 stones to do daily puja. what is available in stores or Markets are duplicates. Can any devotee’s of Mahaperiava help me to get it.

  4. Shri C.Swaminathan has been delivering Maha Periyaval”s Mahimai lecture all these days in Zee Tamil TV. We are all greately disappointed that this sacred programme came to an end today. Could he persuaded to continue this noble task in some other platform? We are all very eager to listen more and more about Maha Periyava.


  1. Sri Kamakshi Ashtothram – Sage of Kanchi

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