Appeal/write-up from Brahmasri Musiri Dikshitar Mahan


Thanks to Dr Ravi for the article he wrote on this mahan. I have also attached the appeal from dikshitar mama – thanks to Shri Sankaran Natarajan for the pdf.


I have mentioned about Him in Sage of Kanchi site in the past. Recently during our visit to India we had the good fortune of having His Dharshan in Musiri and getting His blessings. I want to share with you all our experience.

As you are aware Sri Musiri Periyava is the only living Mahan among the four Sri Maha Periyava Himself has told as Mahans. The others are Sri Sivan Sar (His poorvasrama younger brother), Sri Pradosham mama (Venkataraman), Sri Triplicane Periyava (Sri Kalayarama Bhagavathar @ Sri Angarai Periyava).

Sri Sivan Sar: Maha Periyava has told ‘Avan piraviyileye Mahan’ Sivan Sar Himself has said that His name will be better known only after His samadhi. Sri Sivaraman, along with  Sri Ramanan and others is so fortunate to have been closely associated with Him. He is doing annual Sivan Sar Jayanthi and Aradhanai every year elaborately in Chennai. He is so blessed. Hope most are aware of the book written by Sri Sivan Sar ‘ Enippadiyil Manthargal’. I tried to read it. It is beyond my little knowledge and understanding as it is of very very high spiritual standard. Pray to Him to make me understand it one day.

Sri Padosham mama: Hope every one knows about Him. He was one of the ardent devotees of Maha Periyava. In His entire life time He has never missed a Pradosham day in visiting Maha Periyava wherever He was on that day. He would do ‘Anga pradhakshinam’ three times and Maha Periyava would stand still wherever He was at that time, be it a road, field, thorny bush, or any other surface. His body would have suffered bruises, thorn pricks etc but He wouldn’t mind. That was His devotion and Bhakthi towards Maha Periyava. When will we get near that kind of Bhakthi ! That is how He was known as Pradosham mama. He was instrumental in building the Mani Mandapam in Orirukkai near Kanchipuram for Maha Periyava. It is said that Maha Periyava has called Him as the 64th Nayanmar.

His house is in Kanchipuram. We had the good fortune of seeing Mami, His wife in their house with Sri Ramadurai mama and getting her blessings. Ramadurai mama has said that Pradosham Mami is such a divine lady that God would talk to her and it would rain on her wish. We felt the true divine vibration in her house that day and it keeps occurring to me to visit again.

Sri Angarai Periyava: He had spent His life as Bhagavathar spreading Bhagavatham. He lived in Triplicane, Chennai. His Adishtanam is in Pazhuvur, near Musiri.

The above words on the 3 Mahans mentioned are only short and not complete. I would be very happy if someone come out with a detailed write up on them individually.

Brahmasri Musiri Ananthanarayana Vajapeyayaji – A Mahan who is living exactly as per Maha Periyava’s wish / word.

We are fortunate to have Brahmasri Musiri Periyava’s Dharshan for the last 2 years at least. We can see Him only in the evening as they all will be busy from early morning with their daily routine and have lunch only around 3 pm. I normally call His son Sri Yagnarama Sharma and fix appointment for His dharshan who would be more than willing to Bless ordinary souls like us.

As we enter one can feel the divinity and automatically get into Bhakthi mode. One can see a lot of very old books stacked all around Him. Learnt from His son that He and His books are inseparable and they are His soul and breath.

Recently I met Mr. Venkatasubramaniam, an advocate who got a transformation for reasons known only to Maha Periyava whom he has never seen in this life, and who is doing a phenomenal work of constructing a huge village called ‘Sri Maha Periyava Chaturveda Gramam’ in Kathiramangalam near Mayavaram.  At every stage he visualizes and Maha Periyava does it for him. The advocate himself doesn’t know how it is shaping up beautifully and the work is going on like the action of ‘Mayan’ according to him. He recently had a Dharshan of Sri Musiri Mahan and he was narrating the incident. In his own words…

“A few Vedic scholars and I entered His house after snanam in Kauveri and anushtanams. I felt a strange Divinity in His presence. He and His wife looked like Parvathi and Parameswaran. I told Him about the project in Kathiramangalam. He was very happy about the project for Veda rakshanam and Blessed us immensely. He also said that He would send pupils for Vedadyayanam. I asked His son about the books He is having and suggested that we build a good and strong library for safe keeping of these precious books. To that he said that we cannot do anything now as He and the books are inseperable. They are His ‘uyir moochu’.

