Sankaranandham by Sri Shankar

10x8-1 copyWrapper Backside copy

I met Shri Shankar in one of the Sivan Sar’s function. He handed me a book of poems that he wrote on Periyava. I even distributed to some of my friends. Now he has come up with another one…Great one…He has composed poems on HH Pudhu Periyava and Bala Periyava also…My favorite is the “pancha bootha Periyava” – brilliant work!

He is going to distribute this book on Aradhana day and also on Saturday. Please meet this great devotee in the Sri Matam on these days and receive your copy.

Thank you so much Shankar for your continued work on Periyava….

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  1. Since the letters are very small,we find it very difficult to read it. this is for your kind knowledge.
    This is not a compliant but an inframation only

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