He talked on various matters for long time and at the end we came out reluctantly. After returning to Chennai, I was crying the whole night for no reason just thinking of Him”.

That was how he described his experience with the Mahan. My family and I also would feel the same every time we have His Dharshan. Recently I asked Him doubts on Madyaniham. On the previous occasion He had said that if missed it can be done later that day or even the next day. We have to keep count of it and finish. This time He said it is best NOT to omit or miss Sandyavandanam esp Madyaniham. The latter can be done before starting to work after Pradassandya. Evening one to be done after coming back. Sankalpam, Argyam, Gayathri and Upasthanam are important and it won’t take more than 5 minutes. IT SHOULD NOT BE OMITTED AT ANY COST. That is His ORDER.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky in this birth to have got His Upadesam and Blessings. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

He mentioned about Panchayathana pooja and other pooja using Vigraham (moorthy) and without roopam (salagramam and other shapes). Abishegam is more important to Salagramam than Vigraham. Have to do daily Abishegam if we have Salagramam or Vel at home without fail and do Neivedyam regularly. He suggested that those who have Salagramam at home ( Pooja and Abishekam done by ancestors ) and unable to continue the same now due to various reasons can give to those who are regularly doing Vedadyayanam and make arrangements for daily pooja and Neivedyam by remitting some amount monthly. Interested persons may get His advice on this.

I feel it is our duty to support such Mahans wholeheartedly by making arrangements for monthly remittance and giving donations to be a small part of the various Vedic activities of such noble souls. Those who are interested may contact me through e mail or Mr. Ravigurunathan who is a frequent visitor for Bramhasri Musiri Mahan’s bank details.

Dr G Ravichandran.

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  1. Mahan Sri Musiri Dikshidar attained Yagneshwara feet yesterday 19 2.2019. Sivaya nama:

  2. I had the bhagyam of having darshan of MAHAN & his wife (Matushree) last Saturday along with my wife & daughter and receiving his blessings.
    Was moved on seeing Periyava & tears welled up in my eyes. Brahmasri Yagnarama vajapeyaji played perfect host & the warmth extended by him, his wife & Children was extremely touching given that we have had no previous introduction. I had the opportunity to spend over 3 hours in the holy place & also had the satisfaction of getting clarifications on a number of issues relating to Nithya anusthanas & srouta and smarta karmas from him & Mahan.
    Suffice to say that 14th November 2015 was a red lettered day in my life. Something which I would cherish till my end.
    Thanks to Shri Mahesh & Team for this article.

  3. Can I get details on the “chatur veda gramam”

  4. Thanks for details Shri Mahesh. Is it possible to have His Darshan, any specific days or timings available for darshan.? I am from Bangalore, a devotee of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. Would like to have Mahan’s darshan, God willing.

  5. Very Interesting one. I Never heard of him. Good such persons are coming to light due to seeva done by people like you. I want to start Panchayathana pooja this puja involves Lord Siva (baana linga) in the centre, Sun God (spatika) in the southeast, Lord Ganesha (sonapatra or red stone) in the southwest, Ambal (kareeya) in the northwest, and Lord Vishnu (saalagrama) in the northeast. where to get these stones.
    many stores sell duplicate Saalagrama’s. if any Devotees can help me , kindly mail me to csj.maya i will pay for it.

    • Namaste. I shall be grateful if you let me know more details and contact information of Advocate Sri Venkatasubramaniam so that I can try if I could be of a little help in the endevour of “chaturveda gramam”. Thanks a lot.

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